Kiss my shiny axe!

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    Kiss my shiny axe!

    ... as Bilar the Dwarf says in this exciting trailer for our upcoming show. Coming very, very soon right here at EN World and all your favourite video ... err... places. Like YouTube and iTunes and stuff. The Perturbed Dragon is an original animated series written by Russ and Darren Morrissey and featuring the voice talents of George Ledoux, Melody Mooney, Karen Robinson Bogen, Darren Morrissey, Joe Gawronski-Salerno, and M Darin Young.

    [ame=""]"Kiss my shiny axe!" - A PERTURBED DRAGON trailer! - YouTube[/ame]
    Starting weekly from Monday, 20 August, 2012.
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    Thankfully it isn't "Don't Axe Me Why" or I'd have to regret clicking on this thread.
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