5E New D&D Next Playtest Packet Is Here!
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    New D&D Next Playtest Packet Is Here!

    The new D&D Next playtest package is now available on the official website! It includes character creation (levels 1 – 5), rules of play, DM guidelines, pre-generated characters, and an updated bestiary.

    New Playtesting Packet Available!

    Please Note: We have implemented a new playtest delivery system which we believe will better enable you to access future playtest documents. Because this is a new system, you will need to do the following in order to download your playtest packet (even if you have done so previously):
    • Agree to terms set forth in the Online Playtest Agreement (OPTA).
    • Agree to be contacted by Wizards of the Coast to receive D&D Next playtesting information materials and surveys provided through a third-party.
    • Enter an email address (this can be the same email address used before, if you wish).
    • Create a password.

    The sign-up account you are creating here is new and only connected to the playtest materials download. When you return to download future packets, you will only be asked to enter your email and password.
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    New Packet Is Up!

    Quick! Get it now before the site explodes!

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Playtest

    It has character creation AND adventure creation rules!

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    Thank you! Got it and am proceeding to devour!

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    It downloaded this time!

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    Now that was painless.

    Time to make use of my project's lengthy compilation time ...

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    I notice it's missing one rather important thing: An adventure? We can't even use Caves of Chaos from packet 1 because the monsters are different.
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    Disappointment at only having the four classes, but from the discussion in the PA podcasts, the other classes are still in very early development.

    Very happy to see Opportunity Attacks return in this version, not sure how I feel about it being a Reaction though, makes defending hard. The Combat Superiority Dice for the Fighter have enough options for me.
    I like the changes to the Rogue, more ways to get Sneak Attack and the increas in SA damage is very good.

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    Definitely a smoother download process this time. No issues with that. I will be back later to contribute to discussion once I have had a chance to, you know, actually read the new stuff!

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    I'll withhold judgment for now, but after browsing backgrounds I'm not sure how I feel about divorcing skill from ability scores again. They make a point to say what abilities are associated with a skill, but I don't see any mechanical relation when a skill modifier simply replaces an ability modifier for a check.

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    Well I'm just browsing it but it seems "theme" has been renamed to "specialty".

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