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    Yeah sorry from my part I waited to roll monster initiative till after you guys all rolled not sure why

    And so what happen is they went last and died


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    It is kind of odd that they would put two "minions" in as an encounter.

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    They aren't really minions, and it was a wandering encounter randomly rolled

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    Next combat is swingy in the sense that the unit of challenge is not a specific encounter but a collection of encounters. So, a few small quickies are to be expected, much like in 3.x moreso then 4 (one reason I had to change a lot of 3x encounters for PbP---too many small combats).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaodi View Post
    One thing that I need to ask: Where does it say Someone should be adding his ability modifier to damage? I think that ability modifier is just added to attack for spells (and for determining Save DCs). Without the four extra damage, might the one beetle still be alive?
    I don't have the playtest documents at hand so I can't give you a quote, but it specifically says that attacks and magical attacks add the ability modifier to hit and damage. I assume that spells like burning hands that work on saves don't, since they're not labeled as magical attacks in the description. Shocking grasp and Ray of frost, however, are.

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    Going to have to disagree there, I can find no reference to adding ability mod to magical attacks.

    I do finded that the Str and Dex sections specifically state they add to attack rolls and damage roles, while Int, WIS and CHA list only attack rolls.

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    It's difficult to find, since the relevant info is spread and duplicated many times, but you can find it at page 12 of the "how to play" document:

    Damage Rolls

    Each weapon and spell indicates the damage it
    deals, such as 1d8 or 2d8. Roll the dice, add any
    modifiers (including the ability modifier you used
    to make the attack), and apply the damage to your
    target. Magic weapons, special abilities, and so
    forth can grant a bonus to your damage
    For the sake of completeness:

    Attack Spells

    Some spells let you make an attack roll. You
    resolve such an attack as normal, except that the
    attack seldom relies on Strength or Dexterity. An
    attack spell almost always requires you to use your
    magic ability, which is specified in the class or
    other source that gave you the spell. For instance,
    wizards use Intelligence to make their spell
    attacks, and clerics use Wisdom.
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    The second part refers only to attack rolls not damage rolls...

    The top part... Seems to conflict with the text of the ability scores.

    I'll allow your indention but I do not agree that is the correct interpretation.

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    If the adventure text is unclear there, the Pech leader is waiting on you guys to decide if you will fight or talk before pushing further into the room.

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    Thought I'd pop in to say that this is an interesting thing you're doing and I'm planning on peeping while you play. Should make for a good distraction from studying.

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