Earlier this week Alea Publishing Group began introducing the Genesis Roleplaying System.

If you missed them, you can find them here:

Today, we look at injury and death and, in particular, the Wound Card.

The Goal
The Wound and Experience Cards best showcase organic game design. We wanted fluidity to create a natural rhythm. So, what does this exactly mean when it comes to getting hurt. Simple - the more you get hurt, the less you can do.

What Happens When You Suffer an Injury
Whether hit by a well-aimed arrow, slashing claws, or fall from a cliff face, your character eventually becomes injured. When your character suffers damage, you receive a Wound Card.
  • Place the Wound Card in your character deck discard pile.
  • Eventually, it becomes shuffled into your character deck.
  • When you draw one or more Wound Cards into your hand, you begin to feel its effects.
  • Since most cards in your hand dictate your actions, the more Wound Cards you draw, there are less actions you can take or perform well.
  • Essentially, Wound Cards clog your deck and hand.

Heavy Bleeding
It's just a flesh wound
Usually, at the end of your turn, you discard your entire hand, including Wound Cards, and draw up to your hand size. However, if you draw Wound Cards equal to or more than your Willpower score, your character is considered Injured.
  • When you are Injured, you cannot discard Wound Cards at the end of your turn.
  • When you refresh your hand, you draw 1 less card for each Wound Card you possess, up to your hand size.

Death and Dying
If you should draw an entire hand of Wound Cards, then you are Dying.
  • You fall unconscious.
  • You immediately draw another card from your character deck.
  • If it is another Wound Card , then you are dead.
  • If it is a Willpower Card, you are able to heal and push onward.
  • If it is any other card, you discard it.

So, Essentially Your Hand Size is Your Health?
Yes - you can increase your hand size through advancement. This increases your health as well as allowing you to perform more actions.

Why is There a Number on the Wound Card?
Well, certain talents and abilities allow you to use Wound Cards to your advantage - especially if you decide to play a raging, feral fighter or a cunning assassin.

Next time, we will introduce and talk about the Experience Card.