Here's a new controversial topic.

You're the protagonist in a move, book or TV show. You've just been knocked out. Perhaps by accident, or nefarious means. Lights go out, scene change, and you wake up in a bed, wearing your underwear or a different change of clothes.

This pretty much means, that while you were sleeping, a human moved you (probably for your safety), removed your clothes (uh, are you a nurse?), and put a Prom dress on you (I am not freakin Barbie doll!).

Now folks in the medical profession may be used to stripping accident victims down and putting a medical gown on them. It's about as impersonable an interaction as they can make it.

When this happens in the bad guy's lair or home of the NPC who's had a crush on you since you were a little person (because they are immortal), that's a bit creepy.

Additionally, it's a got to be hard work for one person to change the clothes of an unconcious person by themselves.

Personally, I think it is more realistic that I simply drag your arse out of the explosion by an arm, leg or shirt collar. From there, let an ambulance pick you up, or if we can't trust the authorities, heft you into the trunk, into my garage, to my couch, and leave you there until you wake up. To heck with between scene clothing changes, I'm pooped out from all that dragging.