This came up during a discussion regarding the Talon Amulet, which was an item in Treasure of Talon Pass, the 2008 Free RPG Day adventure published by WotC. The adventure is no longer available and is not listed as one of the sources available in the compendium.

I am one of the senior reviewers and I have not purchased a hardcover 4e book in almost 2 years, relying exclusively on the online tools.

It would be much easier on reviewers if we didn't have to rely on the availability of printed materials to review characters.

As such I am proposing the following:

A. Printed sources are only legal for L4W once they have been included in the DDI compendium. We could keep a list of sources on the L4W wiki for those reviewers who do not have DDI access.

B. For digital sources such as Dragon or Dungeon, we could take 1 of two approaches:

B1: Continue to allow them 1 month after article publication date as we do now.
B2: Allow them once they are listed as a source in the Compendium, whether that is shorter or longer than 1 month from article publication.

I personally favor B2 to keep things consistent.

To deal with the ramifications should the above pass I propose:

C: Anyone possessing a now illegal rules element except for magic items are allowed an immediate retraining of that element, even if the element is not normally re-trainable such as class features.

D: Anyone possessing a now illegal magic item may immediate exchange it for another legal item of the same category of the same level or less or sell it (at 20%) even if they are not at a location where they could normally acquire such an item (in an adventure for example).