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    Besieged by Bones

    "What I still don't understand" Sir Rand declared "is why the king didn't make us the Wardens. Who is better suited than those knights who have long defended the place?"

    Dame Ann Winter felt the same way, but there was no use in complaining about such things. She dug into the magically delicious breakfast that was laid out before her. After the Baron's funeral last night, the knights had all agreed that calling upon the feast would be a fitting way to mark the occasion and boost their morale, even though as a rule it should be saved for expeditions and special occasions.

    Luke replied "I see your point, but maybe this place needs new blood. An old man like me has seen many leaders come and go. As much as I miss the Baron, I have to say that nothing has changed around here for years. Everything is all right, to be sure, but where's the growth? In his youth, the Baron enlarged the harbor enough to bring some trade to our shore, and the people live better because of it. But that was over fifty years ago."

    Ann's thoughts turned back to the old Baron. In some ways he'd been like a father to her. Should she even stay in Absten now?

    After breakfast she headed right down to the stable. The Ram caught up with her. "If you're going for a ride in the woods, let me come with you. You know it's not safe" he said.

    "No, I need to clear my head. Don't worry, I can take care of myself. And there have been no orc attacks recently."
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