I started a new Zeitgeist campaign with some of my friends on Sunday. As a few other people around here have done, I started with a "Session 0", set about two years before Island at the Axis of the World, to kind of get the players into the world and used to their character. It went really well! And I think they all really like the setting so far.

The PCs were:

- Casimiro del Garra - Razorclaw Shifter monk/shaman, fey beast tamer (young owlbear, Rosalina)
- Gareth Carter - Human swordmage, Yerasol war veteran
- Reginald Battersea - Human artificer
- Victor Bays - Human wizard, meerkat familiar (Daisy)

Our first session was based on their first case as members of the RHC. They met Stover Delft early on a Fire Day (Friday) morning, at a small apartment in the Lake district, which Delft told them was Geoff Massarde's. The tiefling has been kidnapped, and Unit 42's number was drawn to handle the new case. Delft needs them to get the engineer back, or the king's new project will be put in real danger of completion.

When they arrived, his desk had been gone through, and there were papers everywhere. A trail of bloody footprints had walked from the bedroom (in the back of the apartment) to the desk and then back.

When they went into the apartment, they found more clues. There was a busted in window and a puddle of blood underneath it. The footprints they saw looked like they had walked through this puddle. Another set of footprints were on top of the bed, these were made in mud, not in blood, though there was a splatter of blood on the clean white sheets. The mud itself was a dark blue color, which they recognized as from the bayou on the other side of the city.

Next to the bed was a pistol, which had recently been shot off, a dagger, which was bloody, and a shirt, rumpled on the floor.

They learned, after talking to some of the neighbors, that a gunshot had gone off about 2:15 in the morning. A few minutes later, someone reported seeing a male half-orc and a female elf leaving the apartment, carrying a tiefling body and a halfling body.

The PCs deduced (correctly), that three people had broken into the apartment, and Massarde had shot one of them (the halfling) before he was subdued and taken by the other two, who then went through his desk and stole some papers about something called the Coaltongue.

They asked around, worked their way across the bay to Pine Island, and learned the half-orc's name was Benjamin, and the elf's name was probably Edrea, who was an elf Benjamin had taken a liking to and started following her around.

They tracked Benjamin down to a shop near the docks and combat ensued. Benjamin spent most of the combat trying to run away, but with Casimiro's young owlbear and spirit companion, and Victor's controller abilities, he had a hard time, and ended up sending the owlbear back to the Dreaming before finally going down.

On his body they found a note from Edrea about their rendezvous with the Unseen Court, and that they were supposed to deliver Massarde and his blueprints at 7 in the morning, about 20 minutes away!

They ran to the rendezvouz spot, took a boat out to some of the underdocks (something I added), and defeated Edrea just before her Unseen Court contacts showed up to claim the tiefling. As they rowed away, they looked back and saw an eladrin with a lion shield and a flaming sword standing where they were just a few minutes ago, looking very angry.

It was a great time, and we're all looking forward to starting the campaign proper next Sunday!

In case anyone is curious about the campaign, we have an Obsidian Portal page set up: Here.

Also, for our own amusement, we've decided to record each session and set them up on my friends' podcast webpage, so if you wanted to listen to some of it (it is almost four hours long, so I understand most people wouldn't want to devote that much time to listening to someone else's game), you can hear that: Here.

The setting is great, and a treat to DM.