The Genesis Roleplaying System Kickstarter Project
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    The Genesis Roleplaying System Kickstarter Project

    The Genesis Roleplaying System: Welcome to a new addition to the role-playing game genre. Although a role-playing game, the Genesis system is vastly different than its predecessors. First, apart from being a role-playing game, it is also a deck building game, where players create a character deck as they adventure. The character deck serves as their potential to overcome hazards and monsters to progress the storyline.

    The Genesis game uses a special set of cards, most possessing a number and one or more icons that correspond with one of five abilities: Agility, Charm, Insight, Strength, and Willpower.

    Simply consider the Genesis system as gaining a level. After all, youve been leveling for years - isnt it about time your RPG levels up.

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.

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    This looks great, I'm a sucker for alternate resolution mechanics in rpgs.

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    I've been reading the preview articles presenting different mechanical aspects of the game and I'm quite intrigued.

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    Been there, done that... some years ago. I'm curious to see how they will do it exactly.

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    Alea Publishing Group released a free PDF preview of the Genesis Roleplaying System showcasing the core mechanics needed for task resolution as well as examples of play.

    Click HEREfor the link or below:

    Genesis Roleplaying System 101: Core Mechanics

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