GM: Told you I was gonna do this cliche, so here is the boxed text from the adventure. You all met in a bar, and an old man there told you where you could find fame and fortune, you all know the drill. Don't think i'm doing just boxed text, I just wanted to get going. Feel free to talk to Briddick or anyone else.

Whether lured by the promise of glory or driven by a desire to help, you and your companions have traveled far to lend aid to the svirfneblin of Blingdenstone. After drow attacked the city to enslave the deep gnomes, the survivors lived in exile for over a century. But some have returned to their home, and theyĺre embroiled in a battle to rid their caverns of monstrous inhabitants.

Your guide is a svirfneblin explorer named Briddick, who is slender with slate-gray skin, a bald head, and wide, gray eyes. He leads the way through secret tunnels and a winding labyrinth. Finally, you reach the ruined city. Work to repair damage the drow dealt continues. The gnomes wear tattered armor and bloody bandages. They carry notched and broken weapons, suggesting that the fighting has been fierce and frequent.