Conclave Kickstarter Project

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    Conclave Kickstarter Project

    Conclave: A tabletop-inspired roleplaying game you can play with your friends, at any pace, from any browser. Ever wanted to play a tabletop roleplaying game or an MMO with friends but had trouble finding the time? We sure have. Work, school, family, even other hobbies: they all make it difficult to schedule hours-long regular gaming sessions.

    Since the alternatives we’ve tried are either clunky or lack the depth we’re looking for, we decided to create an online multiplayer game that captured the experience of a tabletop RPG but didn’t force you to schedule your life around it. A game that would let you play for as long or short a time as you like, from any web-capable device, without sacrificing story or gameplay.

    That’s Conclave.

    For more RPG Kickstarter projects, check out RPG Kickstarters.
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    Thanks to the golem for dropping us in here

    The video's the most effective way of explaining Conclave, so here it is:

    [ame=]Conclave Kickstarter - YouTube[/ame]

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