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    BBs Rise of the Runelords (Closed)

    This is my first time hosting a game on Enworld, so I'm reserving it for friends who hopefully will be patient with my noobness. Wishing to host RIse of the Runelords, so here are the rules!


    Races will be 13 RP races. Either make up your own or upgrade, or downgrade races, for example.

    Human are normally 9 rp, give them the Advanced trait which replaces their normal trait, and that makes them 13

    Aasimars are normally 15 rp, give them Normal trait which replaces their flexible trait, and that makes them 13

    Hopefully this brings creativity, and everyone doing it makes it easier for me to design the fights with everyone based around the same points.


    Everyone starts at level One. Normally I don't mind what alignment anyone is, but this campaign was designed as the old-school good vs evil. That being said, no one can be evil, any alignment but evil is okay. Also PCs are allowed two character traits. 30 point system for stats; every stat is at least 10, no higher than 18, only racials can make it lower and higher. Hit points is max.

    That is all for now, if any questions, just ask.
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