What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 27 August 2012
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    What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 27 August 2012

    Well we have all had a chance to digest our second Open Playtest packet so it is a good thing that Wizards of the Coast has provided us with some gaming entertainment on their website, and their Dragon and Dungeon magazines. This week we get some totally bizarre items from afar, a bear of an adventure, an acquirer of lost items, and much more. We also get an article for both the Forgotten Realms and Eberron. Don't forget to stop by and take your EN World Citizenship Test after you're done reading of course.

    • Bazaar of the Bizarre: From the Attic of Alluvius Ruskin by Jim Auwaeter is a whole lot more than swords and armor, or even what you might consider typical adventuring gear. There is a sword and armor but there is also a magical audio recording device, a portal maker, and more. A little sidebar about swapping magic items is good for taking a few ideas from as well. This is the sort of treasure that really can make the story entertaining, when you hand it to a crafty party.

    • Karl Resch answers questions that plague us all in Court of Stars: The Trinket Lord in Dungeon 205. The story of Tuxil is a sad tale indeed, but the character that grew from that early tragedy is a great thing for your game. It never hurts to get a potential high level challenge to throw at your party either. A couple of new magic items are included for your characters to trade for at The Hovel of Hansels if they can find it.

    • Prey for Smiley Bob by Christopher Perkins in Dungeon 205 is a 1st level adventure that features one of my favorite party killing menaces, a big bear. This is a short, light-hearted adventure that most groups will enjoy as a nice change of pace. The illustrations by Matt Dixon are excellent, but the first one is destined to be a classic.

    • Chris Perkins talks Old School for the Dungeon Master Experience this week, and in my opinion it is about time. Chris takes a look at what you need to run a D&D game, where to get inspiration, and waxes nostalgic on how there was a time we used to play the game with very few resources. We all know Chris is a great DM and he really talks personal to show you what he does, or doesn’t do to prepare for a game. He does hit the piton on the head as to the best way to get a lot of use out of Dungeon Magazine, an excellent DM resource.

    • Tracy Hurley has some Fantasy Web Series suggestions for you in Joining the Party. She collects a chunk of fantasy based web series into one place for your viewing pleasure. Some links to resources that you might have an easier time using in your game are included as well. It seems like a good spot to plug The Perturbed Dragon, the greatest fantasy web series in the history of EN World. See how I did that so I didn't hurt anyone's feelings? [Oh, but that's not how you spell 'Adkison' - oops! They man founded your company, guys! Spell his name right! - Morrus].

    • Keith Baker continues to keep his Eye on Eberron, this time focusing his gaze at The Vale of the Inner Sun in Dragon 414. This is a well thought out fluff piece that describes locations that are in and out of Eberron. This area of the setting needed some flushing out so an article with this much detail was highly anticipated by fans of the setting. The adventure ideas included are a good find for any DM looking for a game idea, and can be used in any campaign with a bit of tweaking.

    • Lizardfolk by Jon Schindehette for Dragon’s Eye View paints a picture of what we can expect from the scaly creatures that don’t get their name in the title of the game. Lizardfolk are an excellent challenge for a party in a fight or a role-playing situation, and kobolds are some of the best deadly comic relief I have ever seen in a game so I really enjoyed this one. I am surprised that we are shaping the scaly non-player races before we have seen or heard anything about the dragonborn. What does it all mean?

    • The Lost Dragon of Waterdeep by Ed Greenwood in Eye on the Forgotten Realms for Dragon 414, tells the tale of a painting with a dragon trapped inside. This is another great piece of Realmslore and perfect for a role-playing encounter or two set in the City of Splendors but can really be used to spice up an encounter in a castle or keep in any setting with a change or two.
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