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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
    But he's American! The odds on my having an American accent were always gonna be pretty slim!
    Despite being aware you are from England, I too imagined an American accent when you post. I think this video will rectify that.

    I think this video was a good idea.


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    I will say, that he does a pretty good Brittish accent.

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    And lo those who imagined still the Voice of Morrus to be American were smote as unbelievers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    No, No, he said Puppists, although that seems to be violating the whole religion rules here on the site

    Well, be glad he didn't say "papists" otherwise Umbran would be banning him post-haste!

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    I haven't watched the video, so I can still imagine he sounds exactly like Marcel Marceau.
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    You sound a bit like Eric Idle. Particularly pronouncing the word "dragon".

    (I've been playing the old Discworld DOS adventure game.)

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    I won't be expecting a job as an anchorman anytime soon!
    My eyes are a bit tired so I read "henchman" first and felt disappointed. Good work, always takes guts to put yourself in front of the camera. I have about a dozen videos in Youtube of me talking. Heard lot of *hit but compliments too. One person said that I'm trying use my videos to hypnotize people Anyway, enjoy Morrus and keep up the good work.
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    Conspiracy Theory.

    Morrus sounds just like Eric Noah.....

    /Conspiracy Theory.

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    I thought morrus sounded pretty cool, liked the english accent. I'm not saying you pulled it off perfect but a pretty good first try.

    If you'd been in this library full of leather bound books sitting at a desk smoking a pipe, you might have pulled it off better.

    Keep practicing and I look forward to episode 2 of morrus.

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    I think some people may be missing the basic point of the video.... I don't really need repeated confirmation of the fact that I'm not American!

    Hopefully after watching it at least somebody watched an episode of the anmated show!

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