Formatting Notes and Posting Guidelines
Anything you type up without formatting happens in-character, for better or worse. No editing, please. If you are a neat-freak like me and are concerned about spelling or grammar mistakes, preview your posts before posting them.

I will attempt to write in the present tense most of time. I would prefer you do the same. If it isn't natural enough for you, you may write in the past tense, however.

Out-of-character topics that have no direct bearing on the immediate situation should be posted to the OOC thread (this is also where the campaign introduction is located). I prefer use of spoiler blocks (tag sblock) for OOC conversation that DOES concern the immediate situation, but just make sure it is clear if something is OOC. Player characters and NPCs can be viewed in the Rogues Gallery.

I reserve the color Yellow for NPC speech. All NPCs will use the same color. I will do my best to refrain from carrying on conversations with myself. Most conversations with NPCs will involve only one character at a time. If, for some reason, I feel it is absolutely necessary to have more than one NPC speaking in the same post, I will delineate who is speaking by inserting the NPC's name before the text like so:

George: Well met, adventurer.

You may use any other color you like for your character. Just be consistent and pick something that stands out from the background well enough to read. If you do not wish to use a color for your character's in-character speech, please remember to use quotation marks.

Please use the integrated dice roller for all rolls. It makes it easier for me to spot math mistakes. If you are having difficulty with the integrated roller, please link your rolls from whatever online roller you use so I can check the math if I feel the need. Otherwise I use the honor system for dice rolls.

You may use action points on any d20 roll your character makes as described in the Eberron Campaign Setting. In the case of pbp, you do not have the luxury of immediate DM feedback, but if you decide to add an action point, please decide whether to do so quickly, in the event that I am online at the same time. You will often know the DC ahead of time (see below), but that is okay. It will just give the players an extra edge knowing when action points are going to be most efficacious; I am fine with that. I would rather action points result in success than be wasted.

This campaign uses the Players Roll All The Dice variant. Please familiarize yourself with this system and figure out the relevant modifiers for your characters then post them to your character's write-up in the Rogues Gallery. I will include the damage and effects of attacks, as well as enemy attack scores, save scores, and caster level scores when I describe the enemy actions.

NOTE: I will NOT describe the result of many dice roll outcomes in my own posts, particularly when it comes to combat and situations where you know the DC required. This is partly to engage players and get them to take a more active roll in describing the scenes and partly to ease my burden of tracking the outcome of things. As a general rule, if I call for a roll, I will provide you with a DC and leave it to you to describe your character's success or failure. In this way I also want to give players more narrative control over the events of the game. For example, you may be provided with the opportunity to describe how an opponent chooses to back down after a successful Intimidate check. I cannot predict everything players will want to roll against, however, so sometimes you will not know the DC ahead of time. In these cases, you may need to wait until you know the result.

The rules have been included in the campaign wiki. I will update the wiki to include space for players to add and edit things eventually as well.

I intend to post major updates on Mondays and Fridays. I will also try to post a major update on Wednesdays as well, but this will be somewhat irregular and will depend on my schedule. There will be minor updates throughout the week and into the weekend as time allows.

But most of all, let's all have fun and tell a great story!
Mandyran peered out the window and watched the nearly vacant streets of Sharn.

Mandyran: "Just about everyone's gone home," he mutters. "Not that I blame them. A dark omen like that! I might as well close up for the night. It is nice of you to stay, Dorius," he says to the gnome sitting at the table with him, "but there is hardly anyone left. Most of them them went to hide at home I suppose. Judging by the screams I keep hearing, there are still people just catching sight of it for the first time. That," he trails off for a moment, "or something more sinister going on. Anyway, I will start locking up the doors. I'll leave one open for the rest of the folks to leave."

Dorius had never seen his mentor so graven and distraught before. Of course, even back in Zilargo thirteen was an unlucky number. The gnomes were as superstitious as any, and had their own tales about the Thirteenth Moon. Its appearance was said to herald the rise of an opposition to enlightened ideals, as well as war and famine.

Across the room, Dorius crosses eyes with his friend, Berrent. He had met with the fellow a few times starting with his first missive back to Zilargo. Berrent had received an invitation from Dorius to attend the party at the Golden Horn, for which he was grateful. He was hoping to start building up a network of friends and associates to get his reputation as an inquisitive off the ground. A gathering such as this held promise, that is, until the arrival of the Blood Moon scattered almost everyone to the wind. He was beginning to think it might be best to call it a night.

Mandyran: "You can probably take the rest of the night off too, Bront," Mandyran says to his bouncer. "There just isn't enough business tonight to justify staying open."

Brad, the changeling who was moonlighting as his half-orc persona, Bront, could not help but reflect on the fact that Mandyran was right. There was hardly a soul left in the Golden Horn. Even some of the staff had fled in abject terror when the Blood Moon appeared. It did not frighten Brad, however. Within the changeling community there was a saying about the Thirteenth Moon: "All will be righted on the rise of the lost moon." For many it was a reference to the many years of persecution changelings had suffered at the hands of Inquisitions, purges, and other misunderstandings that had plagued their race, and perhaps a strong spirit of optimism, even if it was something most considered impossible. Yet Brad could not deny his eyes. The Blood Moon hung in the sky, clear for all to see.

Alise sat at a table with some fellow students from meditation class. They had agreed to meet in advance of the start of classes to get to know each other, but there were very few of them left and the last of them were just now deciding that going home would probably be best. As the other students rose, Alise was dejectedly nursing her drink and caught Brad's eye. He had noticed the human just the other day coming to the defense of a poor girl in the streets being accosted by guards making lewd and raunchy comments. He was not sure how she had managed to do so. It was clearly not magic, but obviously something that involved more than honeyed words.

Lt. Dane: "So much for a party, eh?" the knight of the Citadel says to Vigil as the two sit alone. The other members of the King's Wands had retreated to Ambassador Towers already on Lt. Dane's orders to prepare for a potentially busy night. "I figured this would be a great place to spend the evening. Such a pity. And Mandyran was happy to have more warforged like yourself around in recognition of the evening's theme. I was hoping you'd have more chance to socialize. I know acclimating to non-combat situations has been difficult for you. Well, I had best be moving along as well. It is quite possible the King's Wands may be called upon this night to deal with some dangerous threat. Things like this always seem to bring out the madness in people. Feel free to stop by the Citadel later if you have the need." With that, Lt. Dane rises to leave.

Aside from the staff, your characters and the NPCs referred to above are the only ones left in the Golden Horn. Feel free to interact for a bit. You have a few minutes in-game before Mandyran finishes closing to introduce yourselves to each other. I will try to post an update tomorrow with a hook for adventure.