So, we just started a new campaign where the choices the group makes will be the main deciding factor in how the story goes and even what the story is. (If they go left the fight kobalds and deliver the supplies, if they go right they fight orcs and defend the dwarf stronghold) It is something I have wanted to do for a while, and the party is really into it.

That said I wanted to see what choices you all could come up with for them!?

They are primary choices between objectives each time they reach a new city or town. They can be given by just about anyone. Party is a Large Paladin (Half Giant home-brew race with a large Earthbreaker), and a normal sized Inquisitor(Hvy Repeating Crossbow), Ranger(Archer), Alchemist (Bombs/secondary healing and secondary disable device.), Gunslinger (Musket as there are no advanced weps/disable device.), and Cleric(Healbus/Tank with Good/Heal, played by me when they need it).
I welcome all your ideas and thoughts!

Now, a side question. I have a friend that does a vlog for Magic the Gathering (he's also my roommate) What would all your thoughts be on a youtube channel done by a learning-gm for other learning-gms/players? It would be pathfinder specific, and likely done weekly. I would take topic ideas from comments and such as well as my own mind. I have searched and have not really found a channel like this, but I may be wrong.