Portas Aurora: Arrival
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    Portas Aurora: Arrival

    Portas Aurora: Arrival: A science fiction role playing game set in the distant galaxy of Luxvatio. For hundreds of millennia Luxvatio was under a vicious cycle of warfare. A race would become sentient and quickly reach out into the heavens only to discover they were not alone. In short order the two races would be at war with each other, usually ending with one race extinct. Hundreds of races would come to power only to be wiped away by the next race.

    What makes Portas Aurora: Arrival unique?

    • The galaxy of Luxvatio it is not some procedurally generated collection of stars. We have handcrafted hundreds of star systems and written the lore connected to each.

    • The races that inhabit Luxvatio are not a series of random numbers pulled together. Each race has deep history tied into the story behind Portas Aurora: Arrival.

    • The Plot of Portas Aurora: Arrival focuses on negotiation over combat, but players can choice to use combat as a first option.

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    Are we now going to see computer game kickstarters on the frontpage? Not very rpg-like even in that case (no, unit advancement in RTS does not count as RPG in my dictionary).

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    It is not an RTS. It is an RPG with turn-based combat.

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