Planetary Annihilation is an upcoming PC game funded by a Kickstarter campaign. It's the spiritual successor to Total Annihalation and Supreme Commander (and built by many of the folks that worked on those titles. It's a large scale RTS. You play a 'Commander' (think big robot/Mech) who has to destroy the enemy, you can built robotic buildings, which can produce robotic units, collect resource, and defend your turf. Most RTS games have relatively small maps (SC, WC, C&C, RA, Dune, etc.), PA has a solarsystem where you can zoom in and out of planets, moons, and astaroid belts. The artstyle is not realistic and planatoids are not to scale, but still result in far bigger maps then your used to. The planet in the movie (see link) is actually a SC map wrapped around a sphere, but it can be far larger. Besides fighting/building on the planet, you can also interact with the other planatoids, you can build giant rockets to colonize other planets, moons or even asteroids. You can equip asteroids with giant engines and use the as missiles against planets, depending on mass and velocity you destruction can range from just an enemy base tot total planetary destruction.

Please watch the movie on the kickstarter page, it's very interesting and amusing. ;-)

The goal was $900.000, that has been reached (currently almost $1.600.000 and still more then three days to go).

Stretchgoal #1 (reached):
Naval Units and Water planets

Stretchgoal #2 (reached):
Gas Giants and enhanced Orbital units (think spacestations and not space ships)

Stretchgoal #3 (reached):
Lava and Metal planets (think Cybertron and the Deathstar)

Stretchgoal #4 ($1.800.000):
Galactic War. Dynamically generated galaxy (every time you play it's different) for single player, co-o, or multiplayer galactic conquest. They are also talking about a dynamic storyline, that based on your actions, creates special missions and makes the game more challenging. This sounds very interesting imho.

You can preorder the game for $20 (releasedate: July 2013), more expensive options are available as well with 'interesting' benefits (access to beta, alpha, special commander, miniature set of the Commanders, Commander statue, your name used in the random planet generator, etc). Available for Windows, Mac OS en Linux.

Odd features:
Lan play
64-bit support

Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS by Uber Entertainment Inc — Kickstarter