The Xanathar

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Thread: The Xanathar

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    The Xanathar

    Many believe that the Xanathar is a fictitious villain whose name is invoked to instill fear in the weak. ItÔ??s not possible, they reason, for one individual to run an organization as large and complex as a Waterdeep thievesÔ?? guild for such a long time. After all, the stories of the Xanathar go back more than a hundred years.

    Read The Xanathar on D&D Insider here!


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    See, this is a really GOOD article about a villain. Lots of lieutenants, so you can foreshadow their presence in your campaign without spilling the beans immediately. Lairs and locations, with general themes and descriptions. Lots of personality of characters. No endless history of all the terrible things the villain has done to make them a villain. Just crunchy stuff you can use in a campaign.

    This is how all fluff articles about Villains SHOULD be written. Make it so.

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    DnD insiders only, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tovec View Post
    DnD insiders only, I think.
    Yup. You want the good stuff, you got to pay for it. Works for me!
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    This is one my favourite DDi articles because it's really useful. It's good enough to run a mini-campaign and, if combined with Halls of Undermountain, you've basically got an entire Heroic Tier campaign set in Waterdeep.

    I love how the lieutenants are really well-detailed from a roleplaying perspective rather than simply being stat blocks. This is what I want to see more of and it's a reminder that, despite the relative lack of content, sometimes DDi does have good stuff.

    But it's good stuff for people who pay for the good stuff.

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