At Radiance RPG is a link to the free Radiance Player's Guide rpg, written by a guy who makes a living from writing/selling college textbooks (I think).

Anyways, the PDF is actually free and the hardback is like $15 so I figured that after checking it out myself and finding a lot of goodness in it, it's worth the looksie.

It's a d20 variant with 24 races, 30 classes, has 16 themes, deities that provide boons, and incorporates different types of technology, one called electrotech. Also, has No Feats, No massive Spells lists, and it's combat chapter is only 8 pages. The book is 286 pages.

It looks like a mold of 3.x and 4e with it's own unique spins on a few things.

I love it, and I have finally found a d20 game that surpasses Fantasy Craft. I wanted to share the love with all of you.

This game even has a blurb for classless play.