This is my first time posting, but I have been trolling on this site for some time. Thank you everyone for all the great advice and information that you post here!

My question has to do with the timing of action points. In our last session, our bard wanted to use his action point in the middle of his turn, so that he could maximize one of his effects. My opinion, as a player, was that an action point can only be used at the end of a turn, and the DM agreed.

Afterwards, the bard says he has looked at the PH and cannot find any specific rule that says the action point is used at the end of the turn. In other words (DM ruling notwithstanding), he thinks that an action point can be used at any point during the turn, it does not need to be used at the end of a turn.

Can anyone provide some clarification on this point? (apologies in advance if this has been covered in another thread)