Fairy Tail Game (closed)
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    Fairy Tail Game (closed)

    Load'em up, Load'em up, Load'em up!

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    Block BBs

    Name: Dargus
    Gender: Male
    Race: Grendling
    Size: Large
    Age: 60
    Class: Level 8 Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager Archetype, Favoured)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Diety: Kord
    Height: 12'
    Weight: 1 tonne
    Hair: None
    Skin: Red with black stripes
    Eyes: Pure red eyes

    Str: 24/7(+4 from Racials + 2 from Points)/30/10 While Raging
    Dex: 16/3(-2 from Racials)
    Con: 20/5(+2 from Racials) 28/9 While Raging
    Int: 10/0
    Wis: 16/3
    Cha: 8/-1(-2 from Racials)

    HD: 8d12+40(+8 from favoured class, +8 from Toughness) HP: 152 / 184 While Raging.
    DR: 4/- Resistances: Fire +7
    Speed: 40 ft.
    Initiative: +5
    AC: 16, Touch: 13, Flat-footed: 12 (+3 Armour, +3 Dex, +1 Deflection, -1 Size) / 15, 9, 11 While Raging / 12, 6, 8 While Reckless Abandon
    Base Attack Bonus: 8, CMB: 16, CMD: 29 / CMB: 19, CMD: 32 While Raging

    Fort: +11(+6 from Base, +5 from Con Mod) / +15 While Raging
    Ref: +5(+2 from Base, +3 from Dex Mod)
    Will: +5/(+2 from Base, +3 from Wis Mod) / +7 While Raging



    Climb: +19
    Perception: +15
    Survival: +15
    Swim: +19


    Acrobatics: +3
    Appraise: +0
    Bluff: -1
    Diplomacy: -1
    Disguise: -1
    Escape Artist: +3
    Fly: +3
    Heal: +3
    Intimidate: -1
    Ride: +3
    Sense Motive: +3
    Stealth: -1


    2 Slams +16 1d6+9 x 2 Bludgeoning and Magic
    While Power Attacking
    2 Slams +13 1d6+15 x 2 Bludgeoning and Magic
    While Raging
    2 Slams +19 1d6+12 x 2 Bludgeoning and Magic
    While Power Attacking with Reckless Abandon
    2 Slams +19 1d6+18 x 2 Bludgeoning and Magic


    Bracers of Armor +3 = 9,000g
    Amulet of Mighty Fists +2 = 20,000g
    Ring of protection +1 = 2,000g
    Large Backpack 4g
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x9 = 450g
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds x2 = 1,500g


    46 Gold


    Power Attack
    Reckless Rage
    Raging Vitality

    Special Abilities:

    Outsider Native (Infernus): 3 RP
    Large: 7 RP
    Base Speed
    Normal Speed: 0 RP
    Ability Score Modifiers
    Specialized (+2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha): 1 RP
    Xenomorphic (Infernal): 0 RP
    Racial Traits
    Defense Racial Traits
    Energy Resistance (Fire): 1 RP
    Offense Racial Traits
    Reach: 1 RP
    Slam: 1 RP
    Senses Racial Traits
    Darkvision 60 ft. : - RP
    Weakness Racial Traits
    Negative Energy Affinity: -1 RP
    Total 13 RP

    Character Traits;
    Reactionary: +2 on Initiative
    Killer: Deal additional damage equal to weapon's critical hit modifier when scoring a successful critical hit with a weapon. This additional damage is added to the final total, and is not multiplied by the critical hit multiple itself.

    Invulnerable Rager;
    Fast Movement (Ex): +10 to movement speed when wearing no armour, light armour, medium armour, not carrying heavy load.
    Rage (Ex): +6 Str, +8 Con, +2 Will Saves, -4 AC, 23 rounds per day
    4 Rage Power (Ex);
    Reckless Abandon: While Raging can trade -3 to Armour for +3 on Attack Rolls
    Quick Reflexes: While Raging, gain one additional attack of opportunity.
    Lesser Beast Totem: While Raging, gain two claw attacks, deal 1d8
    Beast Totem: While Raging gain +3 Natural Armour
    Invulnerability (Ex): Gain DR/- equal to half barbarian level. DR is doubled against nonlethal damage.
    Extreme Endurance (Ex): Endure Elements Hot, +2 Fire Resistance.

    Languages: Infernal

    Special Spell Power:
    Infernal Power: Take Over spell style but only with infernal parts because of ancestry.



    Dargus was born from a nomadic tribes of Grends from the cold icey tundra north. All the Grend children must be tested through the trials of might, the trials determining if the Grend is strong enough to stay and be an asset to the tribe. Unfortunately Dargus was not strong enough and failed the trial, being forced to become banished from his tribe from a very young age, until proven mighty enough. Most children banned from the tribe are presumed to die for the harsh elements usually overcome them, but Dargus was ... "lucky". Close to the icey grip of death, Dargus went childish berserk and ran in a random direction till he would die, but his choice of direction led him to a camp. The camp, however, was a slaver camp, and he was spared from death to become a slave in the gladiatorial arenas. Learning at a very young age to kill or be killed, he had to use his own body as a weapon to strive and survive.

    Dargus never lost a match to the point where the masters of the gladiator ring wanted him to die for business. They tried killing in a public match against un-even odds, but that failed. Then came the assassins over night, that too failed. Not understanding that assassins was not part of the arena business, Dargus was contempt, but the arena masters were not. Then the masters gave him gold to let him buy off his freedom, but not understanding the common language, he returned the next day back into the ring ... with a couple of dead guards. Never understanding the system, or the arena masters desires, they chained him up and sold him to slavery, again.

    Wesley Aker, the master of the guild Midnight Drake, was on a stroll and noticed Dargus was for sale, but no one bought him due to fear. Aker took pity on the poor soul, and bought Dargus to train him up the right way in his guild, the non "KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!" way. After years of training, and a lot of trips to the local healer, Dargus was beginning to understand that life wasn't all about killing, it was about having good times, having friends and family, and being a someone to be helpful. He looked upon the people in Midnight Drake as a family and a tribe, the qualities in life that he thought he would never have.
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    Flame Scales
    Small humanoid (reptile) flame scale
    Advanced +4 Cha, -2 int, + 2 physical (4)
    Advanced stat +2 cha(4)
    Advanced stat +2 str (4)
    Bonus feat; elemental focus, fire (2)
    -10ft land speed(-1)

    Oracal 8
    Small humanoid (reptile)

    Str 24(18) +7
    Dex 24(18)+7
    con 18(14)+4
    int 10(12) +0
    wis 10(10)+0

    fort +6
    ref +10
    Wil +7

    +6BaB+7str+1size +14 slam 1d4+7 +1d4 fire (Dc24 ref vs on fire for 1d4 rounds)
    Ac 20 (10+7 dex+1 size +2 NaC)
    Cmb +12 Cmd 29
    Init +7
    Speed 60
    Hp 104

    Abundant revelation(Form of flame), elemental focus fire(B), Nimble Moves(B), greater elemental focus Fire, school focus evocation, eschew materials.
    Oracals curse; tongues, Fire mystery, darkvision 60, fire resist 20, cold vunerablity, burn

    Cinder dance: +10 move, nimble moves
    Form of flame: elemental body 1 1hour/level 2/day
    Burning magic:Any creature that fails a save and takes damage from a fire spell catches on fire. 1 damage per spell level on their turn. last 1d4 turns.
    move action to put out with ref save. water adds +2, immersion is auto. use spell dc.

    Acrobatics 8+3+7= 18
    Spell craft 8+3+0=11

    languages; common, flame scale, ignan, inferno.( during combat or other
    times of stress can only speak or understand Ignan or inferno.)

    33,000 gp
    +4 cha 16,000
    +2 belt of physical perfection 16,000
    1000 gp

    Spells known Dc 20+spell level (23 +spell level for fire evocation spells)
    0; create water, detect magic, detect poison, light, mending, read magic, purify food and drink, stabilize
    1; burning hands, cure light wounds, sanctuary, entropic shield, sun metal, air bubble, dancing lantern
    2; resist energy, cure moderate wounds, share language, make whole, aid
    3; fire bal, cure serious wounds, borrow fortune, prayer
    4; wall of fire, cure critical wounds, divine power.

    spell slots

    Magic 18 spell points
    Cleansing fire: 1 point; 60 foot touch attack. heals 1d6+cha to target.
    for every extra point spent heal an additional 1d6+cha. Max is char level.
    Can exchange healing for various effects.
    10: fatigued, shaken, sickened.
    20: dazed, diseased, stagered.
    30: cursed, exausted, frightened, nauseated, poisoned.
    40: blinded, deafend, paralyzed, stuned.
    50: temperary ability damage to one stat
    60: ability drain to one stat
    70: temperary negative levels or 1 permanent negative level
    80: insanity, confusion or other similar mental effect.
    90: all negative levels
    100: death

    On a small tropical island live the flame scales. a small and happy race they enjoy time in the sun and a mostly easy life. Not much bothers them out there and if it does... they burn it. A large portion of the population learns magic. Mostly small abilities and always fire based. How ever once every generation one is chosen by the idols worshiped by the flame scales. This individual is maked twice over the first is the curse of tonguesand the second is the holy flame. This individual has abilities far beyond anything the others can and weilds power that seems to come from outside himself. Crackle was chosen when he was young quickly mastering his powers he set off to search for the meaning behind why he was chosen. While most Oracles before him would stay on the island and guide the flame scales it was not rare that they set off into the world driven by the same calling that empowered them. These oracles would contribute to the world some small way on the large scale but would have a huge impact on their home island. Be it stopping shipping or fishing in thir small area or bringing welcomed trade. Burning a small corner of a map including invasion plans so they get skipped over. Crackle left following the mutters and whispers only he could hear to find his destiny. He wondered a while until the mutterings stoped, looking up he was standing in the door way of the Midnight Drake guild. As he wondered around confused, Wesley Aker aproched him. "You're and odd one? Don't supose you're a mage by any chance?" Unable to understand the language and a little wary being confronted by some one lagre Crackle snaped his fingers and transformed into a fire elemental. "I would say that would do. Welcome to the Midnight Drake Guild. Mae your self at home I'll send someone around to get you settled." With a wave of his hand toward the inside of the building The guild master welcomed him. Crackle not knowing what he just agreed to but knowing that he wasn't being turned out he happily curled up in the fireplace. It wasn't untill later that he found out where he was and what a guild was. Since the mutterings were not telling him to move on he decided to take it as a sign that it was okay to stay and join the guild.
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    Block Jemal

    Don't have background complete yet, just skeleton.

    Female Dragoncat Bladebound Magus 8(Favoured class: Skills)
    AL: NG HT: 6' WT: 180 Hair: Eyes:

    STR: 22 (+6) [18 base +2 race +2 magic]
    DEX: 20 (+5) [18 base +2 race]
    CON: 16 (+3) [14 base +2 race]
    INT: 26 (+8) [18 base +4 race +2 lvl +2 magic]
    WIS: 10 (+0) [12 base -2 race]
    CHA: 10 (+0) [10 base]

    HP: 88 (8d8+24) AC: 23 (10 base + 5 dex + 7 Armour +1 Deflection)
    Saves: FORT: +9 (6 base +3 con) REF: +7 (2 base +5 dex) WILL: +6 (6 base +0 wis)
    Init: +5
    Speed: 30/40 fly

    Bab: 6
    CMB: 12 (6 Bab +6 Str) CMD: 28 (10 base +6 bab +6 str +5 dex +1 Deflection)
    Attacks: Scimitar + 15/10, 1d6+8 dmg, 18-20/x2 Crit.

    Acrobatics(+13/8), Diplomacy(+12/8), Intimidate(+12/8), Stealth(+18/8), Perception(+8/8), Spellcraft(+19/8),
    Fly(+12/4), Linguistics(+15/4), Knowledge: Arcana/Dungeon/Guild/Planes(+15/4)

    Languages: Common, Draconic, Undercommon, Giant, Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Terran, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal

    Slippery(Stealth+1), Princess(+1 diplo/intimidate)

    Feats: [5] Weapon Focus: Scimitar, Extra Arcana, Extra Arcane Pool, Heighten spell, Preferred spell(Magic Missile)

    Class Features:
    Spellstrike, Medium Armour, Improved Spell Combat, bonus feat(W.Focus, above)
    Arcane Pool: 13: +2 enhancement(Dancing, flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, keen, shock, shocking burst, speed, vorpal); Spell Recall; Knowledge Pool;
    Magus Arcana: Spell Blending, Spell shield.

    Black Blade:
    +2 Enhancement, 13 int, 9 wis, 9 cha, 10 ego, Alertness, telepathy, unbreakable, black blade strike +2, Energy Attunement, Arcane pool: 2,

    Race Features:
    Dragoncat: Descended from dragons and Catfolk.
    Type: Humanoid(Draconic)
    Size : Medium
    Base Speed: normal
    Ability score modifiers: Advanced(4rp)
    (+2 str, dex, con, +4 INT, -2 Wis) Shadowcats are very physically fit and tend to be quite Intelligent, though not very sensible. Being descended from both Cats AND Dragons, they are prone to overestimating themselves.
    Languages: Standard
    Racial Traits:
    Greater Spell Resistance(3rp) : SR 11+level
    Flight 2(6rp) : 40' flight with avg manueverability

    cantrips: (all); Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Spark
    1st lvl: (13); Chill Touch, Corrosive Touch, Enlarge Person, Floating Disk, Frostbite, Grease, Hydraulic Push, Magic Missile, Shield, True Strike, +3
    2nd lvl: (6); Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Web
    3rd lvl: (4); Force Hook Charge, Force Punch, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Vampiric Touch

    Spells Memorized:
    cantrips: (5); Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Ray of Frost
    1st lvl: (6); Corrosive Touch, Enlarge Person, Frostbite, Grease, Shield(2)
    2nd lvl: (6); Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray(2), Web
    3rd lvl: (4); Force Hook Charge, Force Punch, Vampiric Touch, X?

    Fairy Tale Magic Power: X

    Equipment: 33,000
    Belt of Str+2 (4,000), Headband of int+2 (4,000)
    +2 Mithril Chain shirt w/Armoured Skirt (2,120)
    ROP +1 (2,000)
    Ring of Arcane Mastery (20,000)
    Softpaw Boots(25)
    Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit (130)

    Nobles Outfit, Signet Ring, Jewelry (200)

    525 gp.

    *Bare bones, still writing story:
    Shade is a princess from another country who left to join the guild rather than being treated 'like a porcelain doll'
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