Review of Midgard Atlas iPad app by Open Design

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    Review of Midgard Atlas iPad app by Open Design

    So yesterday night I opened my email to find an email from the Kobold Press and a tid bit about the Midgard atlas iPad app so I quickly went and check it out.

    For those of you who don't know Midgard is the campaign setting of Wolfgang Baur brought to the general public by the magic of Open Design, starting with great advantures such as The Lost City and Court of the Shadow Fey, gazetteer like the Zobeck Gazeteer and the like and much more (I especially like the book of Drakes) you should definitely check it out.

    The Midgard Atlas app cost 3.99$ in the app store and it gives you a redicilusly high resolution map of Midgard heart land all the way to the Dragon Empire plus nine highly detailed city maps and that's about it. There are a couple of nice addons like a moving cloud cover (super cool but not really helpfull) and the ability to toggle on and off text on the maps which is usefull when you want to show your players the map with no hints on it.

    All in all, this map app seems like an half finished product, the maps themselves are gorgeous which is what we would accept from Jonathan Roberts and the ability to zoom in and out is very cool but the lack of textual parts make its just a pretty picture.

    Here are a list of things I would love to have in the app:

    1. Description of places by tapping on them.
    2. Variable map modes, such as trade routs and goods, political map, weather patterns by months, etc.
    3. The ability to add user created notes to places on the map.
    4. The ability to buy in the app Gazeteer sections and even advantures.
    5. This being D&D, the ability to share.

    But, and ts is a big but, the Midgard Atlas app might be the beginning of having a campaign setting source materials on mobile devices, I wouldn't be surprised if a future updat won't bring in app purchases for all of the above and the great stuff already written for Midgard.

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