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    [Adventure] The Seeds of Chaos - Judge Needed

    Welcome all to the

    Seeds of Chaos

    The following players/characters are a part of this adventure:

    jbear's Leather
    WEContact's Haaku
    Son of Meepo's Fhangrim (and let's not forget about Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, and Ursa Maximus)
    Wife of Meepo's Ilex (and Luna...and Noctua Ursa...)
    Goldhammer's Torqua

    Before we get to the fun stuff, let's go over the basic rules of engagement for this adventure.

    I will be using the Malenkirk battle system, which means I will roll initiative for everyone and all monsters/bad-guys will go on the same initiative.

    Battles will follow this pattern:

    1) If monsters roll highest initiative, then they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
    2) If the PCs roll highest initiative, they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
    3) If some of the PCs roll higher than the monsters, those PCs will go first, followed by the monsters. After that, ALL PCs will take a turn, followed by the monsters next turn. Rinse & repeat until combat is over.

    When we get to our first battle, I will be using Google Docs to handle the mapping.

    I will be using this post to track some things below, such as XP earned, treasure allocated, etc.

    XP earned

    None yet given out officially, but here is what has been completed thus far:

    * Rescued a soldier. He gave 100 gp, which was returned to him by Leather. This has earned him a Good Reputation with the soldiers, giving him a +2 bonus to charisma based checks with the soldiers in Daunton while in any adventure I am running.

    * Partially through the sewer navigation skill challenge.

    * Defeated a group of altered rats.

    * Survived the Water Chamber trap without a single loss of life (not even an animal companion!)

    Time XP:

    * Start of adventure: September 17th 2012.
    * End of adventure: TBA

    Treasure Given & Wealth Levels

    This section will be used to track each of the character's wealth levels (so I know how much treasure I can and will give out). It will also be used to track who acquired what magic item(s) and when/where.

    Gold Earned:

    100 gp given HERE. This was given back by Leather (jbear) to the soldier and has earned himself a Good Reputation with the soldiers in Daunton.

    Wealth Levels:

    At start of Adventure:

    Target Wealth Levels for wealth earned by END of listed level
    Lvl... Wealth Level (in gp)
    1..... 756
    2..... 1,824
    3..... 3,348
    4..... 5,448
    5..... 8,244
    6..... 12,000

    Wealth at start of adventure:

    Torqua (lvl 3): 1,231 gp / 3,348 gp
    Leather (lvl 3): 1,824 gp / 3,348 gp
    Haaku (lvl 3): 3,348 gp / 3,348 gp
    Fhangrim (lvl 4): 3,363 gp / 5,448 gp
    Ilex (lvl 4): 4,967 gp / 5,448 gp


    None yet.


    For this adventure, I am introducing a new mechanic called Madness.

    All PCs have a Madness Threshold of 10 plus the higher of your Intelligence modifier, or your Wisdom modifier. Increase this number by 5 for every level you have accrued beyond lvl 1. I have taken the time to calculate this for each of you below. Please add this to your mini-stats and track it as you would hit points.

    Torqua: 20
    Leather: 21
    Haaku: 22
    Fhangrim: 29
    Ilex: 29

    Some encounters will features events, items, and/or creatures that will test your character's sanity. This may cause your character to accrue madness points.

    Going Mad
    When you have accrued a number of madness points greater than or equal to your madness threshold, you have temporarily gone insane. At that point, either the creature , item, or the event (controlled by myself) will be Dominating your character (save ends).

    When your character saves against this Domination, subtract your Madness Threshold from the number of madness points you have accrued. This is now the amount of madness points you have accrued. Now lower your threshold by 5 (but keep track of your max threshold). This process can happen multiple times.

    You may ask why? Simply put... after going through hell and winning the mental battle, you feel like you're you again...but madness always lingers, festers, in the back of ones mind after it has snapped. After that, it is easier for madness to set in again.

    Regaining your sanity

    However, not all is lost. Adventurers have braved the worst of the worst and come out on top again! It just takes a bit of rest and energy to allow your mind to sort it all out again.

    One time per encounter or short rest you can spend 1 healing surge as a standard action to regain some sanity. If you do so, subtract a number of madness points from your accrued madness points equal to 1d4 + 2/lvl. Your number of accrued madness points can not go below 0 (zero).

    At the end of an extended rest, your threshold goes back to its original value if it has been lowered during the course of the adventure, and you can spend 1 healing surge to regain some sanity.


    Haaku wakes up. His madness threshold is 21. He goes on an adventure and some freaky bad stuff happens, and he accrues 17 madness points. Continuing on in the adventure, something bad happens again and he accrues another 6 madness points. He is now at 23 of 21 madness points. Haaku has now gone insane and flips out. After a while, he saves against Domination and regains control of himself. Subtracting 21 from 23, he has now accrued only 2 madness points. However, his madness threshold is now reduced to 16.

    Some more bad stuff happens to our poor Haaku, and he accrues another 10 madness points, bringing him up to 12 of 16 madness points. However, he has completed the event that caused the madness and takes a short rest. He spends a healing surge to regain some sanity. Haaku is level 3. As such, he rolls 1d4 and adds 2/lvl to this roll. He rolls a 3, and now subtracts 9 points from his number of accrued madness points, bringing him down to only 3 of 16 madness points.

    A strange being appears and attacks Haaku. It's strangeness also causes Haaku to accrue madness points, and throughout the battle, he accrues another 12 madness points, bringing him to exactly 16 of 16. He is now dominated. At the end of his next turn, he saves against domination. Subtracting 16 from 16, he has accrued 0 madness points, but his threshold is now only 11... madness is setting in!

    However, luck is with him, and he completes his adventure. Taking a nice long extended rest in the Hanged Man, his mind relaxes, and reality sets in once more. His threshold returns to its original value of 21.

    Posting Rates

    While I am certainly guilty of going far over this limit, I'd like to see everyone posting at least once every 2 days. Many of us know the burdens of real life, so just try to let us know if you won't be able to post within that period of time and one of us will be happy to NPC your character for you. Also, I tend to be a bit busy on the weekends, so I may or may not get the chance to post during those times.

    OOC Thread

    I've seen a couple of adventures do this now, and I think it may be a good idea for us, too, to utilize the Out Of Character thread for an adventure. As such, you will see another thread titled

    "[OOC] Seeds of Chaos"

    for us to make OOC comments in and will be a great place for you all to talk crunch/mechanics and tactics, ask ooc questions, etc. Let's try to keep it there as much as possible, and keep the story here. It will make for a better read down the line.

    And now to start the adventure!


    Lieutenant Proudman waits for you outside of the Hanged Man.

    "Thank you, once again, for volunteering to help Daunton in repelling the mad invaders that have come to our shores. Our destination is only a few minutes walk from here, but please feel free to make any purchases you may need to make before we get there. I want you all to come back alive, and I'd hate to see you not come back due to lack of preparedness."

    OOC: Feel free to introduce yourselves, make any purchases you may need to make, or ask any questions you may have of the new madness mechanic. Once everyone has posted one time, I'll really kick off the adventure!
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