Hiya folks,

I'm starting a new Pathfinder campaign (starting at 5th Level) and one of the Player Characters has asked if he can create his own two magical items (using the rules for wealth beyond 1st Level - i.e. 10,500gp, and the magical item creation guidelines on page 550 of the Core Rulebook).

The two items he has provisionally proposed are:

1. Stablize Token.
Once per day, if the bearer drops below zero hit points, this item will cast the stabilize "cantrip" on him/her.

Cost: Spell Level 1/2 multiplied by Caster Level 1. Therefore 1/2 multiplied by 2000gp (for continuous item) = 1,000gp, then divided by 5 (for once per day use) = 200gp, then multiplied by 2 because it doesnt occupy a specific body slot, for a total price of 400gp.

I suspect that the player wants to make one of these for each member of the new adventuring company. 6 players (total cost 2400gp).

The second item has me in more of a quandary and I'm not sure if this is even viable.

2. Healing Stone.

Before I continue with this, I note that a 50 charge Wand of Cure Light Wounds costs 750gp to craft for a 5th Level Character.

Anyway, the player suggests:

Full round activation, heals 1 hit point with a command word. The player says that this item should cost 1800gp (CL1 x Spell Level 1 X Command Word) but I suspect he wants to be able to use this at will and the price would/should be more like 2000gp (CL1 x Spell Level 1 x Continuous).

The player comments that this item would be of "little use in combat but will allow healing at a slow rate". He also stresses that a wand would be cheaper to make and the advantage of this item is that it eliminates bookkeeping.

I appreciate that he could churn out wands of cure light wounds as required between adventures but my big problem with the healing stone is that, if allowed in game, the stones (for a relatively cheap 2000gp) allow for 1hp healed per round, which translates as 10hp per minute, 50hp per 5 minutes or 600 hps per hour!! Since the stone is only providing 1hp per use, it effectively gives the character the ability to effectively "insta-heal" each member of his entire party after each combat in an hour or less, probably much less.

I dont really like just saying no when players propose new items but I'm tempted to on this occasion as it looks like a recipe for trouble.

Any opinions?