I want to see if there are any potential players out there who are interested in a narrative world-building style game. What do I mean by "narrative" and "world-building?" By "narrative," I mean a game that is based not so much on mechanics as it is on narration by the players. In this sense, I would not be the game master so much as I would be one of the players helping to move the narrative along. Every player would be telling the story and narrating the results of actions. Each post would build upon the narrative and move the plot along. Rather than having challenges which must be overcome through mechanics, the narrative would indicate how the challenges were overcome. In a sense, this would be a collective storytelling effort.

By "world-building," I mean that the world would be something wholly unique that would be developed over time as the game progresses. For example, one player would narrate that the characters in the story are on an overland journey and come across a roadside shrine to a nature goddess. Another player then reveals the name of the nature goddess to be "Arame," and that another character knows Arame to be a goddess of peace; the character explains how seeing her shrine might be a good omen. Henceforth, it would be established in canon for the world that Arame is a nature goddess of peace and that coming across her shrines is generally considered to be a good omen. Through exposition in the narrative, all players contribute to the known facts about the world (or at least facts as they are perceived).

This would not be for the powergamer or people who like mechanical games and dice. Instead this is a game for building worlds and practicing writing style. There will probably be a small mechanical basis to it. Perhaps the characters would have simple priority stats ranking their physical, mental, and personality traits. There are a few narrative-focused systems we might consider as well. But it would be far more important to have some general guidelines for character strengths and weaknesses. As a simple example, Faladar might be a talented wizard, but he spends far too much time with his nose in a book and rarely looks at the world around him.

Is there anyone interested in such a game (if indeed it could be called a game)?