AfterEarth: The Fall: A community-contribution fantasy and post-apocalyptic RPG set on earth hundreds of years after a scientific experiment caused dimensions to overlap and almost destroyed the earth.

Now races from fantasy, beings from other dimensions, and the humans remaining, all battle to scratch out a living on a blasted and changed earth. Magic, ancient science, and firepower meld into a quick paced system designed from the ground up for speed and role-playing enjoyment.

What Makes AfterEarth So Special?

  • Pledges are allowed to vote on, create, and modify, almost all of the designers game content as well as their own contributions and those elements will be combined into the final game. There is simply nothing like it in the role-playing sphere.

  • The Subterfuge rules system that uses elegantly simple rules combined with ordinary playing cards to return the mystery to role-playing that has gone missing for so long in other games.

  • 25+ races and more than 40 roles for people to play and that is before contributions are included.

Come and Contribute with US!

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