I've decided to come up with an archer that doesn't use the archer specialty.

Race: Elf
Subrace: Wood Elf

Class: Fighter
Fighting Style: Sharpshooter

Specialty: Alcolyte
Background: Priest

Manuevers: Deadly Strike, Parry, Precision Shot, Snap Shot, Shift.

Maxed out dex, with Intelligence or wisdom next.

The key to this is snap shot, it makes using a standard action to use Santified weapon or cast a minor spell less painful.

Iniate of the faith gives me two spells and I pick Lance of Faith and Death's Door.

So by level five on an average turn I can use Deadly strike for striker like 2d8 damage.

If something hits me hard before my turn I can parry 2d8 damage of it, making my character even tougher.

Precision Shot helps me with hitting creatures with partial cover.

Snap Shot is golden, I can use Santified Weapon to grant my bow holy damage and an option to sacrifice that to reroll an attack, and still get to attack that turn. Also if I have to use death's door on an ally I can still attack. And against minion like monsters I can blast one with Lance of Faith and hit another with snap,shot.

Oh and because Snap Shot is an ranged attack, it can triggers my, shift manuever. And if I get hit after using those two I can still parry with my remaining dice (okay I need to be higher then level 5 to,have enough dice for Parrying, but still cool).

Oh and Santified Weapon means I won't be disavantaged against Skeletons, instead of dealing with piercing resistance, I'll be exploiting holy vulnerablity for example.

This is a very cool fighter and the 5e fighter is the first fighter I've ever wanted to play.