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    [D&D Next] Misfits of the Sharn Watch OOC

    I'm looking to start up a play-by-post here on the Enworld forum using the D&D Next playtest rules. The setting will be Eberron (more on that choice later), but we'll limit ourselves to only using material directly from the playtest documents (else why use the playtest?). I'm looking for 3 to 5 total players, all of whom should be signed up for the D&D Next playtest with Wizards of the Coast (as per the terms of the playtest).

    The short of it
    System: Dungeons & Dragons: Next (current playtest packet, updated as they are released)
    Setting: Eberron
    Format: Play-by-Post (potentially a little roll20 for combat; we'll talk about it)
    Starting Level: 1
    Party Size: 3 to 5 players [All full for now, thanks for the interest!]
    Playstyle: I like roleplaying and exploration, but plan on a hefty dose of combat.

    IC Thread
    Campaign Page

    The long of it
    One big objective here is obviously to give the new rules a test. I've gone over them extensively, both in play with a few one-shot adventures, and in theory with my fellow gamers here at Enworld. I'm interested now in putting the playtest through a more thorough vetting by running a short campaign, and I need some players to join in on the experiment.

    Why run it in Eberron, you ask? Basically because that is my favorite setting. I know it pretty well, and pulp action and exploration with a heavy dose of noir roleplaying makes for a wonderful game. If you love Eberron, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance! If you know nothing about the setting, don't worry. Awesomeness is a universal language.

    Because the playtest is in its infancy, a lot of quintessentially Eberron elements (warforged, psionics, artificers, and dragonmarks, just to name a few) are unavailable as player options. I think we can play a good Eberron game in spite of that, and at the very least the experience will let us explore the limitations of the options that we are given. And we can always phase in new material as it becomes available in future playtests.

    Of course the primary purpose of any RPG is to have fun, and this one will be no different. I want to test the rules, but I want to test them in real world conditions. I'd like to run DDN as I think games of D&D are best played, and that means fun first, examination of rules minutia . . . not first. There is always time after the game for a rule and system post-mortem. (We can head over to the New Horizons forum and have the conversation there.)

    I almost always check and reply to PbP daily, and will at least give warning if I am going to be unavailable for a few days. In general, I'd like my players to post at least twice a week, just to keep up with the game and let us know you are around. More than that is, of course, accepted and appreciated.

    If you think you are interested and have questions, ask away!

    EDIT 10/8 - New playtest out! I'll roll for magic items as the packet suggests, and we'll see what Lady Luck has planned for your characters!
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