C&C Interest in Ravenloft over the "Holloween Season" this year? (Castles and Crusades)
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    Interest in Ravenloft over the "Holloween Season" this year? (Castles and Crusades)

    If so, say so here. I am only able to run one group this year, and can do it on either Friday or Saturday. Hope to start first week in October and run it until no one is left alive or Strahd is defeated. If there is a lot of interest, hopefully others can step forward to CK other groups. We'll be using Roll 20 with SKYPE for talking. (Too many of us "regulars" are still having problems with Roll 20's built in program).

    Level: 7th.

    Attributes: (Arranged as desired) 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, and 13.

    Gear: +2 armor of choice, +2 Weapon of choice, the rest can be Expert (Additional Powers allowed, just hit and damage or AC bonus must not be greater than +2). 4 Potions of Choice. 12 levels worth of spells on scrolls. 20,000 GP worth of miscellaneous magic items, none of which may give greater than a +2 enhancement. Everything is to be selected from the M&T and M&T of Airhde, subject to my final approval.
    Other mundane, non magical, gear, 1,000 GP. Except weapons and armor, you can put 500 gp towards those, specifically, in addition to the 1,000 GP.

    Riding Horses with basic gear (Saddle, Bridle, Saddle Bags) assumed.

    At my discretion, I may hand out additional magic items come game time.

    Classes: All are allowed, but I strongly recommend against Illusionist, Assassin and Druid. Strongly recommend Clerics, Paladins, and Wizards.
    Alignment: one component must be "Good". Lawful, Chaotic or Neutral is fine.

    For those of you not familiar with how I do this. I run this module (I6 Ravenloft) as a "living" module. Meaning it is assumed Strahd has never been defeated (a couple of groups have) and he has grown in power based off of his victories. This time around I am doing a bit of a "reset", so he will not be as powerful as previous times, as a nod to those who did defeat him. So this module will not be ran "by the book", but it will be ran fair, and will be fun, at least until you die.

    People who have played before are welcome to play again, but if you were among the successful groups, any "out of the box" or "off the wall" winning strategies will not be allowed to be repeated. So basically, if it is too similar to the original and creative ways he has been defeated in the past, I will not allow it. Only new and original ideas will be allowed. Of course the old standby of "luck" and lots of "thump" will always work. That actually has come darn close to working several times. Darn close.

    Comments by past players are welcome, but nothing to give anything away.
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