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This explains why a few people are having an extremely bad reaction to D&D Next as well. If someone doesn't see a defining feature of an edition that they really like but is polarizing (no set skill and feat list, no powers, THACO, tables upon tables to look up etc.) then it feels like the edition they feel is inferior to the one they like best.
Yeah, that might explain why people like me who never had a favorite edition like the playtest rules.

There was a great post on ENWorld recently which satirized the last four editions, and it was spot on! Wish I could find it again! But basically I share the sentiment: D&D is fun in any edition, and they all have pretty glaring flaws that a good DM succeeds at having/making fun with *in spite of* those kooky rules.

I'm sure 5e will have these too, but so far there seem to be a lot fewer such instances IMO. I think it strikes a nice balance.