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    [LPF] School Days

    DM: Sunshadow21
    Judge: Mowgli

    Start Date: 9/23/2012
    Suspended: 1/21/2013
    121 days

    Heinrich Schreibersen
    Encounter XP: 568; Encounter GP: 668
    level 5 time xp (42 days x 28 xp) = 1176 xp; level 5 time gp (42 days x 31 gp) = 1302 gp
    level 6 - 11/3/12 (14487 starting xp + 300 encounter xp + 1176 time xp = 15963 xp)
    level 6 time xp (79 days x 44 xp) = 3476 xp; level 6 time gp (79 days x 42 gp) =3318 gp
    total time xp = 4652; total time gp = 4704
    total xp = 5220; total gp = 5372
    Encounter XP: 568; Encounter GP: 668
    time xp (121 days x 28 xp) = 3388 xp; time gp (121 days x 31 gp) = 3751 gp
    total xp = 3956; total gp = 4419

    Adventure Rules
    * I will use group initiatives, rolling them myself. So in combat you must post your actions within 48-72 hours of the players turn coming up. Unless stated by a character that their actions are to follow another character, they will be resolved in posted order. After that time, if there was no communication with the DM, I will NPC the MIA player and move on.

    * Dice rollers can be Invisible Castle or the EnWorld on-line dice roller for the players. I will using my own methods for rolling because some rolls need to be kept secret and it's just plain faster when trying to roll for a lot of npcs.

    * Any absences for longer than 2-3 days should be communicated to the DM. If you do not post for a week or more without having informed the DM, he reserves the right to remove you from the adventure giving you your share of the XP and treasure earned as well as time XP and gp to the date of your last post

    * If your character gets enough XP to level they may do so at the end of an encounter. This grants the extra hp, but does not heal damage, and grants any additional spell slots, but not spells prepared. A caster capable of spontaneously casting could use these slots normally, a cleric could only use them for cure or inflict spells, a druid for summon nature's ally, etc. Prepared casters may prepare spells in these slots as if they had left the slots blank for the day, if they are able to do so. They can go through the appropriate spell preparation as if they had already rested if applicable.

    * All characters need an appropriate character picture. Also a mini-stat spoiler block that includes a link to your character sheet would be much appreciated in every IC post during a fight.

    Example Mini-stats block:
    Mini Stats

    Ariel Esimae
    Initiative: +2
    AC: 19 (17 without shield/flat-footed, 12 Touch)
    HP: 9 Current: 9
    CMB: +1 CMD: 13 Fort: +4 Reflex: +4 Will: +6 (+8 vs. Fear)
    +1 for all with Resistance
    Resistance: 5 Cold, 5 Acid, 5 Electricity

    Current Weapon in Hand: Shield & javelin

    Fire Bolt: 3/6 Remaining Channel Energy: 1/5 remaining
    Deflection Aura: 1/1 remaining
    Spells Remaining: 1st Level 2/3; used Shield of Faith for CLW

    Encounter Information
    11/3/12 Initial Riddles: 600 xp total/300 xp each; 1176 time xp; 1302 time gp; Heinrich levels
    11/28/12 Grig: 400 xp total/200 xp each; Ni- 784 time xp, 868 time gp; Heinrich- 1232 time xp, 1176 time gp
    1/1/13 Fire Beetle: 136 xp total/68 xp each; Ni- 924 time xp, 1023 time gp; Heinrich- 1452 time xp, 1386 time gp
    1/21/13 Game suspended
    Last edited by sunshadow21; Monday, 21st January, 2013 at 06:52 PM.

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