Dear Colleagues,

My group is slowly moving into 13th level, and we've very much enjoyed the epic level mission/adventures.

Red Hand of Doom was the best time I've ever had playing D&D. Expedition to the Demonweb Pits also worked well (not AS good, but fun and epic feeling).

Now, in all my searching, the ONLY such item I can find that I could now pursue with the characters would be Anauroch: Empire of Shade. We won't have played the first two in the trilogy, and I'll have to wrestle it into my non Realms, but pretty wide open, world. That said, it definitely looks epic in scale. Mission, travel (like Red Hand), etc.

Can't find too much on the web from those who've played it.

Any advice, and beyond Anauroch, any other superadventure out there I've missed for 13th+ 3.5 D&D?