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    Character Roster

    Precinct 147 isn't the most glamorous duty station for a member of the Sharn Watch. In fact, it may be a strong contender for the least glamorous position in the service. Between the rampant crime, lack of funding, complete apathy from the bustling city above, and prevalence of officers who don't give a crap and whose careers are at a dead end, it's amazing that you find the motivation to show up to work every day.

    Welcome to the City of Towers.

    The character roster is the official place for your up-to-date character sheets. Please include your inventory and any ongoing, long term conditions that may be relevant. Feel free to add tidbits of personality, goals, or big developments as the game progresses.

    Current Characters:
    Ortley Oldbrook (tuxgeo)
    Taelvosh d'Lyrandar (mcmillan)
    Faein Minatta (MortalPlague)
    Sheridan "Dagger" Cartwright (Li Shenron)
    Angelico Scudo (nicolas.carillos)

    Retired Characters:
    Inspector Temp Ell Ate


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    Char Sheet
    Ortley Oldbrook, NG male Lightfoot Halfling Wizard 1

    Edit: Please see the official character page for "Ortley Oldbrook" that will continue to be updated. (This comment will not.)
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    Marik Trishel

    Marik Trishel, LG male Radiant Lance Cleric 1

    EDIT: please take a look at official character page for Marik Trishel
    Last edited by fermuch; Monday, 1st October, 2012 at 12:40 AM. Reason: moved t othe character page

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    Sheridan or "Dagger" (Human Rogue Soldier/Thug Survivor) added: Sheridan+Dagger+Cartwright - EN World: RPG News & Reviews
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    Angelico Scudo (Cleric of the Silver Flame, NG): link to the official page of the character

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