PF NYC student looking for D&D/Pathfinder group
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    NYC student looking for D&D/Pathfinder group

    Undergrad new to NYC area, looking to join or start up a new 3.5/Pathfinder/whatever-really campaign as a PC. I've played weekly campaigns off-and-on for several years now, though I've failed to find another one to join since moving here. I'd prefer a medium-sized group (4-6 PC's) that meets 1+ times a week, but biweekly would be fine also. A campaign with other college students would be a plus, but I'm really just looking to play with people who know the game. I'm located in Manhattan, but I'm more than willing to travel a bit if need be. If you don't have a group or a full-group, please go ahead and contact me, as its possible that we can start a new group if multiple people do end up replying to this post.

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    I'm in NYC, as well, and definitely looking for a Pathfinder game, especially weekends. Willing to host in Brooklyn (Prospect Heights, access to numerous subways).

    Also cool with a virtual tabletop game.

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    Hey, an in-person Pathfinder campaign on the weekends sounds great to me. If we just find 3 or 4 more people interested in such a game, we can actually start talking logistics. If you find anybody else (through the web, at least) looking for a game along those lines, send them here and tell them to reply to this thread. With any luck, we can play within the next couple of weeks.

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    I've got a friend in Morningside Heights who would be down for this as well, but neither of us is too hot on GMing. I'm happy to bribe good GMs with snacks, treats, and adult beverages.

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    That's awesome. And, yeah, I wouldn't really care to GM either. Well, that just means that we need to get into contact with one (or maybe even two) more PC's and a GM and we're good to go.

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    Hi guys

    I saw a few of the of responses, and I live in New York as well, and i"m always looking for new players. I run a campaign known as The Grand Realm which i think you might enjoy playing. It's a D20 game using my own system Known as Thaco. Guys if your interested let me know i would love to talk to more about it. I live in Jersey city, and i have friends that are down to play, so if you game let me know.

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