Quantum Roleplaying Game: Akyrema City, Quantum's Core: From 6-time ENnie Award-winning author and game designer Joshua J. Frost comes a massive new city book for the Quantum Roleplaying Game.

Akyrema City is all thatís left from the Time Before, the world of Quantum as it was before the terrible apocalypse a millennium ago. Itís a shining city crammed full of ultra modern, sleek, futuristic design and technology. Itís not out of place to see a medieval knight in full plate armor atop an armored steed pushing through the well-dressed crowds on a concrete lane, a dozen floating video screens floating above screaming the latest news and advertising.

Akyrema City: Quantumís Core is a 256-page hardcover book with full color covers and black and white interiors. It covers everything about Quantumís largest city: history, geography, demographics, economy, transportation, politics and government, crime and punishment, education, culture, military, the five districts, the district below, the slums beyond the wall, outlying towns, new gear (armor, weapons, and equipment), 24 new beasts and foes, and a small chapter dedicated to helping Guides build their own Akyrema City Quantum Roleplaying Game campaign, including methods to quick-start immediate encounters or entire (multi-encounter) adventures.

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