The Bigger They Come . . .
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    The Bigger They Come . . .

    They come in several forms in D&D, and James describes quite a few of them in this week??s Wandering Monsters. Come take a peek at which ones he covered and give us your opinion about these descriptions!

    Read The Bigger They Come . . . on D&D Insider here!

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    I really like this one, my only nitpick is that hill giants hate magic so much, that they are resistant to it to a lesser degree...


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    Natural selection! They're always deliberately fighting magic-users, and only the resistant ones survive to reproduce.

    Generally I like giants. I'd like to know a bit more about their societies though.

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    Eh. I'm not a fan of putting giants in a rigid hierarchy. For a primordial, elemental race, it's way too organized. And what does it even mean to be "higher" or "lower" in that hierarchy? On average, a cloud giant can beat a fire giant in a one-on-one duel, but that doesn't imply that fire giants are subservient to cloud giants any more than humans are subservient to bears.

    With regard to the specifics of the races, I like the cloud and fire giant writeups (aside from the hierarchy bits). I could really do without the emo storm giants. The others are okay, nothing spectacular IMO.

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    In the fire giant section there was mention of subdued dragons. I'm wondering if this was a figure of speech or if the rules for subduing dragons will be resurrected.
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    Although i like the quantity of the infos i found the infos a bit boring. I think they could make the giants a bit more interesting being ofc true to their dnd history.

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    Pretty positive. I certainly recognize the giants in that. Not nearly as controversial as the Minotaur.

    These line up about with what I expect, and they also have a nice tether. I like the idea of "ancient giants" as a unified culture, and it goes well with the mythological link to Titans. It also makes it easy for them to work together: rather than have six disperate kinds of monsters, you might have a Cloud Giant who lives at the top of a volcanic mountain with a glacier, and marshals Fire and Frost giants under her reign, while Stone giants might be mercenary recruits and Hill Giants serve as the front-line brutes and a reclusive Storm Giant in the clouds above the peak may be a potential ally for the party. So you can use a lot of different giants, rather than using six different flavors of Fire Giant.

    I'm a little eyebrow-raising about the link to FR. The more I see those words dropped, the more I'm thinking 5e's "example setting" might be FR. Which I guess is fine, since FR IS pretty generic D&D (leaving Greyhawk for the more pulpy Sword-and-Sorcery sandbox style, and Dragonlance for the more story-oriented "Fantasy Opera" style), but if that is the case, it's something I'd be a little peery of. Not a bad idea, just keeps me a little suspicious.
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    Maybe it was exaggeration or maybe the author has never been to a farm, but anyone else how BIG hill giants are being described as?

    "A hill giant can eat a pig in one bite or a cow in two"

    No way that isn't huge size class unless they have mouths like a Tsuburu No Oni.

    And that is the weakest of the giants. So it sound like giants are going to be notably bigger than 3E.

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    Nothing terribly surprising. Honestly, the best part was the Forgotten Realms lore. I'm not a Realms fan, so at least that was new to me and I wouldn't terribly mind some of that being included in the MM.


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