Finally read (but not yet played) the playtest 2 materials...and I very much like it. As soon as I am able I'll be starting a campaign with it - there's definitely enough of a core system here to get underway with (my games always involve a lot of rules improvisation anyway, and my players enjoy this style).

It reminds me a lot of BECMI. A *lot*. And I suspect I may be one of these "old" fellas they are trying to entice back I completely skipped 4e, 3.5e and almost but not quite 3.0e.

I'll be swapping out d20 for 2d10 - I just much prefer the bell curve. For advantage - 3d10 take highest 2. For disadvantage - 3d10 take lowest 2. Probably critical hits on 19 or 20, critical misses on 2 or 3. I've had a good look at the probabilities (thanks for these and they seem quite reasonable (to my mind - that is, they make things harder, but not too hard).

Yeah, I'm excited by this...and hopefully playtest 3 isn't too far away either!