D&D 5th Edition Playtest packets -- keep em coming until the release! + some release day surprises!

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    Playtest packets -- keep em coming until the release! + some release day surprises!

    the subject title says it all. I think you all are EXACTLY who should be vetting the D&D next edition. I wanna play it for ten years. I want it to work through all levels of play without breaking down. I want it to be fun, fast-paced, not frustrating, logical, elegant, streamlined, yada yada.

    You're on the right track, design then vet, feedback, critique, then design again, and so on and so forth until the product is perfected. I work in software and WISH we had 2 year beta periods to perfect the core design and all the implications of "this", and "that".

    okay I'm a little drunk but this is META. This is just about *the process*. Humans working towards an optimal solution of an INSANELY complex combinatorial problem. Reading some of you guys' posts here makes me happy that there are kindred and no-so-kindred spirits who think differently but towards a common goal. That is EXACTLY what's required in fact! A synthesis of playstyles, biases, and ideas. The sum of critiques should find some eigenvalues where the right blend of combat speed, danger, excitement, storytelling and roleplaying all amount to an experience that NO videogame can ever achieve.

    D&D Next must not just survive, it has to be GOOD. It has to hit all the major notes.

    Don't let us down. We'll help correct the course, if you listen. But in the end, it's up to you. Because AI and MMOs and VR are coming, and we still need a reason to get together on a wednesday night and hang with the bros and just kick it old school. Let's keep it going! And I say this as a videogame programmer who has a personal stake in people using computers more, not less.
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