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  • Something entirely new

    24 12.18%
  • 4E's Points of Light, Astral Sea/Elemental Chaos

    26 13.20%
  • 3E's Greyhawk/Planescape mash-up

    9 4.57%
  • Greyhawk

    32 16.24%
  • Forgotten Realms

    28 14.21%
  • Dragonlance

    3 1.52%
  • Dark Sun

    2 1.02%
  • Ravenloft

    2 1.02%
  • Eberron

    8 4.06%
  • Some combination of the above settings

    4 2.03%
  • Some setting not included in this poll

    8 4.06%
  • No default setting at all

    44 22.34%
  • It doesn't really matter

    7 3.55%
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    There were plenty of things in Basic and AD&D that I would consider default setting elements. Holmes Basic had an adventure in the back of the book, which IIRC had some details on the town. I think the AD&D DMG had something similar. The equipment list says a lot about the current state of technology. The artifact list in the AD&D DMG had a lot of setting. All of the names spells and magic items. The skill list says a lot about how the world works. The racial descriptions and class descriptions are a very important part of the setting, as are the monster descriptions. Sure, A DM can choose to include or exclude anything he wants, but the default assumption is that if it's in the book it's in the setting.

    I have seen bare-bones systems without these elements, but I don't think that taking these things out would leave a satisfactory form of D&D.

    Once I accepted that setting in the core could not easily be avoided, the question was "how much is appropriate?" My personal answer would be more than any previous D&D system, but less than Shadowrun.
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    I would like to point out that detailing one town doesn't necessarily describe a whole setting.

    Likewise, though AD&D rule books used lots of names for magic items, spells, and artifacts, they were vague, evocative names. They were references to a setting, but that's all.

    That's what I would like to see in DDN: references to settings, maybe even some sidebar examples, but that's it.
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    I prefer no default setting, or a mix-n-mash of the material of many setting (which is almost equivalent).

    If I absolutely had to pick one default setting, I'd probably go with Forgotten Realms, because it is a fairly standard and traditional D&D fantasy setting, and it is possibly the most popular already.
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