Recently, I have been thinking about the Magic: the Gathering color pie (for those who don't know what it is or want to learn about it, here is a link). I've always favored the blue playstyle, which favors intelligence, logic, creativity, and technology. After some self-reflection, I found that I am completely nothing like that. I am not creative (which isn't necessarily bad), I dislike relying on technology too much, and I am not that smart. However, I've felt like I'm at least above average in intelligence for almost all my life, but I've realized recently that I'm just good at math and school.

Living as part of the tabletop community for many years, I've found that many many geeks believe that they are a cut above in intelligence, whether they are card players or roleplayers. This intellectual "superiority" seems to be rampant in the community, and even larger society has accepted this conceit and used it as a stereotype. Many see it this way because our games require mathematics and lots of book-keeping, but in truth it rarely delves into anything more difficult than simple math.

My question is do you feel like our hobby actually draws in above-average minds, or is it simply a stereotype? Do you feel like your Intelligence and Wisdom are over 10? 12? Maybe 18?