TO SLAY A DRAGON - County Map Preview
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    TO SLAY A DRAGON - County Map Preview

    For those following news on my TO SLAY A DRAGON adventure for Pathfinder, you might find this black-and-white preview of the local county map interesting! The cartography for this project is being done by the award-winning Sean MacDonald. I can't wait to see this map in full colour!

    In addition, the marvellous Claudio Pozas is working away at 50 NPC portraits. Yep. 50! This will be a well-populated county!


    Do you remember D&D adventures which consisted solely of trekking to a dragon's lair and slaying it, old-school style? Have you fond memories of the NIGHT BELOW boxed set - in particular the first book which details the area of Haranshire and the various goings-on there?

    If you love the idea of a small village setting, detailed with various plot hooks and sub-quests, followed by a good-old fashioned hex-crawl and a dragon slaying, this adventure is for you! It's NIGHT BELOW crossed with THE HOBBIT. Kinda.


    Call it a large-adventure. Or a campaign arc. Call it what you like, but it's an awesome old-style experience which will cover several levels of game play. Right now we're aiming for 1st-6th level.

    TO SLAY A DRAGON for the PATHFINDER RPG is divided into three parts:

    THE ILLS OF HENGISTBURY details the village of Hengistbury and its environs. Numerous small quests and hooks bring the area alive - fey kidnapping children in the Weirwood, a werewolf roaming the moors, a hag enticing the lizardman tribes to attack fishermen, a passing adventuring group causing trouble, a ruined castle haunted by a poltergeist, and much more! This part is very sandboxy.

    THE JOURNEY details the trek to Skull Mountain, the lair of the dragon. A traditional journey across a hex-map, with random encounters and notable locations along the way. The party will be harrassed by the dragon's kobold spies as they get closer to their destination.

    INTO THE DRAGON'S LAIR details the lair of the dragon (a volcano, of course!) and the dragon itself, along with its kobold minions. This part is a classic dungeon crawl with a dragon at the end. Yep - a DUNGEON with a DRAGON in it.

    The current (rough) table of contents is below. This is fully subject to change and - most definitely - to expansion!

    Plot Overview
    Hengistbury and Environs
    -Other People of Note
    -Character Advancement
    Part I: The Ills of Hengistbury
    -Quest I: Jack of the Weirwood
    -Quest II: The Hound of Fogmoor
    -Quest III: Troll Under the Bridge
    -Quest IV: Memories of Brockendale
    -Quest V: Lizard's Lament
    -Quest VI: Escort Service
    -Quest VII: Pandora's Box
    -Quest VIII: Manhunter
    -Quest IX: On Safari
    -Quest X: Troublemakers
    -Quest XI: Peculiar, Most Peculiar
    -Quest XII: Kobolds of Thornbury
    Part II: The Journey
    -Random Encounters
    -Lots of Stuff
    Part III: Into the Dragon's Lair
    -Lots of Stuff
    Appendix: Bestiary

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