Jemal's Quest character thread
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    Jemal's Quest character thread

    Post'em up people! Even if they're not done, it's easier to check them all here without other posts in between.

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    Chieftain Tutek


    Tutek was born the smartest of his breed. Despite his intelligence not being more than an average human, among the common breed ogres, he was a genius. The Ogre magi breed of his tribe hold an iron fist over their less mentally gifted bredren, and a smart common ogre, even if he was not as smart as they were, was a threat. They simply tried to kill the young ogre, without mediating words, but the clever Tutek knew what was coming, and fled. The ogre magi thought the dwarf would soon take care of the fleeting young ogre, and didn't bother following him.
    Tutek was no evil by nature, as most ogres are. He enjoyed a dwarf strew just as anyone does once in a while, but getting food when you are alone in the mountains is not easy. Specially armoured, trained, 'axe wielding' food; so he had to go hunting small game. The dwarf noticed the lone ogre, and carefully approached him. Tutek was afraid of the dwarf as they greatly advantaged him in numbers and gear. He had but an improvised spear, not good to skewer dwarven plate.
    So Tutek did what few Ogres have done before him, talk himself out of trouble. Despite the initial reluctance of the dwarves, Tutek convinced the dwarves he was not evil, and that he wished only to be able to return to his tribe, and free the common ogres from the tyranic rule of the Ogre magi. The dwarves saw in Tutek the chance to get rid of the ogre problems once and for all, and supported Tutek, gave him gear and magical trinkets to be able to fight the ogre magi. They also lead him to the other side of the mountains, where there was some orc and goblin tribes. With the help of the dwarves, Tutek soon became the chieftain of the orcs and goblins, and lead them to war against his tribe.
    The war was short lived though. While the ogres fought agianst Tutek's army, a dwarf party infiltrated the ogre caves, and fought they way to the Chieftain. Meanwhile, Tutek managed to convince his bredren of his intentions and slay any ogre mage in the field, before getting himself too, into the caves.
    When Tutek reached the throne room, the dwarf were already fighting the chieftain and his guards.
    Seizing the opportunity, Tutek advanced unmatched, and killed the ogre mage that years before tried to kill him. Tutek purged the tribe from mages, and was established as Chieftain of the Mountains. He signed a peace treaty with the dwarves, so that ogres, orcs and dwarves might live peacefully. The orcs were allowed to choose a chief for themselves (picked on a fight to the death of course) and peace ensured for years.

    Then it came the Great Drought, out of nowhere. The game animals were scarce, and the few crops the ogres and orcs had, wither. The shamans and druids claimed the drought was not natural, that was caused by some external agent, although the exact nature of it remained a secret. Inside their caves, the dwarves didn't mind their newly formed allies pillaging the human city established near the edge of the mountains for resources. Despite everything, the orcs and ogres needed to eat too, so the human's cattle started disappearing, and one or two incidents involving ogres and humans let some bloody scores.
    It was then that a group of famous adventurers was called upon, to deal with this new formed 'Horde'.
    They travelled though the mountains, and were stopped both by orcs, ogres and dwarves alike. Shocked at this gathering of races that hold ancestral hatred to each other, the party asked to parley with the leader of the horde. "What horde be ye speakin' 'bout?" the dwarf captain rebuked, "Yer trespassing territory of the alliance, name yer business." The adventurers explained the situation, and the guards escorted the adventurers to the meeting hall. The meeting Hall was an improvised stone building on a valley between the mountains. A messager had been sent to spread the word and call for audience, so when the adventurers arrived to the hall, there was Tutek, Chieftain of the Ogres, his guards and his son Tatok, Mundim King of the dwarves, his royal escort and the princes Houdin and Mondin, and Harmat Chieftain of the orcs, surrounded by his offspring, four tall and muscle-bound orcs, Tramat, Armat, Ramat and Marmat
    The adventurers explained the problem and discussion broke the silence of the hall. It was agreed that a solution to both part needed to be sought. Despite the humans having more resources, if the unnatural drought didn't end, they will soon starve too. Tutek, Houdin and Tramat would accompany the party to seek a solution for the drought. Tatok was an apprentice shaman, and remained as Chieftain of the Ogres, as he was not old enough to leave the tribe.
    The new group travelled far and wide, for a whole year, consulting scholars and wizards of astronomic reputation, until they found the source of the draught: a magical ritual from a rival country, that would tear apart the alliance and starve the people, to ready the otherwise fertile and defensible territories for conquest.
    Having discovered the source of the problem, the group returned to the mountains, and an army was raised and prepared.
    The Chieftains and Kings marched in front of their armies, men, dwarf, orc and ogre side by side fighting for survival.
    The battle was epic, many good souls were lost, among them the Mundim, king of the dwarfs and Harmat, the orc chieftain. But their sacrifice was not in vain, as the enemy capital was overrun, and the ritual stopped. The army returned victorious, if reduced.
    Back in the mountains, Mondin was appointed King of the dwarves, and as a symbol of a new, more prosperous era, Tute stepped down and proclaimed his son Tatok as Chieftain, allegating that these new peaceful times required a wise leader, and not a warrior. Harmat's sons would surely fight to death over his father's throne. Orcs.
    Tutek joined the party, having developed a lasting friendship with them. Their adventures had just began.

    Disclaimer: If any of the PC's want to share backgrounds and be, for example, one of the dwarf king sons, we can change their names to fit yours and say they also joined the party. Same thing with orcs or humans from the town.

     Name: Tutek
    Class: Ogre 4, Fighter 14
    Race: Ogre
    Size: Large
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
    Str: 30/36 +10/+13	Level: 20        XP: 0
    Dex: 14/16 +2/+3		BAB: +17 (+3 Ogre, +14 fighter)    HP: 286 (3+9)x4+(8+9)x14
    Con: 22/28 +6/+9	Grapple: +35     Dmg Red: 0
    Int: 14 +2		Speed: 40'       Spell Res: 0
    Wis: 14 +2		Init: +3     	 Spell Save: +2
    Cha: 08 -1		ACP: -3          Spell Fail: 0%
                   Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:          10    +9    +0    +3    -1    +10    +1    32
    Touch: 13              Flatfooted: 28
                               Base   Mod  Misc    Total
    Fort:                      13     +9     +7     +29
    Ref:                       5      +3     +7     +15
    Will:                      5      +2     +7     +14
    Weapon		Attack		Damage	Critical
    Sendesemcal 	+37/32/27/22	2d6+29	19-20x2
    Throwing axe	+32/27/22/17	1d8+15	x2
    Gauntlet	+30/25/20/15	1d4+13	x2
    Languages: Common, Giant
    -Abilities: STR +10, CON +4, DEX-2, INT & CHA -4
    -BAB: +3
    -Natural armor +5
    -Speed: 40
    -Reach 10'
    -Darkvision 60', Low light vision
    Fighter feats ( Profs + (F))
    Cleave (F)
    Combat Expertise
    Dodge (F)
    Exotic weapon prof. Spiked Chain (F)
    Great cleave
    Greater wep. Spec (Spiked Chain) 
    Greater wep. Focus(Spiked Chain) (F)
    Improved critical (Spiked Chain) (F)
    Mobility (F)
    Power attack (F)
    Quick draw
    Shield Proficiency
    Spring attack
    Weapon focus (Spiked Chain)
    Weapon speci. (Spiked Chain) (F)
    Whirlwind attack
    Skills               Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Climb			7	+13     -2     +18
    Intimidate		11	-1      +1     +11
    Jump			10	+13     +6     +29 
    Listen			10	+0      +1     +11
    Ride			4	+3      +1     +8
    Spot			11	+0      +1     +12
    Swim			10	+13     -5     +18
    Spellcraft		*10	+2      +1     +13
    Knowledge Arcana	*10	+1      +1     +12
    *From Sendesemcal 
    Mithral fullplate of speed 				(50lb, 28000gp)
    +5 Spiked Chain 					(20lb, 255550gp)
    Spiked Chain 						(20lb, 25gp)
    +2 Throwing Axe 					(Returning, Distance: 32316 gp)
    Amulet of health +6 					(36000 gp)
    shirt of natural armor +5 				(50000 gp)
    Manual of bodily health +4, read. 			(110000 gp)
    Ioun stones:
    Deep red 						(8000 gp) +2 DEX
    Pale green 						(30000 gp) +1 competence to attacks, checks, skills and saves 
    Dusty rose 						(5000 gp) +1 insight AC
    Ring of evasion 					(25000 gp)
    Boots of striding and springing 			(36000 gp)
    Ring of Spell turning 				(98280  gp)
    Heroism x2						(1500 gp)
    Reduce person x4					(1000 gp)
    Enlarge Person x4					(1000 gp)
    Invisibility x5						(1500 gp)
    Belt of giant strength +6 				(36000 gp)
    Cloack of resistance +5 				(25000 gp)
    Everburning torch 					(110 gp)
    Bed roll
    Tent							(20lb, 10 gp)
    Stone of Good Luck					(20000 gp)
    Gauntlet of Rust					(11500 gp)
    Tome of understanding +4, read. 			(110000 gp)
    Tome of clear thought +1, read. 			(27000 gp)             
    Money: 1070 gp
    Sendesemcal the Chained Sorceror
    Adamantine Spiked chain +5
    Intelligent Item
    Int: 16, Wis: 14, Cha: 18 Languages: ?
    Purpose: ?
    Lesser powers: Detect magic at will, 10 ranks in spellcraft, 10 ranks in knowledge Arcana
    Greater powers: ?
    Abilities: 55200gp
    Weapon properties:
    Mighty Cleaving
    Spell storing
    Properties: 200350gp
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    Block kinem

    Braham Bahli, male human warlock 20, CG; 200,000 xp

    HD 20d6+140, hp 241; dead at -24

    AC 42 (+6 dex, +9 armor, +5 deflection, +5 natural, +6 shield, +1 insight), touch 22, ff 30

    Str 16(22)/+6
    Dex 16(22)/+6
    Con 18(24)/+7
    Int 12(18)/+4
    Wis 10(16)/+3
    Cha 23(34)/+12

    saves Fort +19, Reflex +18, Will +21; move 40'; BAB +15; grapple +21; init +6
    perception +14 (+ Voidsense, See the Unseen)

    attack mace +26/+21/+16 melee (1d8+11, 20/x2; +2d6 vs evil; cold iron/magic/good/silver vs DR)
    or unarmed strike +21/+16/+11 melee (1d3+6 nonlethal, 20/x2, draws AOO vs armed)
    or luckblade +19/+14/+9 melee (1d6+6, 19/x2; magic and silver vs DR)

    eldritch blast +21 ranged touch (11d6 + EE + BS; 20/x2, 60' range, +24 vs SR, can take 10)
    or mace + hideous blow +26 melee (1d8+11 + eldritch blast, 20/x2, +2d6 vs evil)

    Feats: Ability Focus (eldritch blast), Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Arcane Mastery (can take 10 on caster level checks), Sudden Extend (1/day), Sudden Maximize (1/day), Sudden Empower (1/day), Extra Invocation (chilling tentacles)

    The warlock’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Disguise (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (the planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha).

    4 x 23 skill points:
    Skills (ranks/total): Bluff 1/13, Concentration 21/28, Diplomacy(cc) 1/13, Spellcraft 19/23, Use Magic Device 17/29, Stealth(cc) 1/7, Knowledge [arcana 1/5, religion 1/5, planes 1/5], Sense Motive 3/6, Perform(cc)(dance) 1/13, Jump 0/11, Perception(cc) 11/14

    languages: Common, Deevreet (native tongue)

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Warlocks are proficient with all simple weapons. They are proficient with light armor but not with shields.
    Because the somatic components required for warlock invocations are relatively simple, a warlock can use any of his invocations while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance.

    The save DC for an invocation (if it allows a save) is 10 + equivalent spell level + the warlock’s Charisma modifier.
    Since spell-like abilities are not actually spells, a warlock cannot benefit from the Spell Focus feat. He can, however, benefit from the Ability Focus feat (see page 303 of the Monster Manual), as well as from feats that emulate metamagic effects for spell-like abilities, such as Quicken Spell-Like Ability and Empower Spell-Like Ability (see pages 303 and 304 of the Monster Manual).

    Eldritch Blast (Sp): 11d6. An eldritch blast is a ray with a range of 60 feet. It is a ranged touch attack that affects a single target, allowing no saving throw. An eldritch blast deals 1d6 points of damage at 1st level and increases in power as the warlock rises in level. An eldritch blast is the equivalent of a spell whose level is equal to one-half the warlock’s class level (round down), with a minimum spell level of 1st and a maximum of 9th when a warlock reaches 18th level or higher.
    An eldritch blast is subject to spell resistance, although the Spell Penetration feat and other effects that improve caster level checks to overcome spell resistance also apply to eldritch blast. An eldritch blast deals half damage to objects.

    Detect Magic (Sp): As the spell at will.

    Damage Reduction (Su): 5/cold iron.

    Deceive Item (Ex): When making a Use Magic Device check, a warlock can take 10 even if distracted or threatened.

    Fiendish Resilience (Su): Once per day, as a free action, he can enter a state that lasts for 2 minutes: fast healing 5.

    Energy Resistance (Su): He has resistance 10 against cold and fire.

    A warlock can apply an eldritch essence (EE) invocation and a blast shape (BS) invocation to the same blast.

    Invocations: 3 least, 3+1 lesser, 3 greater, 3 dark; EE, BS, or Other (O)
    Eldritch Spear (BS, 250' blast)
    See the Unseen (see invisible and darkvision, 24 h)
    Hideous Blow (BS, as standard action, add blast to melee attack)

    Fell Flight (fly 40', good, 24 h)
    Voidsense (blindsense 30', 24 hours)
    Charm (60', charm monster, up to 20 days, Will neg DC 28; target gets +5 on save if under threat)

    Devour Magic (Greater Dispelling by touch, gain 5 temp hp/spell level dispelled, last 1 min; can't use on own invocations)
    Vitriolic Blast (EE, acid damage, no SR, +2d6 damage for 4 rounds)
    Noxious blast (EE, Fort DC 33 or target nauseated 1 round (house ruled))
    Chilling Tentacles (Black Tentacles (300' range, 20' radius, grapple +28; once grappled, grapple check to deal 1d6+4 damage; auto 2d6 cold damage/round in area; move through at half speed if not grappled; 20 rounds(D), no SR))

    Binding Blast (EE, from CMage; Will DC 33 or target stunned 1 round; mind-affecting effect)
    Eldritch Doom (BS, blast affects all designated targets within 20', no attack roll but Reflex half DC 33)
    Retributive Invisibility (6th; Greater Invisibility, self only, 20 rounds(D); if dispelled, shock wave, creatures within 20' take 2d6 damage + stunned 1 round (Fort DC 28 for half and no stun))

    Equipment: 1,000,000 gp:

    cloak of resistance +5, 25k
    headband of int +6 and cha +6 and disguise, 92.7k
    belt of str +6, 36k

    Fell Amulet (jade; looks like a dragon head in profile):
    amulet of con +6 and wis +6 and natural armor +5 and greater fell power (+2d6 to eldritch blast), 192k

    gloves of dex +6 and weaponry arcane and eldritch admixture, 48.75k
    (weapon overcomes DR as magic and silver;
    3 charges/day, renewed at dawn: when spent, add acid, cold, or fire damage to eldritch blast (N+1)d6 (N charges spent))

    +5 glamered mithral chain shirt (ACP 0, max dex +6), 28.8 k
    +5 mithral buckler, 26.015k

    ring of protection +5 and sustenance, 53.75

    ring of instant escape & spell-battle
    (1/day as immediate action teleport up to 40' if about to need Reflex save;
    spellcraft DC 15 + spell level to identify spell cast within 60;
    1/day counterspell as dispel magic (+10 CL check) or redirect a spell you identified), 36k

    ioun stone, dusty rose prism (+1 insight to AC), 5k

    boots of teleportation (3/day) and striding and springing (+10' to speed, +5 to jump), 57.25k
    cube of force, 62k
    tome of Leadership and Influence (read, +5 cha), 137.5k

    +5 holy cold iron heavy mace (1d8 b, 20/x2), 100.324k
    luckblade (+2 short sword (1d6 p, 19/x2, martial weapon), +1 luck to saves, reroll any roll 1/day), 22.06k

    Weapon Cord, 1 sp
    Weapon cords are 2-foot-long leather straps that attach your weapon to your wrist. If you drop your weapon or are disarmed, you can recover it as a swift action, and it never moves any further away from you than an adjacent square. However, you cannot switch to a different weapon without first untying the cord (a full-round action) or cutting it (a move action or an attack, hardness 0, 0 hp). Unlike a locked gauntlet, you can still use a hand with a weapon cord, though a dangling weapon may interfere with finer actions. (Warlock invocations OK.)

    wand of silence (50 charges), 4.5k
    wand of cure serious wounds (50 charges, 3d8+5), 11.25k

    eternal wand of major image (2/day), 10.9k
    eternal wand of rope trick (2/day, 3 hr), 4.42k
    eternal wand of heroism (2/day, 30 min, creature touched, +2 morale on att, saves, skills; bard spell), 4.42k
    eternal wand of alarm (2/day, 2 hours), 820 gp
    eternal wand of comprehend languages (2/day, 10 min), 820 gp
    eternal wand of protection from evil (2/day, 1 min), 820 gp
    eternal wand of prestidigitation (2/day, 1 hours), 460 gp

    backpack, 2 gp (Type A bag of random stuff; 180 gp nonmagical stuff inside)
    bedroll, 1 sp
    rope, 50' silk, 10 gp

    portal to the bazaar, 20k (Type C bag of random stuff; buy items at 110% price, sell at 50%; 11k store credit)

    contribution for the party cart: 8.333k

    14 gp, 8 sp

    Equipment: "Bag of Random Stuff".
    Type A: NonMagical : This is a normal backpack that just has a lot of stuff crammed into it. It cannot be used to store anything, but whenever you need a mundane piece of gear worth 100gp or less, you can reach in and find it *Assuming it can fit* (Full round action to dig around). Deduct the cost of the item from the amount stored in the bag.
    Cost: 10 GP + however much 'stuff' you want to be able to pull out of it (Can be 'reloaded' at any store).
    Type B: Magical: This can take the form of a Hewards Handy Haversack or Bag of Holding. It's carrying capacity is halved. It works like a nonmagical Bag of Random Stuff, but there is no price limit to the gear that can be pulled out (Provided it is not magical). Any 'special' gear (Special/Alchemical substances/items, Special materials, etc) costs twice as much. (IE an Adamantine Battleaxe would cost 6020 to pull out of the bag, or alchemist's fire for 40gp. )
    Cost: Base bag + amount inside.
    Type C: Portal to the Bazaar : This is reserved for High level/Epic games. This seemingly ordinary bag is actually a dimensional portal to the Bazaar, an entire plane full of merchants. The owner has an account with a trusted (Well as much as those guys can be trusted) Merchant in the Bazaar, and can use the bag to buy or sell items without needing to travel. Any purchaseable item that can fit through the 4'X4' Opening (Including magic items) may be purchased at standard Market Price +10%.
    Likewise, the merchant will buy any goods placed inside at 50% standard Market Price. They will be automatically and correctly Appraised. (There's demand for practically everything in the Bazaar, so he can resell it). The Portal's owner will have his account credited the amount. The owner can also add to his account by simply depositing money straight into the bag. There are no refunds however, only store credit.
    Cost: 20,000 + Account balance.


    Braham Bahli is a man from the desert, thought to carry genie blood. He is tan and bearded, about 6' tall. The only gods he follows are the four genie gods of the elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) and this only because he feels they are his kin.

    His career has been spent opposing tyrants and less organized monsters alike. He became famous for his part in overthrowing the man known as "King Devon the Devil". Through dangerous adventures, his power grew quickly.

    He tries to aid worthy causes when he can, but as he's getting older, he increasingly has felt a desire to travel and see new things.

    Though he's not native to the region, Braham was among the party who fought in Kadrath to stop the magical drought on Rauland.
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    Block Scott DeWar


    Hampton's Habardashery

    work in progress

    Gerard Hampton Rog 1/ scor 6/ f 2/ e k 5/ a c 5
    00FF70= jade
    personal Information
    Str   22  +6   5 pt  Hp: 6+[18*5]+[12*5]+[7*8]=212
    Dex   22  +6   6 pt  Exp: 200,000
    Con   20  +5   4 pt  BAB:+15/+10/+5
    Int   20  +5   4 pt  Grapple:+21
    Wis   22  +6   6 pt  Inititive: +10
    Chr   24  +7   5 pt  move 30 feet
    00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000
    00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000
    00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000
    00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000
    00000 00000 00[/s]
    Levels 4, 8 and 12 ability increase: +1 to charisma at each.
    Level 16: +1 to Str 
    +6 to each stat from headband or belt
    Carrying: 43.5 lb
    Lite: to 173 lb           Med: 174 to 346 LB          Hvy: 347 to 520 LB
    Lift over head: 520 LB    Lift off ground: 1040 LB    Push/ drag: 2600 LB
    SAVES:    base  abil  misc   total
    Fort       10   +5     +5     +20 *+5 vs undead effects
    Reflex     6    +6     +5     +17
    will       10   +6     +5     +21
    Rogue:     Fort: +0; Ref: +2; Will: +0
    fighter:   fort: +3; ref: +0; Will: +0
    Scor:      fort: +2; ref: +2; Will: +5
    E. Knight: fort: +4; ref: +1; Will: +1 
    abj champ: fort: +1; ref: +1; will: +4 
    Sepulchral vest: +5 Sacred bonus on save vs undead effects 
    ARMOR CLASS: 26 [36 w/ mage armor, gtr]
    TOUCH:       25 [25 w/ mage armor, gtr]
    FLATFOOTED:  20 [30 w/ mage armor, gtr]
      add +2 ac vs undead from Choker of Life Protection [MIC]
       +1 shield bonus when fighting 2 weapon Feat 2 wpn def
       +2 shield bonus When you are fighting defensively or using the 
         total defense action Feat 2 wpn def
    [Mage Armor, greater +6; prc: Abj Champ +5; dex +6;  
    ring of protection +3; natural + 6; shirt +1]
    WEAPONS: **+2 att, +1d6 dam vs undead [gauntlets]**
                   att          dam     crit       type
    Rapier       +26/+21/+16   1d6+11  15-20/X2     P   Keen, Speed
    S. Sword     +24/+19/+14   1d6+9   19-20/x2     P   spell storing
    Dagger       +24/+19/+14   1d4+9   19-20/x2     P/S
    Club         +24/+19/+14   1d6+9      x2        B   undead bane
      vs undead: +26/+21/+16   3d6+11               B
    Melee, full round  [pri. att at -2/-7/-12; off hand att at -2/-7/-12]
                   att          dam     crit       type
    Rapier       +24/+19/+14   1d6+11  15-20/X2     P   Keen, Speed
    S. Sword     +22/+17/+12   1d6+9   19-20/x2     P   spell storing
    Melee, full round  [pri. att at -2/-7/-12; off hand att at -2/-7/-12]
                   att          dam     crit       type
    Rapier       +24/+19/+14   1d6+11  15-20/X2     P   Keen, Speed 
    Club         +22/+17/+12   1d6+9   19-20/x2     B  undead bane
      vs undead: +24/+19/+14   3d6+11               B
    Melee, full round  [pri. att at -2/-7/-12; off hand att at -2/-7/-12]
                   att         dam     crit       type
    Rapier       +24/+19/+14  1d6+11  15-20/X2     P   Keen, Speed
    dagger       +24/+19/+14  1d6+9   19-20/x2     P/S   returning
                    att        dam    crit     rng   type
    Longbow      +24/+19/+14  1d8+9     X 3    220'   P    distance
     arrow,  +1  +25/+20/+15  1d8+10    X 3    220'   P 
     arrow,  +2  +26/+21/+16  1d8+11    X 3    220'   P 
     arrow,      +25/+20/+15  1d8+14      X 3    220'   P undead bane   
    Dagger       +24/+19/+14  1d4+9  19-20/x2   10'  P/S returning
    Club         +24/+19/+14  1d6+9     x2      10'   B    undead bane
      vs undead: +26/+21/+16  3d6+11                  B
    Rapier: +5, Keen, Speed
    Longbow, Mwk, mighty +6 composite,  +3, distance
     arrows,+1 *30 
     arrows,+2 *20 
     arrows, undead bane +2 * 50
     adamentine arrows +2 x 50 
    Short sword: +3, spell storing [disrupt undead, gtr; cl 18, 10d8 damage]
    club: +3, undead bane, disruption
    dagger, +3, returning
    BAB/Att Calculations
    [str: +6, dex: +6, bab +15 [prc +5, ftr +2, rog +0, scor +3, a. champ +5]
    Rog 1
    Sneak attack +1d6; trapfinding
    Scor 1  bloodline info 
    Class Skill: perception; cantrips;  eschew materials ;
    Bloodline power: Claws (Su) 
     Starting at 1st level, you can grow claws as a free action. 
    Bloodline Arcana:
     Whenever you cast a spell with an energy descriptor that matches your 
       acid energy type, that spell deals +1 point of damage per die rolled.
    Scor 3
    Bloodline power: Dragon Resistances (Ex):
     At 3rd level, you gain resist 5 against acid type and a +1 natural 
      armor bonus. 
    bloodline spell: MAGE ARMOR
    Scor 5
    bloodline spell Resist Energy
    2 Weapon fighting (Human)
    2 Weapon Defense (Char lev 1)
    sudden silent [meta] (Char lev 3)
    somatic weaponry (Fighter lv 1) -Comp mage pg 47
    Improved 2 wpn fighting (Fighter lv 2)
    Practiced Spellcaster (Char lv 6) Comp arcane pg 82
    Acidic splatter (Char Lev 9) -Comp mage pg 37
    combat casting (Eldrich Knight lev 1)
    craft arms and armor(Char Level 12 ) 
    greater two weapon fighting(Char Level 15 )
    Energy Substitution [meta] pre req: any meta 
          (comp arcane p 79) (Char Level 18 )  
    sudden still [meta]
    Energy Admixture [meta] pre req: Energy Substitution (comp arcane p 79)
    Skill points 124
    18*2 [int] + [[5+8]*4] [rog] + 2*2 [ftr] + 6*2 [scor] + 2*5
       [prc: EK] + 2*5 prc: AC]
    SKILLS:               Ranks Abil misc total
    Appraise  int          +1   +5   --     +6
    Balence  dex          +10   +6   +2    +18
    Climb  str             +5   +6   --    +11 [+2 involving rope]
    Conctr  con           +15   +5   +4    +24 [feat]
    Craft: wps int         +5   +5   --    +10
    Craft: armor int       +5   +5   --    +10
    Disable Dev  int       +5   +5   +2    +12
    Esc Art  dex           +5   +6   --    +11 +2 [involving rope]
    Gath info  cha         +5   +7   +5    +17 [silver thread silk shirt]
    Jump  str              +5   +6   +2    +13
    Know: Arcana  int      +5   +5   +10  +20
    Know: Local  int       +5   +5   --    +10
    Know: Planes Int      +Sp   +5   +10   +15
    Open Locks  dex        +5   +6   +2    +13
    Perception Wis        +15   +6   --    +21
    Ride  dex              +1   +6   --    +7
    Sense Motive  wis      +5   +6   --    +11
    Spellcraft  int        +5   +5   +2    +12
    stealth               +10   +6  +15    +31 [silver thread shirt]
    Swim  str              +1   +6   --    +7
    Tumble  dex            +5   +6   +2    +13
    Use Mag Dev  cha       +5   +7   +5    +17 [silver thread shirt]
    Use Rope  dex          +5   +6   --    +11
    mwk picks : +2 to opn locks and dis dev
    headband: +10 to know planes and arcane
    jump -->    tumble
    Know arcana --> spellcraft
    Know Local --> Gather info
    spellcraft -->  use mag dev
    Escape artist --> use rope checks involving bindings
    Sense Motive --> Diplomacy
    Tumble -->balence, jump
    LANGUAGES: common; dwarvin, elvin, gnome, +2 more
    *Rod of absortion charges:
    *00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000
    **available to be cast:
    **0 levels

    Spell Casting spell description
    SPELLS: spells / day or known = lv 18
    base: Scor 6
     casts spells at: +4 levls from feat, effects only (praticed spell caster);  
     + 4 lv from eldrich knight, effects only
     + 5 levels from Abjurent Champion
     acid spells cast at level 20 
     all others: spells known/per day: level 15
       Casts effects as 19th level
    spells per day:         spells kwn:
    lv 0: unlimited  = u        9
    lv 1: 6 + 2 (ch) = 8        5
    lv 2: 6 + 2 (ch) = 8        5
    lv 3: 6 + 2 (ch) = 8        4
    lv 4: 6 + 1 (ch) = 7        4
    lv 5: 6 + 1 (ch) = 7        4
    lv 6: 6 + 1 (ch) = 7        3
    lv 7: 4 + 1 (ch) = 5        2
    lv 8: 0 + 0 (ch) = 0        0
    lv 9: 0 + 0 (ch) = 0        0
    * denotes spell compendium
    & denotes bonus spells frm scor
    0 level:  
    Acid Splash 
    Detect magic 
    Detect Poison
    Disrupt Undead
    * Electric Jolt 
    Ray of frost
    1st level: 00000 000.,.,.,.,2nd level: 00000 000
    Expeditious retreat        * Body of the Sun
    Feather Fall               dark vision
    * low light vision         Melf's acid arrow 
    magic missile              * Orb of Acid, Lesser
    * Persistent Blade         & Resist energy
    & Mage Armor               spider climb
    3rd level: 00000 000.,.,.,.,4 th level: 00000 00
    * Acid breath               * force missiles
    * Disrupt undead, Gtr       * Orb of Acid
    fireball                     shape stone
    haste                        Stone skin
    5 th level: 00000 00.,.,.,.,6 th level: 00000 00
    Fabricate                   Acid Storm 
    Planar Tolerance            Elemental Body III
    Reciprocal Gyre             Heroism, Greater
    Vitriolic Sphere
    7 th level: 00000 
    Limited Wish <<-----
    Mages Sword 
    Acidic Splatter Feat [Su] (Comp mage pg 37): ranged touch attack + 21
     with a 2nd lev or higher acid spell you can summon a  glob 
    of acid that has a range of 5 ft / lv of highest  spell available 
    and does 1d6 per level of spell  available (at spell level 2 or 
    7th level: banishment
    8 th level:       9 th level:  
    * Form of the Dragon III     Absorption
    Polar Ray                  Shapechange
    EQUIPMENT: budget: 1,000,000
    item                           cost      weight
    +1 stealthy Shirt            73,500 gp    1.0 lb
         of the Jade Dragon
    Rapier, +5, speed, keen     162,320 gp    2.0 lb 
    club, +3, undead bane        32,300 gp    3.0 lb  pkt 2 
    l. bow, mighty +2 comp,      18,600 gp    4.0 lb 
    +3, distance
     %Arrows,+1 *30                 810 gp    3.0 lb  all in QOH
     %Arrows,+2 *20               1,740 gp    2.0 lb  pkt 1/19 in QOH
     %Arrows, +2 *50              4,350 gp    5.0 lb  pkt 1
     %Arrows, +2 x 50             4,350 gp    5.0 lb  pkt 1
     %Arrows, adamentine +2 x 50  7,000 gp    5.0 lb  pkt 1
    dagger, +3, returning x2    100,604 gp    1.0 lb
    %S. Sword +3, spell storing  16,310 gp    2.0 lb 
    total 1 :                      403,634 GP [2765 xp]
    infinite scrollcase  contents:
    % denotes  made by himself
    1. - 5. magic missile cl 9 X 5 1125 gp 6. - 10. fireball cl 10 X 5 3750 gp 11. - 15. lightning bolt cl 10 x 5 3750 gp 16. - 20. acid arrow cl 9 x 5 2250 gp 21. - 25. clairvoy/clairaud cl 5 x 5 1875 gp 26. - 30. remove curse cl 7 x 5 3500 gp 31. - 35. stoneskin cl 7 x 5 3500 gp 36. - 40. Black Tentacles cl 7 x 5 3500 gp 41. - 45. Stone Shape cl 7 x 5 3500 gp 46. Break Enchantment cl 9 1125 gp 47. Dismissal cl 9 1125 gp 48. Fabricate cl 9 1125 gp 49. Tongues cl 5 375 gp 50. empty empty empty total 2 30,450 gp
    rod of absorption 50,000 gp in QOH infinite scroll case 2,800 gp pkt 2 Ring of Protection +3 18,000 gp Body slot: Ring 1 Ring of Sustenance 2,500 gp Body slot: Ring 2 Sepulchral vest 2,000 gp * Body slot: Torso; mic pg 133 Gauntlet's of Ghost touch 4,000 gp * Body slot: Hands; MIC PG Choker of Life Protection 14,000 gp * Body slot: Throat; MIC PG headband of mental superiority 144,000 GP Body slot: head +30,000 gp +6 to int, wis, cha Belt of Physical Perfection 144,000 GP body slot: waist +6 to str, dex, con Heward's Handy Haversack 2,000 gp Quiver of "E" 1,800 gp bag of holding type I 2,500 gp Cloak of resistance +5 25,000 gp Body slot: shoulders bracers natural armor +5 50,000 gp Body slot: arms Boots of striding & springing 5,500 gp Body slot: feet total 3 498,100 gp Potions total 4: 0 gp wands: total 5: 0 gp total 1 403,634 gp total 2 30,450 gp total 3 498,100 gp total 4 0 gp total 5 0 gp spell components 25,447 gp share of chariot 8,300 gp spent so far: 940,484 gp Cash: 3,000 pp held in bag of holding 60 lbs cash invested in contents of bag of holding (type I): 13,816 gp .
    Master list of equipment special features:

    -Bag of holding Type I wt:15 lb cap:250lb [30 ft^3] 
     carrying: 125 lb [15 ft^3] + 60 lb
    -Ring of Sustenance no need for food or  water,
     need 2 hours of sleep for  8 hours of rest
    -Quiver of Ellohanna Always weighs 2 lb
    * Area 51: 60 arrows capacity
       [30] +1 arrows, [28] +2 arrows & [2] +2 adamentine
    * Area 2: 18 javelin capacity
       Holds Rapier, shortsword & Rod of absorb.
    * Area 3: 6 bow capacity
       holds bow 
    -Heward's Handy Haversack 
     weight: 5 lb, item you want is always on top,  no AOO to retrieve items
    * pocket 1 20 lb or 2 ft^3 capacity; designated with:  pkt 1
       holds 15 lbs of arrows
    * pocket 2 80 lb or 8 ft^3 capacity; designated with:  pkt 2
    * pocket 3 20 lb or 2 ft^3 capacity; designated with:  pkt 3
    -Short sword +3, spell storing  (disrupt undead, gtr)
    -Club +3, undead bane: extra +2 and +2d6 dam vs undead 
    -Rapier +5, speed, keen: Doubles critical threat range
    -Shirt of the Jade Dragon: +1 enchantment; shadow and silent gtr 
     [+15 stealth], +3 competence bonus on the wearers Charisma-based checks. 
    -Sepulchral vest +5 Sacred bonus on saves
      vs undead effects for 1 round, 3 times  per day
    -Gauntlets of Ghost Fighting: Ignore miss chance of 
     incorporeal undead, +1d6 dam vs  incorporeal undead
     Magic item comp pg.  216
    -Choker of Life Protection: Negate 3 neg levls per day, 
     +2 Ac vs undead, detect undead at will (for possessing two pieces of 
     set) Magic item comp pg. 216
    -Blessed bandage: immediately stabilize target
    -Boots spring and stride: + 10' movement and 
     +5 competence bonus to jump
    * Intelligent item: headband of  mental superiority [+6 to int, wis, cha]
     * Mental Ability Scores: Two at 19, one at 10     
     * Communication: Speech, telepathy
     * Capabilities: Four lesser powers and three greater powers
     * Senses: 120 ft. darkvision, blindsense, and hearing
     * Base Price Modifier: 20,000 + 10,000
    Lesser powers:
     * 10 ranks in knowledge planes 
     * 10 ranks in knowledge arcane 
     * to be determined by DM Jamal
     * to be determined by DM Jamal
    Greater power:
     * Item can use  dismissal  on a foe 1/day
     * to be determined by DM Jamal
     * to be determined by DM Jamal
    Special purpose
     * to be determined by DM Jamal
    Special purpose power
     * to be determined by DM Jamal
    this might be all that is known [to give dm caveat] to enact, gems must be 
    inserted in blank spots to equal to what is needed to activate power
    This headband was found as part of what was left of the bones and equipment 
    of the defeated Archlich Iredex. It seemed to call to Gerard while the dust of the 
    battle was still settleing. It or rather SHE revealed some of her 
    knowledge to him.
    general gnotes phoar gnau: The holy order of the Dragon Warriors
    "We hunt the things that go bump in the night"
    Born to a prostitute near the docks, he was mostly raised by the madam of the house...she always taught him how to be shrewd, but still with a kindness that she showed to her girls. When his mother was working the streets on night, she ran afoul of some Dormithian slavers who were trying to take her on a more permanent basis, killing her when she resisted fiercely. The madam heard of the incursion and sent her own posse after them with the words, "I'll teach them filthy slavers to keep their thievin' hands off my girls!" This pretty much started an overnight war between Domithians and this one house...he escaped when the fight was brought to his 'home' and as the building burned, he was slipped out the window to the streets to escape far as he knows, he alone survived....
    living off the streets as a youngster means only one occupation: thievery. Food snatching that led to pickpocketing and cutpurses which led to plain street thuggery. He found a gang that dealt in those things, but once again there was competition for territory and before he knew it there was a war going on, where all of his gang were killed or assimilated save him
    ...once again, he alone escaped...
    Still needing to eat, so he started honing his skills in a more refined form of thievery: cat a joint, raid it, sell the stuff and then eat for the first time in a week! that is until he cased the wrong joint...that of the home and temple of Ge' Chen, sorcerer of the dragon blood (read: dragon heritage feats) This kind old man actually caught the young lad sneaking in his home while he had just sat down to a quiet evening of rice and vedgies...he casually and quietly followed him about his house watching how he showed the greatest respect for every thing there, with the exception of the occasionally snatched, easy to sell trinket. As the young Gerard was readying his exit, the ancient master spoke up, asking him what he wanted with the items he had taken. He answered with the only thing that came to mind: the truth. With an audible gulp, he spoke of eating, bathing and maybe some new clothing. The kind old master was wise so he invited him to join him for food at his table. While Gerard ate and talked, the wise old master listened and watched...the boy was showing strange, yet familiar actions...while only a lit candle was all that illuminated the room Gerard was able to see even in the dimmest of light available (low light vision) this was only possible by the talent of a sorcerer like himself. He explained many things to Gerard about what he might have experienced and invited him to stay the night...with the promise that he will let him keep the trinkets taken if he would listen to master Chen in the morning with the audience of one other. the next morning found Gerard Hampton under warm blankets and a roof over his head. a cup of hot tea, warm bath water, soap and clean clothing were in the room as well....the smell of breakfast was just starting to reach his nostrols and that is all it took for him to get moving. tea drank, body washed and clean clothing donned, he walks to the commen room to find master chen and one other (none other then Wyace himself). the old master spoke of in born energies that can be shaped and called forth, that he wanted to help him under stand them and to hone his abilities and at the cost of just learning. Gerard was hooked...friendships were made over time, and he actually saw the old master as his father...over the past year Gerard has now learned how to use those energies, but the old hatred was always just under the surface...the Dormithian slavers would pay someday... Through time Gerard had been doing work for master Chen, every thing from cleaning to running errands. Master Chen has been teaching Gerard the virtues of objectivity and patience. Finally the day came when Master Chen thought the young lad good enough to let in on the secrets of the monastery. He was told of secrets of activity that former students have been doing: hunting down and destroying undead through out the land, using the skills of scorcerous arcane and being able to handle weapons. As they are not part of any temple, they do not draw attention to themselves from the more nasty undead, but still none the less powerful in their own right. Many training missions and actual missions later, Gerard has become a trust worthy opponent to the undead, having gifts bestowed upon him and rescuing may artifacts from the depths of tombs controlled by the undead that he has hunted and destroyed. Keeping his actual work a secret had to have a cover, so he chose the profession of a mild mannered Weaponsmith, working for a loyal Dwarvin smith who calls himself Artemus Jones who was in the know of his actual connections. As part of his discipleship into the secret order of dragon warriors was to design a mundane item of great skill. His shirt is his masterpiece. It is silk, hangs loosely almost to his knees. within the weave are what looks to be draconic scales and on each scale are a myriad of complex arcane symbols. The silk shirt is that of a dark jade color, much like that of the patina of an ancient copper vessel with embroidered symbols of flat black. When in public he always has his rapier and his dagger on hand, and a black silk turbin. General information: escaped the fires of his past and the cold of the lonely nights by the spell Endure elements
    Material components and arcane foci:
    spell component pouch: large chunk of phosphorescent moss Powdered rhubarb leaf adders stomach Focus: A dart. a dried carrot bat guano sulfur licorice root soft clay tiny closed loop of copper wire A tiny glass vial filled with aqua regia (Nitric Acid) white ceramic cone x 2 50 small candels special items (held in pouch 3 of haversack) 2 silvered daggers [w/ scabbards] 42 gp glass sculpture of a humanoid (worth 50 gp). 50 gp granite and diamond dust worth 5000 gp 5,000 gp A flask of acid (10 gp) 00000 00000 00000 150 gp sealed vial of tindertwigs 00000 00000 10 gp sealed vial of water 00000 00000 10 gp sealed vial of earth 00000 00000 10 gp sealed vial of air 00000 00000 10 gp pouch of 1500 gp diamonds 00000 00000 15,000 gp -1 [lim wish] miniature platinum sword with a grip and pommel of copper and zinc x 2 500 gp a pouch of dragon scales (copper 00000 00000 00000) 1,500 gp sunstone, powdered 10 gp 00000 00000 00000 150 gp tinder twigs 00000 00000 00000 15 gp jade circlet worth 1,500 gp X 2 3,000 gp total 25,447 gp
    magical mystycal bag of equipment holding sack
    Type B: Magical: This can take the form of a Hewards Handy Haversack or Bag of Holding. It's carrying capacity is halved. It works like a nonmagical Bag of Random Stuff, but there is no price limit to the gear that can be pulled out (Provided it is not magical). Any 'special' gear (Special/Alchemical substances/items, Special materials, etc) costs twice as much. (IE an Adamantine Battleaxe would cost 6020 to pull out of the bag, or alchemist's fire for 40gp. ) Cost: Base bag + amount inside.
    tall and deceptively slender balding head, grizzled face; 4 slashing scars on his left cheek from a solid hit by a ghast. Facial hair is worn as a pointed Goatee and pencil thin mustache, the color of the darkest coal. His skin is strangely pale, like one who spends too much time in tunnels and caves. His eyes are a bright light brown. He appears to be in his late 20s despite the balding pate. A band of oxidized silver is upon his brow, inset with blue diamonds, even a few sets appear to be gem-less. His shirt appears to be made of silk an a black metal thread, arcane symbols embossed within. The appearance of the shirt appears to be that of regal leadership, but with colors that are subdues, better for stealthy movement, perhaps. there seems to be an odd earthy presence, such as rich loam after being disturbed by a plow.
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    Block Binder Fred


    Ur of Greenhill (Monk 11, Psychic Fist 9)

    Ur of Greenhill, as he stood in the Eternal Empire

    (The rune on his forehead was edited by the Empire's artist into the somewhat similar chinese character for "Dragon" (). In reality, it's actually the Celestial rune for "Thunderer", one of Thor's numerous holy names. The tree stands for Deep Roots, Stability and Regeneration. The kneepads stand for coolness, and were taken off Iridex's main undead lieutenant. )

    Rough Background
    So from VV's background we have his goblinoids and dwarf alliance (does it have a name VV?).

    There is also the "cattle kingdom", let's call it Rauland, which means The Green Place. It's your classical multi-species PC country (Human, elves, halflings, etc) -- not coincidentally since this is where most of the PC's come from and where Gerard's home city, the country's capital, is set (though probably on the other side of the country from the cattles of VV's description). Name for the city Scott? Rauland is protected on two sides by the previosuly mentionned dwarven mountain ranges, and faces the gulf of Ploohy on the other.

    We also have an evil/adversarial "Draught casting" country which I'm suggesting we call Kadrath. Kadrath borders Rauland to the west and is/was in fact a relatively recently (less than a 100 years) acquired principality of the greater Queendom of Dormith - source of the "Dormithian slavers" of Scott's background, don't you know - whose capital and main holdings reside on the other side of the ocean from Rauland.

    I had this prepared from another game, so we might as well use it for Dormith if you guys want (?).

    Greater queendom of Dormith
    The greater queendom of Dormith is a multicultural/multi-ethnic grouping of principalities set on the western shores of the home continent. Long ago, mighty dragonborn warriors set out from their cliff-side forts and conquered fearsome tribes of halfing, orcs, elves, goblins, dwarves, trolls, isolated kalashtar enclaves and tribes of smaller giants, unifying them, stiring them throughout the young empire as needed, giving them "civilization". Those were the Conquering Ages of Dormith, which were followed by the Age of Consolidation (also known as the Flowering Age), the Age of Internal Strife and, finally, the current Emerging Age of local, and then worldwide expantion.

    Dragonborn rule Dormith to this day. During the ages they have grown in absolute number but diminshed in overall percentage, so that while they *are* the only nobility, the sum-total of actual land owners (as opposed to tenants or long term leasers) AND the highest ranked military officiers, the entirety of lower ranks in their armies is in fact composed of other races, as are the increasingly wealthy merchant and crafter classes. In terms of organization, each significant agglomaration is ruled/administered by a dragonborn Mayor and his clutch, who answers to one of the thirteen regional Duke (usually also the Mayor of the regional capital) who in term answers to the Queen (also the Mayor of the capital city). Queendom rulers, mostly female with rare exceptions, are usually combat arcanists, able to wield the Orb of Chaos, the queendom's iconic and most devastating artifact.

    And, yes, *of course* they use dragons and earth drakes as war mounts.

    Dorith has taken over Kadrath completely, putting in place their own dragonborn leadership-based system and begining massive public works programs to bring the "backwards" country up to the Queendom's standards: aqueducs, public offices, barracks, stadiums, roads, lots and lots of roads. This has of course driven the demand for cheap labor (read slaves) through the roof! Hence the now prevalent "Dorithian" slavers.

    This is where my character comes in: Ur of Greenhill, adept of the closed fist, master of the empty hand. I'm seeing his as a hill dwarf masson/stonecutter (Rocky hills. He can see them in his dreams, covered in abundant grass, sharp peaks of snow and mist looming in the background. Next to him is his family's house, low to the ground as befit a dwarven dwelling, its sloped timber roof rising to a far-away point. He can almost touch the gritty texture of the field stones piled halfway up the ground-floor and smell the smell of the sheep, already in their wooden enclosure for the night...).

    Then comes the raid (while travelling to a nearby town?) and then semingly endless slavery on the work crews of Kardrath (Slavery's manacled jaws slavering in endless hunger. Pitiless blades shaving at his soul, unrelanting weights ground round and round till somehow the grinding became polish, the blades stopped cutting and began to carve. Ur is now a believer, as was his father before him and his mother's grandfather. But those believers frown on his faith for in this he did not follow the path of his ancestors. Prompted by his teachers in faith, slaves like him, he choose the teachings of Brohym over more ancient wisdom. Choose personal perfection over the gift of oneself, the shaping of chaos instead of its eradication.)

    Then, and I haven't had time to write this bit in any details yet, but then Ur was freed by the adventuring party. He was a little nuts at this point, frankly, having integrated the basic tenets of slavery into a near insane drive to give of himself until there was nothing left. He therefore latched onto the main protagonist of his rescue and proceeded to *serve* him or her with a vengeance (I would *love* for one of the other PC to volonteer for this role <pretty please?>; strong and instant connections, always good storytelling tools... If not, it can always be an ex-member, either deceased or retired <sigh>). He's loosened up a lot since then, thanks in no small part to the friendships he's formed in the company and the guidance/patience/kicks in the butt of him or her that freed him ("Twice now," as he's won't to say).

    Then Ur adventures with the party until the "Draught" adventure rolls along, at which point Tutek joins up as well. The en- I mean <drum roll, please>: THE BEGINING.
    Power Explanation
    Ur's powers come from prolionged and intense training to harden body and soul - all in a single-minded quest to sublimate his very self for others - and in his mastery of the Rumbling Stone Fist Avalanche style. Most recently, he has become able to harness his own inner spirit and burn it on the altar of his will, producing amazing, almost supernatural feats of agility and power.


    * Bones of the Mountain: his now incredibly resilient system (immunity to poison and disease) allows him to go for weeks without food or drink (Sustenance). His wounds heal at an almost unbelievable rate (Monk healing plus Body Adjustment). His stocky frame can absorb impacts that would outright kill lesser men (Slow Fall, Catfall, AC bonus).

    * Rumbling Stone Fist Avalanche style: Strike fast, strike hard, strike often. Rumbling charges from above (Fast Movement, Hustle, Lion's Charge, Battle Jumper), repeated hard impacts (Flurry of Blows, Ki Strike) that bowl your opponents over (Improved Trip, Knockback) and bury them alive, such is the way of the rolling stones, a style he pieced together from many a fight and many a master -- chief amongst them the Galeb Duhr known only as Shi (who somehow, long ago became a living part of the now crumbling Sounding Wall that once surrounded the ancient country of western Alsion (now a rugged but mostly re-settled corner of Rauland). The party - Ur mostly - has taken on the titanic task of repairing the wall to help keep out - well, mostly Tutek's people, actually ).

    * Altar of the Will: Most of what he's learned he's pieced together from his readings (with the help of Shayuri's character?) of the steel-etched teachings of the human mystic/hermit/prophetess Corianna Alderan, which some say was the earthly envelope of Zann, the demi-God/Goddess of intelligence and self-learning, before he/she ascended (the tiny book was found laying on a coffee table in the rather eclectic and bizarre mountain-top lair of a mad vampire lord). Attempts to track down her true disciples have so far proved fruitless (though it did lead him to uncover a brainwashing attempt on the King's second son by a sect (falsely) claiming Zann's direct ascendance, which was, somewhat messily, put down by the party as a whole -- earning them the enmity of the abomination-worshipping Sons of the Beneath!)

    Most of what he's been able to achieve has therefore, almost inevitably given the nature of this particular demi-God/Goddess, been an amplification of what he can already do, what he already is. Using his need to defend, to keep harm from his friends, and turn it into the actual borrowing of their hurt, their pain, so that he can heal *for* them! Using a dwarf's innate stability to self-anchor most of his weight -- so that even the thinnest fabric, the slightest twig floating on water is enough to support him (Body Equilibrium). Combine this last with a dwarf's love of stone, and bounding up vertical surfaces and across rumble strewed battlefields became a snap -- surfaces almost furnishing footholds of their own volition! The most extreme of his new abilities is the Absolute Earthquake Strike™, where the power of a single ground strike becomes all that it can be and spreads out in all direction like a tectonic *wave* of destruction 80 feet wide! (Energy Burst)

    (He is less comfortable with the origin of his rather spectacular ability to grow two sizes larger, which came to him in a fit of rage while the group was fighting armored ogres ridding even more heavily armored dire bears in the frozen wastes below the South Peak Glaciers -- whether it be childish dreams of being a giant, some short-race complex he hadn't been conscious of before, or perhaps even some hidden (repressed?) part of him that wants to stand out/be admired? It's... rather troubling to even think about it...)

    Resilience, the watchful silence of stone, a few words that tell much, the gift of one's self, such was Ur of Greenhill. And such is Ur still.
    Full stats
    Ur of Greenhill, Dwarven Monk 11/Psionic Fist 9
    Stats		Points	    Leveling+Manuals     Misc
    Str	18/24	8		          +4 vs Bull Rush or Trip
    Dex	18/22	6	    1+1	
    Con	18	4+2 Racial  2
    Int	14	4		
    Wis	20/24	8	    2	
    Cha	8	0-2 racial		
    HP	200	(Dead at -19, +20Hp/Hour (Earring of Regeneration))
    AC	37	(10 + 6Dex + 7Wis + 4Monk + 3armor Torc +3natural Torc +4deflection Torc) +4 vs Giants
    Move	80'	
    Power Points  86 (77 + 9 with Belt)
    Ini	+10 (4dex, 4Torc, 2 belt)
    Fort	14/19	+2 Spells, +4 Suffocation, Immune to Poison and Disease
    Ref	17/24	+2 Spells, Improved evasion
    Will	18/25	+2 Spells, +2 Enchantments
    Skills				Skill points	Rank	Stat Bonus	Other bonus	Total	
    Appraise (Stone or metal, Int)		0	2	4	6	
    Auto-Hypnosis (Wis)			11	11	7	2	20	
    Balance (Dex)				12	12	6	2	20	
    Concentration (Con)			16	16	4		20	
    Handle Animal (CC, Cha)			2	1	-1		0	
    Jump (Str)				16	16	7	2	25	Jump (+20 at 80' speed, +25 Jump Skill): 45 -> Long Jump 55 feet on a 10, High Jump 13 feet
    Perception (Wis)			19	19	7		26	
    Search (Int)					2	2	4	+2 Secret doors
    Stealth (Dex)				24	24	6		30	
    Tumble (Dex)				17	17	6	2	25	
    Craft (Stonecutter/Stonemason, Int)	11	11	2	2	15	
    Know (Religion, Int)			8	8	2		10	
    Know (CC, Arc&Enginering, Int)		2	1	2	2	5	
    Languages: Common, Dwarven, Giantish,  some Celestial																			
    Source	Level gained	Description
    Monk	1	AC Bonus (Ex): A monk can add his Wis modifier to his AC and gains an extra +1/5 level if unarmoredf and unencumbered. This bonus applies to Touch attacks and remains in effect when the monk is flat-footed.
    Monk	1	Unarmed strike: If unarmored, the monk's unarmed attacks count as armed. Can choose to do subdual damage at no penalty. Count as both natural and manufactured weapons.
    Monk	1	Flurry of Blows (Ex): As a full Attack action, the monk may make an extra attack at his highest BAB (2 attacks from 11th level onwards).
    Monk	1	Improved Bull Rush: Bull rush does not provoke AoO from the defender. +4 bonus on the opposed Strength check. (Taken instead of Improved Grapple with Jemal's permission)
    Monk	2	Evasion: No damage on successful Reflex saves for half damage. Light or no armor, not Helpless.
    Monk	2	Combat Reflexes: You may make a number of additional attacks of opportunity equal to your Dexterity bonus. You may also make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed. 
    Monk	3	Fast Movement (Ex): No armor and a Light load maximum. Else revert to 20' base dwarven movement.
    Monk	3	Still Mind (Ex): +2 save vs all Enchantments.
    Monk	4	Ki Strike (Su): Unarmed strikes considered magic weapons, then Lawful at 10th level.
    Monk	4	Slow Fall (Ex): If within arm's reach of a surface, substract that total from any fall.
    Monk	5	Purity of Body (Ex): Immunity to natural diseases.
    Monk	6	Improved Trip: Trip attempts do not provoke AoO. +4 to strength check to Trip. Free melee attack on successful Trip. (Prone: -4 AC and ToHit, standing up provokes AoO)
    Monk	7	Wholeness of Body (Su): Can Heal Monk Level X 2 HP per day as a standard action. HPs can be spread out into more than one use. 22 HP max at 11th level.
    Monk	9	Improved Evasion (Ex): Half damage on failed Reflex saves for half damage. Not Helpless.
    Monk	11	Diamond Body (Su): Immunity to all poisons.
    Psionic Fist	12	Psionic casting (EPH):  A Psionic Fist can manifest any power that has a power point cost equal to or lower than his manifester level. The Difficulty Class for saving throws against Psionic Fist powers is 10 + the power’s level + the Psionic Fist’s Wisdom modifier. To learn or manifest a power, a Psionic Fist must have a Wisdom score of at least 10 + the power’s level. 
    Psionic Fist	12	Monk Abilities (EPH): A Psionic Fist’s class levels stack with his monk levels for the purpose of determining his unarmed damage and bonuses to Armor Class and unarmored speed. His class levels do not apply to other monk abilities such as flurry of blows, slow fall, and so on. 
    Psionic Fist	16	Expanded Knowledge (EPH): Energy Burst: Add a power of a level you can manifest to your list of powers known, can come from any power lists. Must be at least 3rd level manifester.
    Level	1	Power Attack: Up to +Base attack to damage for -that amount to the Tohit.
    Level	3	Battle Jumper (UEast): Initiate a charge by dropping 5 to 30' on opponent, then either X2 Dam, or Trip +1 Size or Grapple +1 size. Jump check DC 15 or  you fall prone. Jemal added: Cannot add damage multiplier (save crit), cannot Power Attack.
    Level	6	Improved Natural Weapon (Unarmed): Treat weapon as one size category larger. Must have BAB +4.
    Level	9	Wild Talent: As a psionic character, you gain a reserve of 2 power points and can take psionic feats, metapsionic feats, and psionic Item Creation feats.
    Level	12	Up the Wall [Psionic]: When psionically focused, can move up walls during single move action.
    Level	15	Shock Trooper (CW): On succ Bull Rush, move foe left or right as well as back; if push into same square as another, both suffer a free Trip attack. Must Have power Attack, Improved Bull rush, +6 BaB.
    Level	18	Knock Back (RoS): Free Bull rush on successful Power Attack. Must have Power Attack, improved Bull Rush, Size Large or larger. 
    Powers (9 powers of 5th level or lower)	
    1	Expansion (1st, EPH, D): 1 Standard, Personal, 1r/L, Large (1PP), Huge (7PP), Swift (+6PP), 1min/L(+2PP).
    2	Catfall (1st, EPH): Immediate action, Personal, land on your feet and -10' fallen/1PP
    3	Psionic Lion's Charge (2nd, EPH): Swift, Personal, Can make a full attack after a charge (3PP), +1dam/1PP.
    4	Hustle (2nd, EPH): Swift, Personal, 1 Extra move action this round (3PP)
    5	Empathic Transfer (2nd, EPH): Standard, Touch, Tranfer 2d10 HP of dam (3PP) + 2d10/1PP. Also poison, disease and Ability Damage.
    6	Body Adjustment (2nd, EPH): 1round,  Personal, +1d12 HP (3PP) + 1d12/2PP
    7	Psionic freedom of movement (4th, EPH): 1 Standard, Personal, 10min/L, as spell of same name (7 PP).
    8	Body Equilibrium (2nd, EPH): 1 standard, Personal, 10 min/L, Walk on any surface (3PP) Running makes you sink.
    9	Sustenance (2nd, EPH): Standard, instantaneous, No need to drink or eat for one day (3PP)
    EK	Energy Burst (3rd L Psion, EPH): 1 Standard, 40' Burst,  5d6 dam with either +1 dam, +1 dam&Fort save, -1 dam&ignore Hardness or +2 save DC&+2 Power resistance (5PP) + 1d6/PP (+1 DC for every 2PP invested), Reflex save for half.
    Body Slots
    Head	Earring of Regeneration (Left ear)	Small golden hoop with the tiny words "Come back. M.V." engraved within in dwarvish
    Eye	Goggles of True Sight	Leather goggles with brass fittings and diamond lenses of the palest blue. Ususally worn on his forehead.
    Neck	Torc of the Dragon Scales	Golden-red scaled torc with dragon heads as the two balls .
    Neck Empowered Spell Shard	On its own silver chain
    Vest	Chains of Resistance	Heavy chains with a hand-sized metal shield where they cross across his chest and back. 
    Belt	Belt of Divine Prayer	Simple rope belt with knotted ends. Woven with the hair of the faithfull.
    Bracer	Bracers of Mighty Fists	Leather bracers with simple gold fittings at top and bottom. The leather is abundantly illustrated with graven images of mighty battles with giant-kin.
    Gloves	Gloves of Dexterity	Tough fingerless leather gloves
    Ring, right	Ring of Metal and Stone	Smooth adamantium ring with softly waving lines in high relief. 
    Ring, right	Ring of Returning	Glassy silver ring with a mirror finish
    Boots	Anklets of Freedom	Shaped like slim iron manacles with one broken link still attached to each
    Full List
    Cost (k$)	
    135	Earring/Ring of Regeneration (inapropriate slot X1.5) [+20 HP/h]
    109	Goggles of True Seeing (Ring of True Seeing, CL 10, 30 min/day, Standard to activate, 54K), Power Sight (20CL, Infinite, Swift action to activate, 36K) and Blindfold of True Darkness (Blindsight 30', immune to Gazes, Standard to activate/put on, 9K)
    99.5	Torc/Bracers of armor +3 (MIC, 22K), Natural Armor +3 (18K) and Protection +4 (Deflection bonus, 32K), +4 competence on ini (5K, Jemal)
    9	Empowered Spellshard (Energy Burst) (MIC, 6K)
    25	Chains/Cloak of Resistance +5 to all saving throws
    68	Belt of Divine Prayer/ ring of str +6 (36k) and Wisdom +4 (16k, inapropriate slot X1.5)
    150	Bracers/Amulet of Mighty Fists +5 (Enhancement Tohit and Damage)
    37	Gloves of Dexterity +4 and Titan's Grip (+8 Grapple, 14k)
    192	Ring of Metal and Stone (Ring of Earth Glide 15min 3/day (RoS, 144k), +1 Gauntlet of Metaline (MIC, +2) Sundering (MIC, +1) (32k)) [Glide through rock and soil like an earth elemental;Improved Sunder +1d6 dam; Command word gives unarmed attack the Silver, Adamantine (present setting) or Cold Iron property]
    113.28	Ring of Returning (Ring of  Spell turning (98.28K), Gloves of Arrow Snaring, Greater (10K)) [9 Levels of spells, 3/day; Snatch arrow Feat 5/d] UR's POWER ITEM!
    3.4	Anklets/Boots of Freedom (Agile Leaping (MIC, 0.6K) and Jumping (MIC 2.5K)) [10 rounds of Haste per Day; Can stand up from prone as a Swift action that does not provoke; Only need 10' of running start, 3 Charges/d each granting +10 to next Jump check]
    2.5	Beltpouch of Random Stuff (Bag of Holding I) [Weight 15 lbs, can store 125 lbs and 30 cubic feet.]
    	In Bag of Holding section of Beltpouch (Right belt):
    0.5	Magic Bedroll (MIC) [Endure elements and regain 1 HP/L upon waking]
            Raven's metal vase (With Ur's subtle hand print on it)
    1.27	      In Random Stuff section of Beltpouch
    	On Belt:
    10	Immovable Rods X2 (5K each, for swinging "flight")
    7.25	Bottle of Air [Standard action to breathe and then can hold breath]
    1.5	Diary of CorAl/Tome of Wordly Memory (MIC) in leather holster and tied with a silvered chain to belt [1 min, +5 to Know 3/day, Standard if Rank 5 or higher]
    27.5	Manuel of Dex+1
    8.3	My Share of the Charriot of the Clouds
    Quick stat block
    Current Conditions: Freedom of Movement, Body Equilibrium, True Sight
    AC: 37 (Arrow Snarring 5/5, Spell Returning 3/3 [Ring]), Large 36, Huge 35 (add +4 Cover)
    HP: 200/200 (Regeneration 20 Hp/H [Earring])
    PP: 70/86
    Ini: +10, Large +9, Huge +8
    Reach: 5', Large 10', Huge 15'
    Psionic focus: Focused

    Fort 14/19 +2 Spells, +4 Suffocation, Immune to Poison and Disease
    Ref 17/24 (add +4 Cover) +2 Spells, Improved evasion, -1 Large, -2 Huge, +1 if Hasted
    Will 18/25 +2 Spells, +2 Enchantments

    ToHit melee: (14/9/4 BAB), 26/21/15 with belt and bracers, 26/26/26/21/15 with Flurry
    Damage unharmed: 4d8+12 (4 str, 3 belt, 5 bracers), Large 6d8+13, Huge 8d8+14 (Magical, Lawful, Adamantine [Ring])
    Attack Options: Subdual, ST Knockback, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Trip(+17), Improved Sunder [Ring], Jumping Charge, Power Attack, Grapple(+31)
    Defense Options: Up to 6 AoO per round, Slow Fall 50'

    Move: 80' (Up walls if Focused, Stand up from prone as Free with no AoO [Anklets])
    Jump: 45+1d20' (Only need 10' run up [Anklets], +10 to jump check 3/3 [Anklets])
    Carry: Light 233, Medium 466, Heavy 700 (Lift X2, Drag X5, Large X2, Huge X4).

    Powers From Items:
    - True Sight 29min/30min, standard to activate [Goggles]
    - Power Sight at will, Quick action [Goggles]
    - Blingsight at will, standard to activate [Goggles]
    - Earth Glide, standard to activate 15min 3/3 [Ring]
    - +8 Grapple, 3/3 [Gloves]
    - Empower Energy Burst (X1.5), Free action 3/3 [Shard]
    - +5 Knowledge Skill, 1 min or Standard if at least 5 ranks 3/3 [Tome]
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    Sorry with the late posting. Hope i'm not intruding. As a said earlier I'd like to play a character from one of Jemals earlier games.


    13 rogue, 1 cleric, 1 sorc, 2 fighter, 2 unseen seer, 1 shadowdancer
    Str 28/34/42 (18 +5 book +6 divine power, +5 level +8 Rightious might)
    dex 28 (17 +5 book, +6 item)
    con 16/20 (10 +6 item +4 Rightious might)
    int 16 (16)
    wis 14 (12 +2 item)
    cha 28 (17 +5 book +6 item)

    Hp 159 (+15DP)
    Hp 199 (+15DP)(RM)
    Ac 29 (10 + 7 armour +6 dex +3 ring +3 NaC) +1 dodge Medium fort Ac33 (+4 spell sense) vs spells
    Ac 29 (10 + 7 armour +6 dex +3 ring +4 NaC -1 size RM) +1 dodge Medium fort Ac33 (+4 spell sense) vs spells

    fort 17/19 ( 9 +3/5(RM) con,+5 item)
    Ref 24 ( 10 +9 dex+5 item)
    will 18/16 vs fear ( 11 +2 will+5 item)( -2 vs fear craven)

    BAB 12/20(DP)
    attack 26(12bab +12 str +1 weapon focus, +1 weapon)
    damage 1d6+19 +9d6+20 +2str damage sneak
    Rigtious Might 1d8+27 +9d6+20 +2str damage sneak
    Attack opptions: crippling strike, power attack(-11/+22, -20/+40DP), spring attack/bounding assult, merciful(+1d6 and nonleathal)
    attacks +25/+20/+15 or +25/+20 spring attack/bounding assult
    Divine power +34/+29/+24/+19 or +34/+29/+24 spring attack/bounding assult/rapid blitz
    Rightious Might +38/+33/+28/+23 or +38/+33/+28 spring attack/bounding assult/rapid blitz
    Init +11

    H dodge
    1 mobility
    3 combat reflexes
    D weapon focus (Quarterstaff)
    D extra followers(heros of battle)/landlord(stronghold builders guide)
    6 leadership
    S eschew materials
    9 spring attack
    12 savy rogue (complete Scoundral)
    15 craven (champions of ruin)
    18 power attack
    F bounding assult(Players Handbook 2)
    F Rapid Blitz(only with divine power)(Players Handbook 2)
    B silent spell

    class features
    Sneak attack 8d6
    spell sense +4 (complete Mage)
    improved uncanny dodge
    crippling strike (effects immune to sneak)
    turning 12/day
    domains Raven and war
    Blood line(destined)
    Bloodline arcana (+spell level to saves as luck from spells with personal target for 1 round)
    Touch of destiny: +1 insight to D20 rolls for 1 round. standard, touch, 12/day
    Skill mastery (take 12)
    hide in plain sight

    total (ranks mod other)* denotes skill mastery 246
    Stealth 47 (23 +9dex +15 armour)*59
    preform (dance) 14 (5 +9cha)
    Escape artist 23 (7+9dex+ 7 freedom of movement)
    search 26 (23 +3 int) *38
    sense motive 7 (5 +2wis)
    spell craft 8 (5 +3 int)
    Perception 30 (23 +2 wis +5 item) *42
    tumble 32 (23 +9dex) *44
    bluff 32 (23 +9 cha) *44
    disable device 20 (15+ 3 int +2 item)
    open lock 20 (15 +3int +2 item)
    profession merchent 10 (8+2 wis)
    slight of hand 34/39 (23 +9 dex +2 synergy +5 competence with metal items) *46/51
    Use magic device 18/20 (9 +9 cha /+2 scrolls synergy)
    jump 19 (+12 str +5 item +2 synergy)
    Planes 26 (23+3 int)
    local 19 (16+3 int)

    Common, thieves' cant, Undercommon, Draconic

    Raven's loft

    This is the headquarters of Black Feather Trading, Darrian's trading guild situated in the Bazaar. It is a Spralling complex of 1 story buildings more like a village then a strong hold, most of the space is taken up by living quarters for his employees.
    Land lord allowence 800,000gp
    306 spaces
    5 Auditorium, fancy (10,000, 5ss)
    2 alchemical labatory, fancy (2 alchemist, 6,000gp, 2ss)
    10 bath, basics (4,000gp, 5ss)
    10 baths fancy (20,000gp, 10ss)
    1 bath, luxury (1 servent, 1 valet, 10,000gp, 2ss)
    10 bed room suite, basic (8,000, 10ss)
    1 bed room suite, fancy (5,000, 1ss)
    135 bedrooms basic (94,500gp, 135ss)
    27 bedrooms, fancy (108,000 27ss)
    2 Chapels, fancy (2 acolyte, 12,00gp, 4 ss)
    2 common rooms, fancy (6,000, 2ss)
    10 court yard fancy (60,000 gp, 10ss)
    5 court yard, luxury (5 servents 150,000gp, 5ss)
    10 dining hall fancy (10 servants, 120,000, 20ss)
    1 kitchen fancy (2 cooks, 12,000gp, 1ss) *luxury tavern
    1 kitchen luxury (6 cooks, 50,000, 2ss) *dinning hall
    10 library, fancy (30,000gp, 10ss)
    10 comprehensive book lots (50,000gp no discounts)
    2 magic labatory, fancy (2 apprentice, 6,000gp, 1ss)
    4 office fancy (10,000gp, 4ss)
    5 shop, basic (5 clerks, 2,000Gp, 5ss)
    1 shop, luxury (2 clerks, 6 guards, 16,000gp, 1ss)
    2 smithy, fancy (2 smith, 4,000gp, 5ss)
    10 storage basic (2,500gp, 10ss)
    3 taverns, fancy (9 servants, 12,000gp, 3ss)
    1 tavern, luxury (4 servents, 20,000gp, 1ss) attached
    1 throne room,fancy (4 servants, 12,000gp, 1ss)
    1 training area, rogue (2,000, 1ss)
    1 training area, combat (1,000gp 1ss)
    1 trophy hall, fancy (3 guard, 6,000Gp, 1ss)
    5 workplace, fancy (10,000gp, 5ss)
    17 "river"(moat)
    doors 300gp
    temperate plains in metropolis +5%
    Spell casting discounts
    Wall of stone(16th level) free stone walls
    stone shape: -5% per space with stone walls
    move earth:-3% per ground floor space, free moats
    Fabricate:-50% luxury, -20% fancy, -5% other
    Labour: ...leadership.... -5%
    stronghold cost 560,000
    Magical extras
    decanter of endless water 9,000gp
    everfull larder 15,000gp
    Hall of speech 4,000gp (throne room)
    inscriptions of vacancy x2 45,000gp (throne room, Darrian's room)
    maps of guidance x2 36,000gp
    Platform of jaunting, greater 76,500gp (greater teleport)
    platform of healing 30,000gp (heal)
    Mirror of mental prowness 175,000
    table of feasting 43,200gp
    table of freshness x2 6,000gp
    extra 439,700gp
    total 1,000,000gp
    out of pocket 100,000

    Raven's domain

    The orignal Raven's finest feat of stealth, cunning and trickery was the theft of a bit of the divine. Instead of keeping it for himself he crafted it into a domain that is only accessible to his bloodline. It is assumed at the same time that one is granted the family fortune.
    Granted power: Extra followers and landlord feats
    1st: undetectable alignment
    Ya the Raven's never found the second spell they're not all that devout. Most never get the first to begin with. Have spoken to DM already.


    270 1st
    26 2nd
    14 3rd
    8 4th
    4 5th
    4 6th
    cost to feed good meal 5 sp/day= 1,141gp week
    70 first level followers run the loft.(no wage/no profit)
    200 first level in various professions/crafts. +10 check (4 ranks 1 stat, 3 skill focus): 2000gp/week
    26 second level in various professions/crafts. +11 check (5 ranks) 273gp/week
    14 third level in various professions/crafts. +14 check (6 ranks +2 misc(synergy/skill feats)) 168gp/week
    8 fourth level in various professions/crafts. +16 check (7 ranks, +2 stat, +2 misc(synergy/skill feats)) 104gp/week
    4 fith level, Master cook, Master smith, Master ..."information specalist", Master scribe +18~(see stats) 56gp/week
    4 sixth level performers. perform +20 (9 ranks +2 stat, +5 feat, +2 competence, +2 circumstance(see stats)) 300gp/week
    Net profit: 1,760gp/week


    +5 str 137,500
    +5 dex 137,500
    +5 cha 137,500
    boots striding and springing 5,500
    +6 gloves dex 36,000
    +6 vest of con 18,000 *crafted: 1440
    +2 headband of wis 4,000
    +3 ring of protection 18,000
    +3 amulet of natural armour 18,000
    +6 cloak of cha 18,000 *crafted: 1440
    bracers of resistance +5 25,000
    scarab of golem bane 2,500
    handy haversack 2,000
    Wand of Force Orb 40,000 cl10 10d6 force damage
    masterwork thieves tools 100
    +2 medium fort twilight mithral shirt of greater silent shadows 112,100
    +1 transmuting merciful quarterstaff of deadly precision 25,300 *Crafted:2000 exp
    Staff of righteous might and quickened divine power 132,187.5* same staff
    ring of freedom of movement 20,000 *crafted 1600 exp
    +5 glasses of perception 6,250
    Filcher's ring 2,500
    Strong hold 100,000gp
    Unspent gold 9,562.5


    It takes me about 1 1/4 hours each day for my spells. 1 hour for my cleric spells, 1/4 for my sorc
    1 per day
    Sorc spells
    Known 0: sonic snap, caltrops, prestidigitation, detect magic, arcane mark
    1: Golem strike, benign transposition, vine strike, feather fall
    spells per day 0:6
    Cleric spells
    0:read magic, mending, light
    1: Grave strikex2, D undetectable alignment

    Darrian's cohort, William "Old Man" Elsmer, a crafter and busness man he stays at Raven's Loft and looks after the guild. He's a 17th level wizard who has served the family since the original Raven saved his life. He crafted all Darrian's crafted items. More to come.


    A young man possibly in his early 20's no more then mid at most. On the slim side, he's classically handsome with a friendly grin. When he's got his public face on. Should you catch him unaware, his eyes, steel grey, dart around when no one is watching. His posture changes, a slight cringe, always ready to dart away. He seems haunted by something. His hair, black and straight, is tied back out of the way. His skin a very pale shade of white, as one that stays out of the sun. His clothing, while fine and made from quality materials, are somber shades. Subtle differences in color put the whole thing a little off.
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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    Not COMPLETELY done, but super duper close!

    Mei Ying
    Human Monk 1 / Celestial Sorceror 18
    Lawful Good

    Str 10
    Dex 18 (24 full boost, 28 w/tome)
    Con 16 (22 full boost)
    Int 12
    Wis 16 (22 full boost, 26 w/tome)
    Cha 18 (29 full boost, 33 w/tome)

    AC 45 (37 touch) (10 + 9 dex + 11 cha + 5 deflection + 8 armor +2 luck)
    HP: 212
    Init: +9
    BAB +9 (+17 finesse, +19 ranged)
    Fort +21 (+8 +6 con +5 resist +2 luck)
    Ref +24 (+8 +9 dex + 5 resist +2 luck)
    Will +30 (+15 +8 wis + 5 resist +2 luck)

    Bonus skill points
    Bonus feat

    1st level monk
    bonus feat: Stunning Fist (4/day, DC 27)
    Improved Unarmed attack: 1d6 unarmed dmg
    Flurry of blows (2 atks, -2 to hit with each)

    18th level sorceror, Celestial Bloodline
    Eschew Materials
    Class skill: Heal
    2 Bonus feats selected from:
    - Dodge, Extend Spell, Iron Will, Mobility, Mounted Combat, Ride By, Skill Focus: Knowledge Religion, Weapon finesse
    Arcana: Summons gain 1/2lvl DR/evil
    Bloodline Powers
    - Heavenly Fire: 1d4+9 holy dmg to evil/healing to good, 14/day
    - Resist Acid/Cold 10
    - Wings of Heaven: Fly 60 Good 18min/day in 1min increments.
    - Conviction: Reroll ability check, atk roll, skill check or saving throw 1/day

    Skills (24monk, 72sorc)
    Concentration +28 (22 ranks + 6 con)
    Diplomacy +15 (4 ranks + 11 cha)
    Heal +14 (6 ranks + 8 wis)
    Knowledge Arcana +23 (22 ranks + 1 int)
    Knowledge Religion +3 (2 ranks + 1 int)
    Perception +12 (4 ranks + 8 wis)
    Sense Motive +10 (2 ranks + 8 wis)
    Spellcraft +25 (22 ranks + 1 int + 2 synergy)
    Tumble +13 (4 ranks + 9 dex)
    Use Magic Device +19 (8 ranks + 11 cha)

    b Eschew Materials
    b Point Blank Shot
    mb Stunning Fist (4/day, DC 27)
    1 Precise Shot
    3 Spell Focus: Transmutation
    6 Ascetic Mage
    b Weapon Finesse
    9 Empower Spell
    12 Spell Penetration
    b Iron Will
    15 Greater Spell Focus: Transmutation
    18 Heighten Spell

    Base DC 21, caster level Sorc 18 (CL22 vs Spell Resistance)
    6 slots all, 5 8th, 3 9th
    0 Detect Magic, Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Prestidigitation, Electric Jolt, Detect Poison
    1 True Strike, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Shield, Grease, Bless
    2 Dimension Hop, Alter Self, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Glitterdust, Resist Energy
    3 Displacement, Phantom Steed, Suggestion, Slow, Magic Circle v Evil
    4 Orb of Force, Ennervation, Dimensional Anchor, Resilient Sphere, Remove Curse
    5 Telekinesis, Wall of Stone, Planar Tolerance, Lucent Lance, Flame Strike
    6 Disintegrate, Analyze Dweomer, Greater Heroism, Greater Dispel
    7 Spell Turning, Greater Teleport, Limited Wish, Banishment
    8 Moment of Prescience, *Instant Transmutation, Sunburst
    9 Time Stop

    Cash 400gp

    "Eye of the Storm"
    A staff of white aspen, bound with rings of black iron graven with mystic emblems, this was the weapon and implement of Belzer the Storm King; one of the Archlich Iridex's right-hand lieutenants. Mei dueled this sorceror born of wind and fury until both were which time Mei's monastic training gave her the slight upper hand necessary to finish the deal.
    Runestaff of Power +5, 101,300

    "Hand and Heart"
    One of two items commissioned by Mei Ying from Pizair the Blind, a sightless imp of a gnome who was nearly goblinish with age, but who's crafts were unrivaled by anyone else but the gods. In exchange for this belt, which focuses the strengh of the mind into the body, Mei secured a balor's eye for the gnome...which he then made into an eyepatch to give himself the power to see into souls.
    Monk's Belt of Dex/Con +6, 101,500

    The second item commissioned by Mei from Pizair, Clarity gives its wearer the ability to access the unfettered singularity of purpose that lies deep in the childlike heart, and the unthinking reflexive skill of the hands, and apply those qualities to one's thinking and insights. The price of Clarity was an angel's tongue, though to what purpose it was used Mei still doesn't know. The tongue was taken by an angel who voluntarily surrendered it as penance for a long-hidden sin.
    Headband of Wis/Cha +6, 90k

    "Iridex's Cage"
    A garment that fits along its wearer's ribcage, looking like bony fingers of adamantine, the Cage is uncomfortable for mortal wearers, but confers the same incredible enchantments to one as it did on its undead creator. Mei Ying claimed this device after aiding in Iridex's defeat. She wears it beneath her robes, and while the feel of cold metal is a constant reminder of the horrors faced that day, it has saved her life many times even in the short time between then and now.
    Vest of Archmagi, +8 armor, +5 saves, +2 CL checks for SR, recall 3 spells/day, heal 5xlvl by spending spell slot, 200k

    "Taltex Charm Ring"
    A gift from the fey lord Taltex, first offered in semi-jesting suit, then made into a reward for her role in stopping his assassination by a dissenting faction of renegade fey.
    Ring of Protection +5; 50,000

    Ring of Spell Battle, 12,000

    "Spectacles of the Storm King"
    Deceptively ordinary looking, with a thin but strong frame and small round lenses of black quartz, worn by the Storm King, Belzer. They were given to him by Iridex to aid him in navigating the lich's dark underground realm, and taken by Mei-Ying as one of three trophies following her defeat of him.
    Goggles of Ebon Hunter, 30' darkvision, +1 comp rngd atcks/dmg; MIC108, 18,000

    This, and Wanderlust, were the priceless relics of Mei-Ying's order, which were confiscated when the monestary was ordered cleared and the order broken. She retrieved the items from the Minister after proving her case in trial and uses them now despite having had more expensive items before.
    Necklace of Adaptation + Ring of Sustenance; 14,000

    "Robe of the Endless Void" Robe of mysterious conjuration, 10,000

    A cloak supposed to have been the property once of Do Jon Si, the legendary master who founded the order centuries ago, and that accompanied him on many adventures. Mei Ying, having liberated it when she defeated the Imperial Minister of Truth's champion in combat, thus proving her case by trial, now carries it with her as well.
    War Wizard's Cloak (endure elements, feather fall; dim door, mage armor, prot from arrows, something else 1/day), 16,000

    "Belzer's Last Breath"
    The last of the three trophies taken by Mei-Ying from Belzer, the Storm King, after his defeat. These bracers are well made, but not particularly magical in and of themselves. However, each has on it a single shard of ice, magically preserved in a protected housing. As Belzer breathed his last, his breath froze to ice and fell to shatter on the floor. These are two of those shards. When the magic stored within them is called on, a wind blows around Mei-Ying with a sound like a long exhalation. The wind provides defense against incoming missiles...and aids the wearer in aiming ranged attacks of her own.
    Bracers of Wind, -2 to ranged attacks against, +1 to ranged attacks, 10,000; MIC82

    Glove of Storing, 10,000
    Handy Haversack, 2,000

    2 tomes +4, 220,000
    1 tome +5, 137,500

    Share of the Chariot; 8,300

    * Instant Transmutation -
    As Polymorph any Object, with the following exceptions:
    Target: Can only affect objects or self.
    In addition to the normal allotment, Can also duplicate Wall of Stone, Wall of Iron, Wall of Ice, or Fabricate. Also, May duplicate Major Creation with the following changes:
    Vegetable matter, Stone, base metals; 1 hr./levels; 50 cubic ft/lvl
    Precious metals, Crystal, Gems; 10 min./level; 10 cubic ft/lvl *
    Rare metal; 1 round/level; 1 cubic ft/lvl
    *Craft check to make materials look 'real/permanent', opposed by Perception or Appraise check(May make both checks, if either succeeds they realize it's fake)*
    In addition to the standard inability to use as spell components, Any attempt to use any object created by this effect as the target of further transmutation causes the second spell to be wasted and the first to expire immediately.
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    The World

    The Scrolls of History
    A hundred years ago: The Queendom of Dormith invades Kadrath but (barely) fails to extend its reach to neighbouring Rauland.

    15 years ago: Braham makes a name for himself by defeating King Devon the Devil. Mei Ying is exiled from the Eternal Empire. Gerard's home is destroyed by Dormithian slavers, leading him to a strange new mentor. Ur is captured by slavers and sold to the Kadrath public works. Tutek is cast out and begins his climb towards Chieftain-hood.

    10 years ago: Braham grew tired of his long life of adventuring in the desert and decided to wander the world.

    - He saw a need in Rauland and founded there the Free Legion in Kaainsbridge, with Gerard as one of the original members (there were other members then, who have progressively moved past, been replaced or passed away). Mei Ying arrived and joined shortly thereafter, defending the city walls from a humanoid raid, and being defended in turn from eastern assassins.

    - (one of?) Their first adventure involved quiet disappearances in the city, kidnappings, it turned out, committed by Dormithian slavers based out of the neighbouring country of Kadrath and led by a mysterious, half-scaled man. The group broke that slavers ring and freed, amongst others, a dwarven slave named Ur, driven somewhat insane by harsh treatment building Kadrath's seemingly endless roads and public works. Ur latched on to Gerard and initially joined the group as his devoted "helper". First contact with the reptilian dragoons of Dormith.

    - Numerous adventures followed, the Legion earning a reputation for getting the job done no matter what AND not inconsiderable collateral damages besides. This, and their mostly foreign make-up, earned them the unfortunatly widely-used title of "The Barbarian Legion", which they now wear with a sort of perverse pride.

    Numerous Adventures
    The Frozen Bones adventure
    One of the tasks of Gerard's besides helping Ur to make it through life with his mental breakdown is to check into incursions of undead any where he is sent. One time was in the mountainous area surrounding the South Peak Glaciers, an area held as souverein territory by the ogre tribe known as the Fists of Ogruk. Despite the apparent might of its many armored ogres ridding even more heavily armored dire bears, this tribe was really just a playtoy to the frost giant who calls himself Ogruk, good father in giantish, and "benevolently gave" a large portion of mountainous land to a small tribe of hungry ogres. this land had cattle and sheep herders in the summer-easy food for the hungry and preditious tribe who were told that the herdsmen were trespassers.

    ogruk took some of the tribe and organized them-miners to get iron ore from the earth, bearhandlers to train. others did his bidding as his needs. eventually he had shock troops to guard his territory while he did his actual work: to raise the undead king of frost giants known as Marazel Epan. [awakened advanced iron infused skeleton [+ 1 size] high priest of cloud giants] A name that was only said in whispers, if at all.

    It turned out that the raising of that undead king of Giants required the crafting of a very special magical gem (the Heart of Devastation). Ogruk was kidnapping/black-mailing/torturing blind Pizair (which is how he lost his eyes) to craft the thing for him. The party freed Pizair just after he finished crafting a (deliberatly flawed) version of the gem, and the secret of that flaw eventually allowed the group to shatter the Heart right as Ogruk was about to complete his ritual! Somewhat grateful, Pizair later crafted the Charriot of the Clouds for the party at minimum cost (well, he wasn't going to just *give* it away, was he?) and he now seems to consider the Legion at least as 'Good Customers'. He remains a mysterious being with an agenda of his own though, an agenda which is perhaps arguably even a little sinister.

    (Note that inumerable fragments of the Heart still exist as minor yet sometimes very troublesome artefacts called the Shards of Devastation).
    - A great drought starts to set in, making even Rauland's plentiful ressources grow scarcer and scarcer.

    - The Legion is drawn back to Ur's native hills by tales of humanoid raids against the area's already dwindling ressources. Efforts to rebuild the ancient Sounding Wall are put into action. Before it can be completed though, they discover that the raids originate in an unheard of Alliance of dwarves, ogres and goblinoids lead by a great Ogre with too-intelligent eyes named Tutek. In his barbarous "throne room", he reveals that his shaman have found that the drought is not of natural causes: someone is causing it! Tutek joins the Legion as they all search for the culprit, which turns out to be a Dormith plot to weaken Rauland, prelude to a full scale invasion! While the combined armies of the Alliance and king Gilgamesh of Rauland roll accross the borders of Kadrath, the group finds and disrupt the powerful Draught ritual being enacted on one of Kadraths' rocky islands and led by another of the strange scaled humanoids they faced during their first adventure,this one weilding powerful magics! Dormith is pushed back (for now), Rauland occupies the "freed" Kadrath. Braham's claims the dragoon's Fell Amulet.

    - Barely back to civilization, Tutek angers the Gods of Gerard's city and they cast him down deep in the ancient, undead-haunted catacombs below the city. The rest of the group manages to join him there by cleverly foolishly deliberatly repeating the insult. They fight and bargain and sweat, finally managing to gain grudging forgiveness after great trials and service, uncovering carven clues about a great evil "eternally alive, eternally corrupting" along the way. Following these from catacomb to secret shrines, the Legion eventually breaks into the deserted, eerily quiet "summer" mountain-top lair of Iridex's in Rauland, with only traps, oozes and incorporeal servants/guards eternaly waiting. Ur finds the Diary of CiAn (a sacred book of Zann) resting on a coffee table within. First mention of Iridex the Lich King.

    - It is eventually discovered that the ArchLich has hidden strongholds all across the continent, and one by one the Legion tracks down and destroys them, piecing together his plans (Gerard finds his Headband of mental Superiority, an intelligent item forged out of the last of Iridex's humanity when The Power destroyed his empire and transformed him into the archlich). For centuries, Iridex had lain imprisoned in the mountains by a powerful magical artifact, but the Mystical Draught of the Dormithian Dragoons had been powerful indeed, as they had located and drained magic from this artifact, unknowingly releasing the ArchLich. He immediately set about restoring his once glorious empire, which had been turned to dust and sand - The Great Desert had once housed a vast empire of which he had been king, an Empire which had been destroyed by a powerful magic many centuries ago. Driven mad by his loss and long imprisonment, Iridex meant to raze the Eternal Empire and form a new, Undead Empire. It is revealed that one of the Draoons who freed him, and escaped the legion, has now joined him and taken the name 'Belzer the storm king'.

    - Only the relentlessness of the Legion manages to stop him, as the heroes destroy each of his strongholds, finally chasing Belzer across the desert and finding Iridex's 'necropolis' raised from beneath the sands. They infiltrate it and destroy the ArchLich and his phylactery once and for all, mere miles from the borders of the Eternal Empire. Mei Ying claims Iridex's Cage from Iridex and Belzer's Last Breath, the Eye of the Storm staff and the Spectacles of the Storm King from Belzer. Ur claims his kneepads from Gaorag Thousand Blows, Iridex's first undead lieutenant.

    - Finally having defeated the ArchLich, Mei Ying returns to her home strengthened and a hero, to restore her order's honour. After some grand adventuring and help from her companions, she manages to reveal that the faction opposing her return is actually under the influence of the nearly forgotten Fifth dragoon (Cali-Anna, a ninja/darkness based villainess), and she challenges her to a trial, narrowly defeating her after a grueling battle. She gifts Ur with the dragoon's Ring of Returning.

    Now: the planar quest begins!

    Pieces that have not yet found their place/are not fully defined yet
    - Desert adventure: A river was drying up, and we needed to conduct a ritual to summon a powerful water genie in order to restore it. Enemies of the nearby city, Gebe, sent bands of monsters and adventurers to try to stop the summoning, and we had to fend them off while continuing the ritual.
    - Kaainsbridge adventure: Cultsts posing as Zann worshippers are trying to influence king Gilgamesh through his brain-washed son who was slumming it in Kaaainsbridge, away from the more staunchy atmosphere of the capital of Enki. The party foils the attempt, earning themseves the ennimity of the abobination-worshipping Brothers of the Deep.
    House of the Gods
    The world is a diverse place. The ideas on what lies beyond and within heaven, earth and the last frontiers of death are as varied as the people who inhabit it. The only constance seems to be that all holy high languages are derived from Celestial, which is used in holy texts and high holy ceremonies everywhere from Dormith to the Eternal Empire.

    Gods of Dormith
    Worship in the far continent of Dormith (and the official religion of Kadrath during the 100 year occupation) centers around Atana/Athena, the virgin dragon/dragon-scaled goddess of civilization, architecture, astronomy, astrology and warfare/strategy.
    Gods of Rauland
    A single god pantheon headed by Thor Invictus rules over the hearts of Rauland's citizens, with the lower echelons composed of demi-gods/saints in charge of the different portfolios. In the wild and free lore of Rauland, these lower echelons were all once mortals that rose to god-hood through their own exceptional deeds (or were Gods co-opted from conquered tribes).

    Thor Invictus
    The fierce-eyed, red-haired and red-bearded God of storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility. In this universe he is also known as the Crippled God due to extensive scarring on his right side, including the loss of his right eye and right hand during his original conquest of the elemental Titans (some confusion/melding with Odin and Tyr?). Thor Invictus wields *his* hammer with his left hand. He is the prime deity worshipped by Ur and the one who raised the other Rauland deities to Godhood -- or so the (varied and quite entertaining) stories go.
    Demi-Goddess of wisdom, keen intelligence, self-learning and the changing seasons (he/she changes appearace and sex with every passing season, never quite the same). The stories tell that she was once the human mystic/hermit/prophetess Corianna Alderan before she Ascended. Zann's worship actually originated in the East, where her last earthly embodiement was knows as Ciana An Dailiang ("Peaceful Jade of the Great Bridge") and later imported by some of her cast out worshippers. She is often depicted with exotic features and is Thor's elusive mistress when in female form (often chased, only sometimes caught), his advisor/fierce rival when in male form.

    Ur has found a small metallic book in Iridex's first abandonned hideout that is written as if it was the personnal diary of Ciana. Its study has allowed him to discover new potentialities within himself (Psychic Fist levels) and he is now a secondary Zann worshipper. Why Iridex would want to read the book remains a mystery.
    Demi-god of fishing, sailing, streams and the ocean. He was once a mighty fisherman who slew the dread elemental Kraken in the gulf of Pluwy and mapped the way around the Dragon Claw islands before re-discovering the sunken city of Raksassa at the bottom of the gulf, from where he now rules his underwater kingdom after being rewarded for his mighty deeds by being raised to Godhood by Thor.
    Demi-God of courage, drinking, inspiration and contests, who was once a dwarven adventurer named Baldor Thunderhead. Stories of his contests with Titans, ogres and even the raw forces of nature abound, all of which he won through quick thinking, good-natured charm and an iron constitution. His un-official symbol, a foaming mug with a lighning bolt, is a popular motif in inns and pubs everywhere in Rauland.
    Seven Sages of the city
    The protector demi-gods of Kaainsbridge, these mysterious beings are said to have given culture and learning to early humans. Some low-relief murals in the city and elsewhere depict them with either the torso of a fish or avian features. Though they physically dwell within the city, they are rarely seen, only leaving their fearfully abandonned catacombs when the city is threatened or when citizens neglect their proper sacrifices.

    One of these, an unamed eagle-headed god, banished Tutek and then the entire party into the underworld early last year (see the Scrolls of History).
    Gods of the desert
    The four genie gods of the elements are the offical Gods of the desert tribed, though they don't take much interest in mortal affairs and are mainly just invoked for casual curses and good natured blasphemy.

    Braham nominally follows them as he is thought to have some genie blood himself, but not very devoutly.
    Gods of the Eternal Empire
    The Divine Hierarchy
    Two things are central to the cosmos, and our place in it. The first is the literal center of the cosmos; the axle about which the worlds turn...the Grand Celestial Mountain. At the apex of the Mountain is the Holy Imperial City. At the center of the city is the Palace of the Emperor; an enormous structure in which the gods of the universe hold court. And of course, at the center of the palace, surrounded by the tiered seats for every deity in existence, is the empty Jade Throne. Seat of the Celestial Emperor himself, the source from which all divine power and wisdom flows.

    In the court of the Palace, the gods constantly engage in political byplay, jockeying for laws of nature that will give them advantages. The net result of all these these mutually-opposing forces comes to zero, maintaining a status quo that is orderly despite all appearance of chaos. The only laws that are immutable and not subject to divine negotiation are graven on a huge jade tablet suspended over the Throne.

    1) Mortal Free Will May Not Be Abridged by Divine Action.

    2) The Great Chain of Being May Not be Broken.

    3) Life Must Go On.

    There is considerable room for interpretation among these laws, but attempts to stretch them are muted given the consequences of stepping too far. The current interpretations are as follows:

    Mortals cannot be denied the ability to make moral choices due to direct divine influence. Persuasion and coercion by force or magic is acceptable, since choices still exist under those conditions. However, using divine power to simply predestine a mortal's response is not cool, and will be punished. Killing a mortal is not considered abridging, since a mortal soul persists after death and can still make choices following that.

    The First Law ties into the second, because the Great Chain of Being relies on moral choices to determine each individual's place. The specific morality to which one is bound varies by one's place, but in all cases living according to that morality advances one, while falling short causes regression. The Second Law further stipulates that the specific moralities that make the Chain up, and the various incarnate states that form the links, are not subject to divine reinterpretation. No god can remake the 'rules' by which souls advance in the cosmos.

    The Third Law stems from the loophole in the First, in which killing does not count as abridging free will. It merely exists to make sure the gods do not simply wipe out life, thus freeing themselves of the many burdens life places upon them.

    The second thing that determines our place in the universe is the Great Chain of Being, referenced in the Second Law of Heaven. Simply put, it is a metaphysical 'path,' that leads from lesser to greater existences based on one's moral compass and state of enlightenment. Despite the moral component, progress along the Chain of Being is not exactly a case of good versus evil, but rather increasing levels of insight, awareness and metaphysical 'connection' to the universe. It is possible to be at a high level along the Chain, but still be a terrible person. However, most people, when gifted with more awareness and insight also gain empathy and understanding, leading them towards 'good' decisions.

    Mortal understanding of the Chain of Being, and how it measures one's status, is imperfect at best. The general mortal consensus about the various links in the Chain are as follows:

    Dirt and quarry stone ->
    Natural Stone ->
    Crystals and Gemstones ->
    Lichens, algae and grass ->
    Shrubs and low trees ->
    Anything flowering ->
    Tall trees ->
    Mean animals; insects and rats and carrion eaters ->
    Noble beasts; horses, dogs, apex predators and other beasts with greater than human aspects ->
    Magical beasts; creatures with subhuman intellect, but magical powers ->
    Mean person; a humanoid with limited means and/or intellect ->
    Noble person; a person with significant resources and personal competence ->
    Exalted person; a person who's prowess is superhuman, or the ruler of a nation's worth of people ->
    Immortal; A person who has, by mastering his or her virtues and achieving a plataeu of enlightenment, conquered time's mastery of the body. Despite this, the Immortal still has a physical existence ->
    Demigod; an immortal who has achieved mastery over a cosmological principle and can exert divine authority over that principle.
    Lesser god; similar to a demigod, but no longer bound to a physical existence save on the Holy Mountain.
    Greater god; as a lesser god, but with more cosmic principles, or less specific, more encompassing principles they have power over.

    Two special positions exist that are 'outside' the Chain of Being. The first is that of Spirit, which applies either to mortals who have died, and who's souls remain in the physical world...or to an immaterial entity possessing divine or semi-divine powers but which exists only in the material world. Many such spirits serve gods in the world...but others work against them, luring mortals away from worship, or making mayhem. And a great many spirits seem to have little interest in questions of gods or men, and simply act according to their natures regardless of who is there, or not there, to see.

    A human spirit becomes a 'soul' when it leaves the world and travels into the lands beyond. For a time it travels, living a second life, until it is drawn back into the world to be reborn into whatever form its position in the Great Chain of Being warrants. Spells that raise the dead can cut the soul's second life short...which can also have implications for its proper reincarnation on the Great Chain. For this reason, raising from the dead is considered to be contrary to the natural order, detrimental for the long-term well being of the soul in questions, and undertaken only in situations where the need is very pressing...or by those who have no interest in the order of nature, or the long-term well being of the soul.

    The other special case is that of the Emperor himself. Technically he could be considered a kind of 'overgod,' but since he spends extended periods in contemplative trances, he does not have much direct impact on the cosmos save in brief, sometimes cataclysmic moments. Alone of the entities in the universe, he is capable of upending the cosmic order and replacing it with another. It is even thought by some that this has already happened at least once, though when and how and why is purely a matter for speculation.
    The Emperor and the Gods
    The earthly Emperor claims a mandate from heaven. It's not a hereditary position. When an Emperor falls, there are a series of divine tests to determine which candidate has the favor of the gods and of the Celestial Emperor.

    In theory, anyone can be a candidate. In practice, only those who have great education (which requires money and/or political clout) will ever get past the first round of tests, which are designed to weed out spurious claims. Various other challenges sneakily test a candidate's political aplomb, statesmanship and knowledge of law and philosophy...all the while cloaked in trappings of ritual and appeals to divine guidence.

    In the end though, it's pretty well known that the final decision is made by a circle of high priests. They lack direct power over government and state, but by virtue of their capacity to select Emperors, they have tremendous influence. They are pantheist priests, beholden to no one god, except the Celestial Emperor himself.

    By virtue of access to powerful magic and the resources of the entire nation, the Emperor tends to live a long, long time.
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    Block Jemal

    EDIT: Because it wasn't collected on any ofthe PC's sheets that I could see:
    Chariot of the Clouds: A large cart pulled by two magnificent silver rams (*litteraly* made of silver).
    Stats: 80' ground speed, 60' Flight Speed (can hover), can pull 2,000 lbs without tiring or slowing. Can be stored as a figurine of wondrous power. Crafted by Pizair the blind. (Net worth: 150,000)

    *Background info from the OOC thread*
    First off, Here's what i'm getting as an image of the 'area' and Group formation.

    Assuming Rauland as the 'center' of the map (I'm seeing it as being one of the large, main countries, the "Britain" of the world) West is Kadrath, and west beyond that is the great sea, on the other side of which rests Dormith.
    To the north and East Lie Mountainous regions inhabited by the Alliance (Tutek's people). Beyond them to the East is the great desert, and within that desert is the Eternal Empire.
    Obviously there are also a few other countries to the north of Rauland, and some to the south, though a lot of the area south of Rauland has also been overtaken by the Dormithians.

    Gerard's from the Trade City Kaainsbridge, which lies in the mountains, at the border of Rauland, the Alliance, and the Desert.
    Mei Ying is from the Eternal Empire.
    Ur was from an un-named country to the north.
    Tutek is from the Alliance.
    Braham is from the desert.
    D'raven is on the Bazaar. *Doesn't matter for party/world backstory, he gets written in later*

    SIDE NOTE : I thought I remembered reading something more about the 'storm king/lord', but I've been over the entire thread and can only find a couple short references. SO, I'm going to make "Belzer" Actually one of the Dragoons(See below)
    OOC: I'm seeing Two overarching storylines so far, The Dormithian invasion, dragoons, and repelling them being the first, finally ending, and then the ArchLich storyline starting up after the return from the Underworld. Threads of the undead line seep in before the first is finished, weaving in with Gerard's undead hunting and a bit with Mei Ling's knowledge from the Eternal Empire.

    Queendom of Dormith - About 50 years ago, after their THIRD failed invasion of Rauland, Dormith started a secret genetic weapons program. With a combination of Gnomish Science and powerful magics, they bred soldiers of draconic blood (dragonborn/dragonkith/spellscales) with great physical and magical potential. These 'children' were raised as warriors, trained and schooled relentlessly until they could best their teachers in both martial and magical prowess, before being gifted with vile demonic powers and powerful magical artifacts and set upon each other to find the best.
    Finally, their labours saw fruit, with six of the 'Dragoons' having survived the rigours of the training and infighting. They were sent out into the world secretly, to work undercover for Dormith.

    Two went to Rauland. Heroes disappeared, Entire companies of soldiers were wiped out by 'rogue monsters', Supernatural disasters befell the land, and more and more people were left to fend for themselves.
    One of them, and his slave ring, was finally defeated by the Legion (See Ur's Background), at which point the other retreated to Kadrath.
    Two went North to the Alliance in the mountains(Tutek's background), and began their plans to disrupt this Alliance, causing strife and war. They raised a small army over the years and caused a mystical draught, but were eventually beaten by the Legion and Alliance's combined might. One was killed, the other managed to escape.
    One went far to the east, past Rauland, Crossing the great desert to disrupt the Eternal Empire and keep it busy until Dormith was ready to expand that far.
    The sixth disappeared.

    Having defeated Three of the dragoons, and stopped the Draught, the Legion, The Alliance, and Rauland join together to finally push the Dormithians from Kadrath, defeating the fourth Dragoon in the process.

    During the week-long Celebration, Tutek angers a demi-god and is cast to the underworld, his companions following to save him, after which they catch onto the trail of Iridex the lich king.

    It is eventually discovered that the ArchLich has hidden strongholds all across the continent, and one by one the Legion tracks down and destroys them, piecing together his plans.
    For centuries, Iridex had lain imprisoned in the mountains by a powerful magical artifact...
    But the Mystical Draught of the Dormithian Dragoons had been powerful indeed, as they had located and drained magic from this artifact, unknowingly releasing the ArchLich. He immediately set about restoring his once glorious empire, which had been turned to dust and sand - The Great Desert had once housed a vast empire of which he had been king, an Empire which had been destroyed by a powerful magic many centuries ago.
    (The remants of which managed to salvage the small portion within the Five Pillars which became the Eternal Empire).

    Driven mad by his loss and long imprisonment, Iridex meant to raze the Eternal Empire and form a new, Undead Empire. It is revealed that one of the Draoons who freed him, and Escaped the legion, has now joined him and taken the name 'Belzer the storm king".

    Only the relentlessness of the Legion managing to stop him, as the heroes destroy each of his strongholds, finally chasing Belzer across the desert and finding Iridex's 'necropolis' raised from beneath the sands. They infiltrate it and destroy the ArchLich and his phylactery once and for all, mere miles from the borders of the Eternal Empire.

    Finally having defeated the ArchLich, Mei Ying returns to her home strengthened and a hero, to restore her order's honour. After some grand adventuring and help from her companions, she manages to reveal that the faction opposing her return is actually under the influence of the nearly forgotten Fifth dragoon, and she challenges him to a trial, narrowly defeating him after a grueling battle.

    OOC: I decided to go with Iridex as the Lich. I had originally intended to use a different character, but it doesn't really matter.
    I also altered my timeline a bit. I had originally inteded to have the Lich be the most recent thing, but that now happens before Mei Ling's return to the empire. In fact it's likely a catalyst for her return, with the proximity and her now being viewed (Perhaps grudgingly by some) as a Hero.

    Planar Quest Clues:
    OK, so I've decided against the riddle method b/c honestly I suck at riddles, and don't want to get into the "I think it's easy you think it's hard/Vice versa" Problem.
    In Lieu of that, I'm going to give you what you've figured out so far. Your characters have only managed to put all the pieces together recently, after the "Fall of the ArchLich" and "Mei Ling's Homecoming".

    During their breaking of the Slave Ring, they first discover the existence of the Dragoons, and that they have been reinforced with extraplanar power. It is later discovered that some of the Power used in their 'creation' and the weapons they wielded were not any form of magic known to mortals, not Divine, nor Arcane, nor even Psionic.

    The Artifact that had been holding Iridex in check was made by the same Power, the reason why the Dragoons were drawn to it in the first place, and is why they were able to harness its immense Power, though they themselves did not seem to know this, thinking it was just their natural magical talent.
    Even though this artifact was shattered and almost completely drained, Iridex used what remained of his 'cage' to protect himself, even the tiny portion of Power that remained was enough to rival the most powerful magics (Mei Ying's "Iridex's cage" Vest of Archmagi)

    In fact, throughout their search for Iridex, they found much of his research and writings, discovering that he was in fact the one responsible for the destruction of his Empire, as he had long ago stumbled onto the ancient Power, and in his too-rash efforts to control it, he lost everything.
    A small order of monks (I'm thinking Mei-Ying's fallen order) knew of what was happening, and managed to use their small understanding of the Power to save a portion of the kingdom, raising a ring of mountains to protect them from the withering, and then entrapping the newly-undead Iridex deep in the sea. far from their domain (Not knowing that the area would eventually become inhabited).
    The Fifth Dragoon had uncovered this after his assignment to the Eternal Empire, and had sought to grasp this Power for Dormith, after gaining control of one of the factions, he turned it against the order, begging the extermination. Many notes on the subject are discovered in his private quarters after he is defeated, and once they are translated, the companions are able to piece them together with the other information they've gained.

    Most of the information Mei Ling's order had on the Power was lost or stolen, but Iridex and the Fifth Dragoon had both been looking for a tome that supposedly revealed much about the Power, and Mei Ling recalled an ancient story of her order about a holy book that was sent into a hidden and protected plane.

    Through many divinations, consulting scholars, and pouring over the clues they had found, the Legion discovered that there were two others looking for this book, who had already left the Prime Material Plane in search of it : The missing 'Sixth Dragoon', and a powerful Vampire Lord who had allied himself with Iridex, long enough to find out about the Power and go after it himself, leaving the ArchLich to his final death at the Legion's hands.

    *Some of this information came from Tutek's sentient weapon, Sendesemcal, who had just started researching the Power when he had been entrapped. He begrudgingly shared (After much cajoling and threatening) the little he knew.

    After they had seemingly hit a dead end ("It's on a hidden Plane" being somewhat of a hard needle to find), the frustrated party received help from the most unlikely of sources..
    Some of them had bags or portals linked to a Merchants Plane known as the Bazaar, though a business known as "Black Feather Trading", and after a few weeks at their dead end, they recevied invitations in their bags to come to the local home of the Merchant and discuss their situation.

    My character's quest then took her here, partly in search of knowledge outside the realm, and partly to help her avoid 'Imperial Entanglements.' At least for much of her adventures. More recently, the faction that she was up against was outmanuevered, allowing her more free access to her homeland. Of course, by then she liked it here too.

    Okay, assuming we go with Binder's framework, which seems very good to me, then I'd install a natural barrier to Rauland opposite the border with Dorminth; a mountain range spanning the eastern side of the country. On the other side of those mountains is a desert...and through that desert, if one knows the ways, one can eventually arrive at a place who's name comes roughly to Eternal Empire of the Jade Throne, or sometimes by an older name Under the Five Pillars of Heaven. The 'pillars' are a ring of tall, unusually narrow mountains that surround the Empire's outer perimeter, creating a barrier of sorts that helps keep it moist and temperate despite the nearby arid well as forming a natural defense against intruders.

    Trade with the Eternal Empire comes via merchants who pay desert tribes to convey them along routes that use the few oases in carefully planned legs that allow them to cross the barren white sands without, quite, dehydrating. The goods that come from this are luxury goods, in fashion with the wealthy who are always in search of something new that their peers don't have or can't get...and can pay the exorbitant sums that would entice a man to take the monumental risk of making that journey.

    When Mei Ying made the crossing, it was in disgrace; one of the few survivors of a monastic tradition that was found to be heretical in its teachings. In disguise she went with the caravan through the desert and across the treacherous mountain pass until she took refuge in the trading city on the other side. During a raid on that city by monstrous creatures, she revealed herself...and later that evening had to fend off an assassin that had also waited in the caravan, hoping to find his quarry among the workers. Having helped the other members of the group during the attack, they now helped her against her assailant. She elected to go with them after that, and had many adventures at their side.

    Eventually, when she grew strong enough, she returned to the shadow of the Five Pillars of Heaven, and confronted the faction that had persecuted the order she'd belonged to...calling for their conflicting beliefs to be put to the test in a sanctioned trial of combat.f

    After a difficult, grueling battle that tested her to her limits, Mei Ying restored the honor of her tradition and exposed the crimes of her enemies. However, after doing what she could to set her order back on its path, she found that the monastic life no longer appealed to her. The world was so much bigger than the cradle of the Pillars, and she could not help but feel it was now a cage.
    I was thinking of Rauland as an actual country, a kingdom to be precise. If we're talking city-state, then we're talking about an entirely different scale.... A scale that, IMHO, does't fit too well with opposing, and winning, against the conquering clutches of a full-blown foreign *empire* (Dormith).

    As briefly mentionned before, I'm personnaly thinking of Rauland as a chaotic land rich in natural ressources (mostly wood, fertile soil for farming and sun-dappled meadows for raising cattle, metals would come from trade (dwarfs? Historically Kadrath? That would certainly have put the pinch on Rauland when Dormith invaded then)). The country rises as one goes inland, crumpling into tree-covered hills from which the rocky points of Tutek's mountains eventually burst through, climbing the sky. Cities/major town would be rare (just the one city?), clustering near the coast, at the mouth of rivers (the main method of transportation into the heart of the country -- though the fore-country would have plenty of trails and sea-side earthen roads). Rauland's natural wealth would flow/float down these rivers - um, let's make it a single large one called The White - to be traded with the neighbouring countries at Gerard's city which sits on both sides of the White (much calmer and siltier, almost lazy in its flowing at this point -- and much browner). Under Rauland's green covering sits the ruins of at least two ancient kindgoms, including the crumbling Sounding Wall, once meant to keep Tutek's ancestors at bay (there is even a rumour that much of the foundation of Gerard's city was originally from a much older (and stranger, some say non-human (quasi-human?)) city that occupied the same spot).

    In this context, I suggest we relocate the capital further along the coast and a bit inland, in a large town that's much less cosmopolitan/forward-thinking than Gerard's city. Would have made for some interresting tension, I think.

    My point being that Rauland, however we end up defining it, should have it's own personality (and not be defined simply as a meeting point for other cultures (that can be what defines Gerard's city, if you want Scott)).

    My sense is that the whole lich affair took place in Rauland though, since Mei's backstory is that she didn't return to the Empire until after it all completed.

    Well, how about this: The Lich adventure might have begun in Rauland with the Storm King adventure, at the conclusion of which clues pointing towards the Eternal Empire were uncovered as the PCs were drawn East by a chase scene through the desert with many near misses, hit-and-run ambushes and sudden twists as we pursued the badly beaten Storm King himself (and the last of his monstrous retinue). We run him to ground at the very gates of the empire, with the quest ending *in* the Empire with the finding and then the destruction of his Lich lord and master (a (culture-shock) adventure unto itself) -- at which point the next adventure would have been Mei Ying's Good Name adventure (restauring her tradition's good name in the Empire (some interesting politicing/high-court action there, I imagine )), followed by a short adventure through Braham's desert on our way back (ideas @kinem ?), followed by the Great Draught adventure when we got back to Rauland and found that the situation had gone a bit downhill since our leaving.

    I rather like the idea of an "oriental" flavored Zann tradition (fits well with the monk theme and the idea of adventurers as cross-cultural vectors), so wherever Ur winds up finding the book (Rauland or the Empire -- maybe in a deserted, eerily quiet "summer" mountain island lair of Iridex's in Rauland, with only traps, oozes and incorporeal servants/guards eternaly waiting?), we can always say that its ideas originally came from the east. The book's author could be the last earthly incarnation of Zann before ascending, an incarnation of an already Godly eastern Zann, or just a Zann-inspired prophetess depending on who you ask (Ur, with his Rauland outlook, would of course favor option 1). Her name is, and always has been, Ciana An Dailiang ("Peaceful Jade of the Great Bridge")... Acceptable/interresting?
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    Wade, the Titanforged Construct:

    OK, Wade has two "DM TEMPLATES" that I've tweaked over the years. I do plan to use them occasionally.
    DM Templates

    Elite Template:
    This template can be added to any Creature, but may only be used by the DM
    Size and type: Do not change
    HP: Maximum
    Special Qualities:
    DR = 1 per 5 HD (X/- AND +x to existing DR)
    SR = CR+5 (Or +5 to existing, whichever is greater)
    Resistance to all Energy types = 1 per 4 HD
    Abilities: +1 assignable point per 4HD (As a PC, in addition if already has Class Levels)
    Skills: Spot, Listen, Sense Motive Are class skills. +2 racial bonus to each.
    Bonus Feats: Improved Toughness, 1 bonus dependent on Type
    CR: +1 per 10 HD

    Boss Template:
    This template can be added to any Creature that already has the Elite Template
    Size and Type: Do not Change (OR may add/subtract a size category for an additional +1 CR)
    HP: X3
    Special Qualities:
    DR = 2 per 5 HD (X/- AND +x to existing DR *Replaces Elite*)
    SR = CR+10 (Or +10 to existing, whichever is greater): *Replaces Elite*
    Resistance to all Energy types = 1 per 2 HD *Replaces Elite*
    Abilities: +2 all stats. *Stacks with Elite*
    Skills: +1 per 5 HD Luck bonus to all trained skills
    Immunity to "Save or end encounter" abilities.
    CR: +1 per 10 HD

    SO with those two templates and 22 character levels, his CR was 24.
    *his base Titanforged race (At the moment) essentially is just a large construct which gains the dwarven "Stability" feature and counts as a size larger for combat purposes (grapple, trip, ac, etc).

    Wade - ELITE BOSS Large** Construct, Monk 2/Warlock 16/Fighter 4 (CR 24)
    **Wade is Large but has combat modifiers as though Huge*
    Stats: 10 base in all stats, 30 to distribute
    STR : 26 (+8) *18 +2 Boss +6 enhancement*
    DEX : 30 (+10) *18 +2 boss +4 lvl +6 Enhancement*
    CON : - (-)
    INT : 18 (+4) *16 +2 Boss*
    WIS : 14 (+2) *10 +2 Boss +2 lvl*
    CHA : 30 (+10) *18 +2 Boss +4 lvl +6 enhancement

    HD: 4d10+16d6+30size+44tough = 210 HPX3 = 630

    AC= 45 (10 base + 10 Dex +10 cha +5 deflection +4 nat armour +7 armour +1 monk -2 size)
    Touch AC 34
    Saves= Fort: +16(object) Ref: +23 Will: +21
    Initiative: +10
    BAB 17
    Grapple: +37; Trip +16(Resist +20)
    Attacks :
    Eldritch Blast: +31: 11d6+2 dmg, range 250'
    Hideous Blow +31, 13d6+12 dmg
    Flurry: +29/29/24/19/14; 2d6+12 dmg

    Eldritch Cone(30' cone, DC 30 reflex for half),
    Repelling Blast(DC 32 reflex vs 1d6X5 knockback)

    Skills: *Classified*

    Feats (10) : Practiced Caster, Aesetic Mage, W.Focus(E.Blast), W.Focus(Unarmed), Thick Skinned X2, Weapon Finesse, W.Spec: E.blast/Unarmed, Ability Focus: Repelling Blast

    *Bonus Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Deflect Arrows, Improved ToughnessX2

    Epic Feat: Exceptional Deflection

    Special Qualities:
    DR 12/-, DR 16/cold iron, SR 34, Energy Resist 30(All), Evasion, Stable(+4 vs trip)

    Least - Hideous Blow, Eldritch Spear, See the Unseen
    Lesser - Flee the Scene, Fell Flight, Voidsense
    Greater - Repelling Blast, Devour Magic, Eldritch Cone
    Dark - *Classified*

    *Gear* 753K total
    +6 str, dex, cha (108K)
    +5 saves (25K)
    +5 enchanted Attacks (150K)
    +7 armour (49K)
    +5 deflection/+4 nat armour (82K)
    Universal Energy Resistance greater(308K)
    Fell power(+2d6 dmg Eldritch Blast) (18K)
    Monk's Belt (13K)
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