There's the comment from Mearls "Our focus right now is on simplifying the rogues skill benefits and making sure the class focuses on its core strengths as a trickster and skill master. For instance, sneak attack might become an option rather than an ability given to all rogues. A smooth-talking con artist might distract enemies, evade danger, and confuse foes rather than stab them to death from behind."

So I'm wondering if that's so then what should the rogue do? I felt the rogue was too simple in comparison to how the Fighter changed in the 2nd playtest round. I get that combat superiority is a way to get the Fighter to be more like the powers using fighter of 4e and emulate the tons of combat feats of 3e. So I'm guessing there will be a goal of giving the Rogue something that emulates 4e rogue powers, and some of the concept of skill tricks introduced in Complete Scoundrel at the end of 3e.

But any speculation on what would such a mechanic be? Would it be a renewable pool of dice like Combat Superiority? Will it have a list of special things the Rogue can do as they gain level?

What should something Rogue like be? Should it mean manoeuvring around cities like a Parkour Traceur? Getting opponents to drop their guards? Having an opponent stab someone else as they dodge out of the way? Inflicting certain conditions like Blinded, Slowed and so on?

I realize that Rogue might be able to try that with freeform skill rolls, but often a DM would say, "No that can't happen" with the player arguing that they should, so I am assuming there might be mechanics for doing all of the above.