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    Paleo/Primal/Ancestral/Low-Carb Dietary Lifestyles

    Any other gamers here into this health lifestyle? I have to say, I've experienced some very good results with this. I dropped clothing sizes, look leaner, and feel healthier. I only wish I had discovered this stuff earlier in life, not that I'm old or anything, but I want to keep gaming happily and healthily well into my twilight years.

    If you dig this stuff, tell me of your experiences.

    I get sad to think that some of our hobby's pioneers could still be with us if they had known about and followed this lifestyle. My own father is now experiencing complications from diabetes and other lifestyle-related illnesses, and I'm sad I can't convince him to change his ways

    I know we gamers get a bad rep on the health and fitness side of things, our hobby being of the more sedentary kind, and I'm not trying to offend here, but if your health and fitness concerns you, I heartily recommend books like Robb Wolf's [ame=""]The Paleo Solution, [/ame]or Mark Sisson's [ame=""]Primal Blueprint[/ame], and the author's respective blogs:

    Mark's Daily Apple (there's a free set of guidelines here)
    Robb Wolf's blog

    Nerd Fitness (I wish I had come up with the idea for this one!)
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