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    I have to echo several of the above posters about tee ,magazines. I subbed to Dragon aback in the late 80s if I recall right but never did again ,and rarely read it either.

    But dungeon was a different story. I subbed for several years, including the end. I loved the four modules and the lack of fluffy articles and excuse the French, BS articles.

    Now Dungeon is online and half of it is BS articles. Almost no modules and I rarely see something I want to run.

    But i know they will likely never come back, and I can live with that. I am glad the DDI people are supporting WOTC faithfully, as it really helps keep D&D going.


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    I miss them a lot.

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    Part of the hobby died the day Dragon and Dungeon magazines ended their print run. It was a ubiquitous element of D&D for decades, it was something that could be found on magazine racks in places beyond the FLGS, it was also very often where people got their first start in RPG writing (like me!) and it served to find and nurture new talent.

    To a large extent we no longer have that. I'm not angry, but there was something lost when they went away.

    Mind you, they didn't truly go away completely. We still have the online versions, but the content has dropped rather heavily since they went online till now, and it really doesn't seem to serve the same niches that the printed Dragon and Dungeon did. They're more like the free online articles that appeared in 3e with a bit extra work put into it, more art, etc. But they really don't operate in the same sense that they did as proper print magazines, and it's a shame.

    Now I do think they could reclaim some of that niche (though indeed, being online only some of that is lost by virtue of the medium) by trying to become more of the farm system for talent they used to be. But being behind a paywall really, really hurts that since much of the former audience might not ever see it. You can't read a copy on the rack and then buy it like before, you can't borrow a copy from a friend and later get an issue or two, or even a subscription. If they moved to a pay-per-article model you might see more talk about certain pieces, I'm not sure, but I suspect it.

    There used to be threads here and elsewhere about each month's issue back when it was in print. Now there's a deafening silence, even on the WotC forums for the most part.

    I was lucky enough to get into both magazines when they were in print, and that got me opportunities later on elsewhere with Paizo and others, and earlier this year I had a piece in the e-zine too. I still pay attention to them, and I just pitched several things (and I encourage others to do so as well), but I really lament having that tangible magazine. PDFs have utility, and I love them for quick reference versus physical books, but as a replacement for the magazines it's not the same.

    I suppose it's a pipe dream to see them come back into print. However there's also Kobold Quarterly which serves as something of a spiritual successor, since it's still in print, and it covers multiple editions/systems as well. We lost the print versions, and we've gained a number of things in the fallout, but I still miss the magazines in the mail each month.

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    I miss them badly, but I would not necessarily want them back in print form. PDF to print out if needed would be all the better for me as magazines are hard to store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf the Stout View Post
    I think what I miss most is just reading about D&D stuff on a regular basis. I have a whole heap of D&D books, and I also regularly visit the EN World forums, but it just isn't the same thing for me.
    It's pretty much this for me, too. The online format is great for finding stuff, but to me, it can't replace print for whiling away some time and feeding the fires of the imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf the Stout View Post
    I don't know that there was a risk of that, at least while Paizo had the licence. WotC basically got a licensing fee and Paizo wore the risk of not making a profit.
    I was broad in stating "they" and "the business" for a reason. I think that if Paizo had spent resources pushing on the print magazines, they'd likely not be where they are today, either.

    Ultimately, I think allowing them to go before they started to really tank was the best move for all concerned.

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    I miss the magazines from the 2e and earlier era...

    Back then they felt like articles attempting to take the game in different directions, not just more of the same stuff.

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    I miss them greatly. They are thus far the only magazines I actually looked forward to the advertising. Yes please advertise to me: what is the next book, when is next convention, or who is the next big thing? I am listening. That's not to overlook all the great articles, fiction, and adventures, but in a my mind only served to somehow punctuate them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scribble View Post
    I miss the magazines from the 2e and earlier era...

    Back then they felt like articles attempting to take the game in different directions, not just more of the same stuff.
    Same here. Back then Dragon was more about "the hobby." Sure it focused on D&D/AD&D, but you'd see reviews on products from other companies. The magazine also focused more on the roleplaying aspect of the game. Sure, it did crank out variant rules and classes, but 3.0/3.5e turned this up to a whole new level.

    I didn't use everything from Dragon back in the 2e era, but I stopped using (and subscribing) to Dragon during the 3e days. I didn't like the layout.

    Dungeon, however, I still do miss. It was the best bang for the buck (except briefly when they included Polyhedron in it). I see why the dropped it though. It was primarily a DM's magazine and there are far less DM's than players. I loved it though, toward the end. You got three adventures, a couple articles on DMing, and a Map of Mystery. It was great but too good to last.
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    I still miss them, especially Dungeon. It's harder to take my laptop to the washroom, but one of the magazines was easy.

    Oh, and the content was far superior when Paizo ran it.

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