TV New Season of Dexter [Possible Spoilers]

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    New Season of Dexter [Possible Spoilers]

    Anybody else watching this?

    I liked the first episode well enough. Although I think for like half the episode I was dreading how long they were going to stretch everything out. I was hoping Debra wouldn't spend the entire freaking season trying to figure out what was wrong with Dexter and I was glad at the end of the episode when she found everything and flat out asked Dexter what was up.
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    Indeed, it's good to see them getting to the point quickly enough. The season looks promising. Last season had me rolling my eyes much too often.

    It'll be fun to see this season's bad guy messing with Dexter while not being a murderer (I'm assuming Masuka's interne is this season's bad guy, and although he most definitely is a psycopath, there is no indication as of yet that he murdered anyone).


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