Big changes a'coming! Merging the D&D forums

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    Big changes a'coming! Merging the D&D forums

    On Monday October 15th we will be making a big change to the forum structure here at EN World. It's a change which we've decided that - after looking at stats, data, trends and figures over the last decade - we believe is the correct decision in view of the future of this website and its continued existence.

    We're going to merge the four D&D forums (and I include Pathfinder in that definition) into one large forum. It's our opinion that the (combined) topic does not support four separate forums, and that splitting them was, retrospectively, a mistake. Our data tells us that four quiet forums do not add up to the same as one busy forum in terms of traffic, new posts, and new threads. The total is greater than the sum of its parts; in this case quite literally. Every time we've split a forum, the resultant combined traffic has been less than the single forum had originally: and we've done that four times.

    So from Monday 15th, the first category of forums will read:
    Tabletop Gaming
    D&D and Pathfinder
    Miscellaneous Geek Talk & Media Lounge
    This will create something of a challenge in terms of 'edition wars', and we mods will be monitoring things fairly strictly.

    In the meantime, I've created an example which shows you what such a forum will look like - you can't post in it, but it displays the combined threads of all four forums with post icons. You can see that here. That is - roughly - what it'll look like.

    We will also be re-activating the "clickable prefixes" feature of the site. This means that from October 15th, you'll be able to click on a thread prefix icon (such as "Pathfinder" or "4th Edition") to filter the forum to those topics only.

    We hope you'll support this decision. We understand that it's somewhat controversial, but it comes after a great deal of thought and discussion. Let's work together and make this work - we're firmly of the belief that it is in the best interests of EN World going forward.

    @Whizbang Dustyboots described it very well here:
    Most of the threads in each of the D&D forums have nothing to do with the individual edition, but are edition-agnostic discussions. By seperating those out onto smaller forums, that means less input, less discussion and less cross-polination between self-selected tribes, making the quality of all the discussions worse as a result.

    The prefixes are coming back (hooray!) so the rules-specific stuff will still be obvious and available. But now, when someone wants to know about structuring a campaign or dealing with a problem player or new ways to make dwarves interesting, they can discuss it with the entire D&D-playing community, not just the subgroup using their particular rulebook, despite those all being issues that span the years and editions.
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    Not a fan of the proposed change, but it's your place, so Good Luck

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    Looking forward to checking it out!

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    I think this is a good idea. I'm always thinking to myself that forums have too many subforums. Dragonsfoot is really hurt by its overly specific forums, I think.

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    I'm in favor of the change, too! Please keep up the good work Morrus.

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    Will this include the Creature Catalog forums?

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    Very happy to see this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libramarian View Post
    I think this is a good idea. I'm always thinking to myself that forums have too many subforums. Dragonsfoot is really hurt by its overly specific forums, I think.
    I think the exact opposite. That's exactly why I like Dragonsfoot

    I think the net result of this is that discussions about anything but 5e will simply be driven out.

    It seems to me that ENworld has sort of lost its identity. It used to be the 3.x site. Then when 4e came out, only a fraction moved on, the rest felt alienated and moved to sites where they were more welcome.

    I don't think it would be a good idea to do the same thing now that 5e is here.

    Personally, when I lost my interest in 5e, I only stopped by the legacy forum. Now I guess I won't be doing that anymore. It might not have gotten a lot of posts, but at least they were relevant to me.

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    This will end up being a disaster, with D&D Next threads pushing all other threads away to the oblivion of 2nd page within minutes of their posting. And for what? To increase traffic by 5%? To what end?

    I do not support this decision and, in fact, will very likely cancel my ENW subscription over this.

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    Will there still be support for non-D&D RPGs? Is tabletop non-D&D RPGs, boardgames and tabletop strategy games (like Warhammer)?

    I think the success of the merge will depend on how obligatory the tags will be. If you always risk missing half the posts of the same topic by selecting its tag, the tags will be effectively useless for me. And sorting through topics on games I'm not interested in can become quickly frustrating.

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