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    Not a fan of this today.


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    I am happy with this as long as tagging your thread at creation is compulsory i.e. you should not be able to start a thread without it having a tag. Even if it is 'edition agnostic' tag. That means that people will be able to find their specific stuff and 5E won't surge out the other games every packet.

    If tags are not compulsory I reckon we need a 5E rules sub-forum.
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    This should be.. interesting. Can't say I am a fan of the concept. However being relatively new I suppose I can't really complain.

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    I'm rather indifferent to the change, but I'll echo something mentioned above - how will the tags effect or interact with Tapatalk?
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    It's a shame there isn't a way to choose from a menu the various tags of interest and maybe save that setting. If you're only interested, for instance, in 4E, 2E, and Generic threads, you'd check those boxes (or uncheck all others if that is the default), then save it.
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    I'm not optimistic about this change, but I'm okay with being along for the ride.

    Generally, I hate using tags for sorting. They slow down my reading, cause confusion, and are generally inaccurate. The only board I have ever seen with a tag function that actually worked was one where the tags were reader-generated. That is, users had the option to add tags to a post, or to up-vote from the tags that were already added. The tag with the most votes was then the primary tag, and all the extra tags were listed in order of votes. This removed the need for the original poster to include a tag, and also allowed for the tag(s) to change if the focus of the thread changed. Unfortunately, I doubt ENWorld has the ability to emulate this feature.

    Also, reading a forum by excluding a tag will be an absolute necessity for me to enjoy the change.
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    I'll probably hate it for a week, then I'll forget how it was before that, and then I'll use it like it's been like that forever.

    Same as with all the other changes here over time.

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    When WoTC had the player and GM advice section supporting 3.x and 4th edition people would put the title of the game in question in the subject name.

    As an example: "PF--Do I have to spend 2 skill points to get one rank for a nonclass skill?"


    "4th ed--If I have a fighter can I use two-weapon fighting"

    Another idea is to have the board allow the poster to select from a dropdown list.
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    Well, I like the idea of clickable tags, but I agree that there needs to be a way to save your chosen tags, a General tag and a 3.x tag.
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