PF Seeking: Generic Basic, yet fun Lv1 Starter Scenario
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    Seeking: Generic Basic, yet fun Lv1 Starter Scenario

    As I've admitted, I'm (going to be) a DM before too long. Much prep time ahead, but I'm determined to craft my own.. Well, everything. I'm just that type of person, with such much time to prep I feel I can easily prepare for it.

    Anyway, the point here I'm looking for basic examples as I've never been behind the DM screen before, I work really well with fine, basic examples and adding and exploring as I need by having the base framework. So simply put I'm seeking a simple 'Go wipe out the goblins of the cave' or something like that. Also, another keyword: Free (Of course).

    Another big question I've had while going over content was gauging playtime VS actual fights... Such as, say Roleplaying is minimum, would three fights of three creatures each (For... For sanity take, three party members), or creatures of adequate CR, would that take roughly an hour? Minus joking and side talk. I don't have much of a grounding for that stuff since I never had to think about it before.

    Suggestions, links, any guides you've found helpful or really like to creating a session would be wonderful.

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    At 1st level, three CR 1 fights will typically take about an hour, yes. Time goes up with level.

    Here's a whole bunch of free adventures for 3e D&D, the low-level ones should be useful for you: Original Adventures

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    There's the introductory adventure for Pathfinder Society, First Steps:
    You could also check out some of the other level 1 PFS adventures, looking for more generic ones.
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    Do the players know their PCs already, or will they fit them to the adventure? How experienced are they?

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    The players have mild 3.5 Experience. One has DM experience the rest all player experience but not huge amounts. As of this moment I'm keeping them pretty basic for my own sanity sake, so right now I'm looking at... Well, possibly three/two fighters + one paladin and a Cleric. A confirmed Cleric and one confirmed Fighter or Sorcerer. Heh.

    I've checked out most of the Paizo resources I could find on it. The 3e wizards list is what I was looking for, thanks! If anyone else has a collection resource of free modules, homebrew or published I'm interested.

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    A small pack of humanoid evil adventurers (Kobolds, Orcs, and the such) sacks a village or robs a caravan or something. The players are all on the same bounty. They come across another bountyhunter whom tries to get them togeather because no single one of them alone can take out the party of evil adventurers.

    The trail leads to a small dungeon the monsterous adventurers are trying to sack and loot. AS they become aware of eachother in the dark maze of doom it turns into a murderous game of who can eliminate whom first.

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    Raging Swan Press have a free verison of Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands - an adventure for 1st-level characters in the vein of the Moathouse from T1-4.

    You can check out more info here.

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